What Is The Toyota RAV4 Gas Tank Size?

It’s helpful to know how large the gas tank is when you are determining fuel efficiency or planning a repair. Depending on the model year, the Toyota RAV4 gas tank size varies.

What Is The Toyota RAV4 Gas Tank Size

It is also possible that you are here because you don’t understand why your RAV4 doesn’t take full tanks of gas… I can help you with that as well!

Toyota RAV4 Gas Tank Size

According to the Toyota RAV4, gas tanks range from 14.5 gallons to 15.9 gallons. Check out the specs for your particular RAV4 model in the chart below.

Note: Except where noted, all RAV4 models (gas, hybrid, and prime) have the same gas tank size.

Model YearGas Tank Size
202414.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
202314.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
202214.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
202114.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
202014.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
201914.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
2018Gas: 15.9 gal. (60.2 L.)Hybrid: 14.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
2017Gas: 15.9 gal. (60.2 L.)Hybrid: 14.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
2016Gas: 15.9 gal. (60.2 L.)Hybrid: 14.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
201515.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201415.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201315.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201215.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201115.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201015.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200915.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200815.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200715.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200615.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200514.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200414.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200314.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200214.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200114.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200015.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199915.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199815.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199715.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199615.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199515.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199415.3 gal. (57.9 L.)

What is the reason for the misleading size of the gas tank?

It might be confusing for you to figure out the gas tank size of your 2019-2023 RAV4.

According to its specifications, it holds 14.5 gallons, yet when you fill it up to empty, only 11-12 gallons remain.

It is very frustrating for many owners of RAV4s, but don’t worry, I’m here to help you understand why.

What is the reason for the misleading size of the gas tank

There is no need to worry about running out of fuel when you see the low fuel level warning light. There are still 2.2 gallons of gas left in the tank when the warning light appears, according to the RAV4’s owner’s manual.

Third-Row Seating In The Toyota RAV4
BSM Light On Your Toyota RAV4

It means that after the fuel light goes on, you can still drive for another 60-90 miles.

Our readers have made many comments claiming that Toyota lies about the size of the RAV4 gas tank. There is no truth to this statement. However, the method for calculating remaining fuel is misleading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles can a RAV4 go on a full tank?

There are 580 miles in a single tank of fuel for the Toyota RAV4. Depending on the model and size of your fuel tank, you will have different specifications.

Is Toyota RAV4 fuel efficient?

Toyota RAV4 models have some of the best fuel economy among their competitors. In the 2023 Toyota RAV4, the gas-powered engine gets 27/35 mpg city/highway. Moreover, the hybrid model has an EPA rating of 41/38.

How many miles per gallon does a RAV4 get?

A Toyota RAV4 can achieve up to 30 combined miles per gallon for gasoline models, up to 40 combined miles per gallon for hybrid models, and up to 38 combined miles per gallon for the Prime (plug-in hybrid).

What is the average gas tank size of a Toyota RAV4?

Depending on the trim level and model year, a Toyota RAV4’s gas tank typically holds 14.5 to 16.8 gallons.

How does gas tank size affect driving range?

Fuel tanks that are larger provide a longer driving range, allowing drivers to travel further between refueling stops.

Are there any tips for maximizing gas tank efficiency?

In order to increase fuel economy, drivers should maintain steady speeds, minimize idling, and ensure their vehicles are maintained properly.

Where can I find accurate information about a specific RAV4 model’s gas tank capacity?

A website from a manufacturer, a publication from an automotive manufacturer, and a dealership resource are reliable sources.

What are the future trends in gas tank technology and fuel efficiency?

Fuel efficiency standards and the design of gas tanks may be impacted by advancements in electric and hybrid vehicles.


In order to make informed decisions about vehicle ownership and travel, it is important to know the size of the Toyota RAV4 gas tank. In order to choose the right RAV4 model for their needs and preferences, consumers should consider factors such as driving range, fuel efficiency, and future trends

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