Everything You Need To Know About Heavy Duty Towing

A tow truck is usually called when your car breaks down so that it can be moved. When you have a vehicle that isn’t the standard size, what should you do? Towing services for heavy duty vehicles are needed in this situation. It is possible to move vehicles and huge pieces of equipment with ease using these tow trucks. 

Towing companies are able to move larger vehicles, however only a few do. In the case of semi-trucks and heavy equipment, EasyTow USA Towing & Recovery excels. With years of experience and reviews to prove it, we are a company you can trust. Now that we know what heavy-duty towing is, let’s discuss how we can assist.

What Is Heavy Duty Towing?

The majority of heavy duty towing involves loads weighing more than 17,000 pounds. Tow trucks designed for 17,000 pounds or less cannot handle anything over that weight. It is difficult to haul anything larger than a car or truck from the side of the road with most standard trucks. Although the guidelines for towing differ from state to state, they are generally similar. You can find information about state licenses by checking your local towing requirements.

A separate section of the transportation industry involves heavy-haul trucking or heavy equipment hauling. Oversized loads, heavy items, and other items usually considered special transport are transported.

Regardless of the weight of the load, the driver is required to obtain a special license and undergo specialized training on how to properly distribute and secure the weight. Heavy duty towing services may include roadside assistance for large vehicles as well as storm damage clearance and water recovery, such as towing large trees or vehicles submerged in water. Things can go south very quickly without proper training when hauling heavy equipment.

Specialized Equipment

Heavy-duty towing requires specialized equipment, which is one of its most critical aspects. The large size and weight of heavy-duty tow trucks make them different from standard tow trucks.

In addition to using heavy-duty tow trucks equipped with powerful winches, hydraulic systems, and extendable booms, we have access to state-of-the-art towing equipment. Heavy loads can be safely secured and transported with precision and ease with these advanced features.

Expertise and Experience

Operators with experience handling large vehicles are required for heavy-duty towing. In addition to its highly skilled professionals, EasyTow USA’s also has a team of technicians who have been trained extensively in heavy-duty towing techniques.

Towing oversized vehicles can be a complex process, but we understand how to carry out the process safely and efficiently. Towing heavy duty vehicles can be a challenging task, but we can navigate challenging situations by using our knowledge and experience.

Safety Precautions

The safety of towing operations is of the utmost importance. There are unique challenges and risks associated with large vehicles due to their weight and size. By adhering to industry standards and protocols, EasyTow USA’s Towing prioritizes safety. Compliance with safety regulations is a priority for all towing operations.

In addition to protecting the towed vehicle, we also take precautions to protect other road users. It is important to choose a reputable company such as EasyTow USA’s to ensure the safety and care of your vehicle.

Permits and Legal Requirements

Permits and legal requirements are often required when transporting large vehicles. Having experience with heavy-duty towing permits and regulations, EasyTow USA’s Service knows what to do.

These legal obligations are something we are familiar with and have experience navigating. Our towing process follows all regulations and obtains all necessary permits. Your heavy-duty vehicle is transported legally and with great attention to detail, giving you peace of mind.

Emergency Response and Availability

In the event of a roadside emergency involving a heavy-duty vehicle, prompt assistance is required. A 24/7 emergency response service is available from EasyTow USA in such situations. Whenever you need assistance, you only have to dial a phone number. EasyTow USA’s heavy-duty towing services can handle breakdowns on busy highways or accidents that require immediate towing!

It is important to adhere to safety protocols when towing heavy-duty vehicles and use specialized equipment. As a trusted provider of large vehicle towing, EasyTow USA has established itself as a trusted name. No matter what your towing needs are, EasyTow USA is committed to delivering professional and reliable heavy duty towing services.

Equipment Used In Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

Towing with this type of equipment requires specialized vehicles as well as specialized equipment. Among the most commonly used pieces of equipment are:


Heavy-duty towing requires a lot of winches. A tow truck or trailer uses them to haul vehicles and objects. Towing large vehicles and machinery requires heavy-duty winches, which can pull up to 100,000 pounds.


Towing equipment also includes chains. Towed vehicles or objects are secured to the tow truck or trailer using these chains. Large and heavy vehicles require heavy-duty chains for safe towing.

Straps and Hooks

The vehicle or object being towed is secured to the tow truck or trailer with straps and hooks. The materials used for them are typically heavy-duty, such as nylon or steel, and they are designed to withstand heavy weights.


When a vehicle’s wheels are unable to move it on its own, it is towed by a dolly. In order to move the car onto the tow truck or trailer, they are placed under the wheels of the car being towed.

The Types Of Vehicles Used In Heavy-Duty Towing

For on-site services, when does heavy duty towing become necessary? The following vehicles are commonly used for heavy duty towing:

  • Trucks, vans and large vehicles, such as semi-trucks, buses, motorhomes, delivery vehicles, and trucks with trailers.
  • A service vehicle may include an enforcement vehicle, a fire truck, a roadwork vehicle, a garbage truck, a fuel truck, etc.
  • A heavy equipment/vehicle is a tractor, crane, or truck that has a lot of horsepower.

In most cases, heavy-duty towing requires special equipment and proper training. In order to facilitate easy towing, many towing companies maintain professional fleets.

Towing Tips for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Heavy Duty Towing

It is important to know the weight and dimensions of anything heavy before you begin transporting it. Equipment, weight, and size are usually determining factors in Department of Transportation (DOT) cargo regulations. Consequently, you must verify your equipment’s exact height, width, and weight before driving.

A permit is usually required for the transportation of overweight and oversized cargo. Depending on the state where you transport, this will vary. Ensure you know what type of permit you need by checking your state’s laws! Additionally, some permits require escorting vehicles to accompany the main truck.

A perimeter is made around the main truck by these escort vehicles with special markings and flags. There can also be a higher cost associated with hauling heavy equipment. To avoid price spikes, it is a good practice to remove any excess equipment on your cargo or hauler. The money spent to haul is usually dependent on the weight, width, and height of the cargo.

When choosing the best hauler for your trailer, keep the weight of the trailer in mind. It will help you determine the best placement of equipment for evenly distributing weight and provide you with an accurate weight capacity. As a final consideration, take your size into account.

To haul large cargo, you need to check if tunnels, bridges, and overpasses can fit. Most interstates require a clearance height of 14 feet and others 16 feet from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

With EasyTow USA’s heavy duty and semi-truck towing services

Heavy equipment hauling can be challenging. When moving heavy, dangerous objects, you must follow various safety precautions. Towing & Recovery, an EasyTow USA company, will remove these risks. Furthermore, you don’t need to struggle to find a trustworthy business.

Safety regulations and expertise are necessary to navigate heavy equipment hauling. The Heavy Haul Division of EasyTow USA transports heavy equipment and construction machinery, providing the following services:

  1. Providing secure and timely transportation of equipment is a specialty of experienced trucking professionals.
  2. The EasyTow fleet boasts a rapid response time and is available 24/7 to assist with emergency towing situations.

It is EasyTow USA’s pride to have a large fleet of trucks that respond quickly to any call. 24 hours a day, we are at your service with little or no notice. No need to wait for permits when you call us; we have annual permits for Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama on hand. Most permits are turned around within 24 hours for all other states.

Towing heavy loads and heavy equipment is a specialized service needed for transporting oversized loads. With expertise, efficiency, and accessibility, EasyTow stands out as a reliable partner.

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