Shortlisting the best THCA flower strains on Dr Ganja

Super versatile and highly potent, THCA flowers are available in a ton of options on major hemp platforms like Dr Ganja. And the demand has only been surging over the last few years now. These flowers are sourced from legal US farms.

THCA is the precursor to THC and when exposed to heat, the compound quickly turns into THC which is responsible for the euphoric effects. It is important to note that if you choose to consume THC flowers without smoking or vaping them (without heat), the THCA content remains intact and will not be getting you high. It is this high versatility that many users appreciate and have been switching to THCA flowers. 

In this discourse, we are going to check some of the most loved THCA flowers that you can find in stock at Dr Ganja. All these strains contain less than 0.3 percent delta 9 and therefore are completely legal at the federal level. So, let us get on the shortlist and find the best choice for your daily dose of THCA. Here are the best ones.

Top THCA flowers from Dr Ganja

This compilation is based on user reviews and the demand on the platform. And although this is by no means an exhaustive list, we have tried adding some of the top-tier strains that everyone must try; at least once.

Black Truffle

The Black Truffle is one of those rare strains that you cannot afford to miss out on. The hybrid offspring of the Gelato 33 strain gives the strain its wonderful flavor profile that will remind you of biting into a fresh apple with hints of green tea. The exhale will leave your mouth with a very floral, lavender-like aftertaste that many appreciate. This THCA strain is classified as a moderately potent strain with the total cannabinoid potency clocked at over 16 percent. You can check COA for hemp flowers on Dr Ganja. This means the Black Truffle truffle THCA flower can be a really great choice for those looking to try out THCA flowers for the first time. A 2 percent terpene content ensures maximum flavors and aroma for this lovely hybrid strain.

Dr. Funk

The hybrid child of the Blueberry and the Bubba Kush strains, Dr Funk is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Boasting total potency numbers over 21 percent, this is classified as a potent THCA flower strain. Consuming this strain will lend your senses a mixed berry-like taste with a hint of peachy sweetness. The exhales will leave behind a very cheesy and earthy undertone that culminates in a strong high. These flowers also have 2 percent terpenes in them and thus, this makes their flavor profile truly amazing. Get this flower in options of 7 grams and 14 grams as per your budget and convenience.

Jungle Cake

Explore the tropical taste with this super-potent hybrid from Dr Ganja. The Jungle Cake draws its lineage from the Wedding Cake and the White Fire #43 strains which gives the strain its very high, over 23 percent cannabinoid potency. Quite the balanced hybrid, the Jungle Cake is one delicious THCA flower strain to try today. Every puff of this hybrid will lend your senses a nutty taste with a slight hint of spiciness. Although the aftertaste from the exhale is quite reminiscent of vanilla essence. This combination of flavors, thanks to the over 3 percent terpene content, makes this strain unique among its brethren 

Grape Candy

True to its name, this indica-inspired hybrid is a high-potency option with a quirky flavor profile for those looking for an amazing euphoric kick. Boasting over 22 percent of total cannabinoid potency along with 3 percent terpenes makes this strain highly desirable for experienced users. The Grape Candy is the offspring of the White Lemon and Purple Pantera strains which give the strain its iconic grape-like flavor. Every puff will fill your mouth with a buttery and berry-like taste that leaves behind quite a sweet aftertaste. This is a must-try strain for all those with a serious sweet tooth.


Fan of the OG hemp taste? Well, we have the right strain for you. The Unleaded is a balanced hybrid that draws its genetics from the famed Ice Cream Cake, Wilson, and the Black Top strains. This lineage lends the strain with a high potency that clocks in over 25 percent, ranking it among the most potent THCA strains on this list. The taste and flavor are also quite pleasing for many users, as each puff of this hybrid will offer a very earthy yet citric taste that leaves behind a very sweet and buttery aftertaste with a slight herbal hint. This strong flavor profile can be attributed to the strain’s 3 percent terpene concentration.

Banana Kush

If you love a tropical, fruity taste, this is the perfect strain for you. The Banana Kush is a balanced hybrid, known for its sweet banana-like taste. Does real justice to its name. The Banana Kush is the offspring of the Ghost OG and the Skunk Haze strains which gives the train its iconic taste. Inhale the smoke and your senses should be tinged by a floral, vanilla-like flavor that leaves your mouth with a brilliant tropical sweet note. This is a mildly potent strain on this list as the total potency of this strain is under 15 percent which makes this an ideal THCA flower strain for new users.

THCA flowers have truly been one of the bestsellers in recent years and thanks to their high versatility and potency, these strains are universally loved by all users. And with tons of strain options to choose from, the demand for these THCA flowers is not going down any time soon. Browse the portfolio of wonderful THCA flowers from Dr Ganja and find the right one for your needs.

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