What Are Some of The Best Truck Companies in Australia?

The transport business is a booming one and is in high demand. After COVID hit in 2020, trucks and transport became even more important to our everyday lives as everyone was stuck at home. Now life has gone back to normal, we still require the constant and reliable source of transport from trucks. But if you or your business require the service of a trucking company in Australia, where do you even begin?

How big is the trucking industry?

To put it simply – huge! There are over 500,000 trucks on our road with 246,000 employees, and even around 40,000 truck companies and businesses Australia wide. This makes it even harder to choose to reliably move your products, deliveries or equipment. 

Who are some of the biggest companies?

There are many recognisable truck companies that you may have seen with their brands plastered over their rigs as they sail down the freeway – some of the most iconic companies with the largest fleets are Linfox, Toll, Global Express and more. 

What to look for in a truck company?

One of the key things to look for in a company is one that is reliable and has a strong reputation. A company that also has a professional website is important, as it can allow you to log deliveries online, order trucks and track your orders. Being able to track your order online is especially beneficial as it means you know exactly where your products/deliveries are, can keep consumers informed, and better organise the logistics of your business. 

So who should you choose?

One of the leading trucking companies in Australia is DSE Transport, who state “we set out to carve our niche in the road transport sector”. They are one of the most trusted truck businesses, have been operating for 30 years, and have a brand new user-friendly website that allows you to order online, liaise with a professional and easily track your orders.


It is clear that the transport industry is vital to a functioning society in today’s day and age, and is extremely important in a country as vast as Australia. So when it comes to which truck company in Australia you choose – you won’t be short on options.

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