Toyota Corolla B Gear Complete Guide

Toyota Corolla B Gear: Complete Guide

Would you like clarification on your Toyota Corolla’s B gear? Your engine gets maximum braking power from your Toyota Corolla B gear while you go uphill. The letter B stands for brakes or engine brakes. It may interest you to … Read More

Toyota RAV4 Engine Oil Capacity (Based On Model Year)

Toyota RAV4 Engine Oil Capacity (Based On Model Year)

You should know the Toyota RAV4 engine oil capacity since frequent oil changes are important to your RAV4’s maintenance. Unless you know how much to purchase for the change, how can you estimate the cost? To keep the engine lubricated, … Read More

Third-Row Seating in the Toyota RAV4

Third-Row Seating In The Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 may be your best option if you’re seeking an SUV with three rows of seating. Most recent RAV4 models don’t come with third-row seating, but some older models do. You’ll find out which RAV4 models offer it … Read More

BSM Light on Your Toyota RAV4

BSM Light On Your Toyota RAV4

Does your Toyota RAV4 have a green “BSM” light? You’re not the only one who feels this way! I wrote this article to address that issue. In no time, you’ll understand BSM and be on your way to becoming a … Read More

What Is The Toyota RAV4 Gas Tank Size

What Is The Toyota RAV4 Gas Tank Size?

It’s helpful to know how large the gas tank is when you are determining fuel efficiency or planning a repair. Depending on the model year, the Toyota RAV4 gas tank size varies. It is also possible that you are here … Read More

How to Fix Toyota Navigation App Not Installed

How To Fix Toyota Navigation App Not Installed?

Your Toyota probably prompted you with the following message after you pushed the “Map” button: It appears that the Navigation App is not installed. For compatible applications, please visit the Toyota website.” I tried to check Toyota’s website for the … Read More

Toyota C1241 DTC Code Causes & Solutions

Toyota C1241 DTC Code Causes & Solutions

There is a problem with the positive voltage being supplied to the skid control ECU of Toyota vehicles when there is a C1241 diagnostic trouble code (DTC). When this code is stored, it means that you have not achieved an … Read More

Toyota Corolla B Gear Complete Guide

What Does The Snow Button Do In A Toyota Highlander

Having trouble understanding your Highlander’s Snow mode? How to activate Toyota Highlander snow mode will be explained in this guide. Keep an eye out. Among Toyota’s mid-size SUVs, Highlander has been one of its best-selling models since 2000. In the … Read More