Toyota RAV4 Engine Oil Capacity (Based On Model Year)

You should know the Toyota RAV4 engine oil capacity since frequent oil changes are important to your RAV4’s maintenance. Unless you know how much to purchase for the change, how can you estimate the cost? To keep the engine lubricated, the maximum amount of oil is required.

Toyota RAV4 Engine Oil Capacity (Based On Model Year)

Using this guide, you can easily find the capacity based on the model year of your RAV4. Additionally, we explain why the oil capacity figure is important and provide some additional advice about maintaining and changing the oil.

Oil Capacity By Model Year

In the owner’s manual of your RAV4, you can find the amount of oil that’s recommended for your model year. Furthermore, we have also included these items in the handy guide below, in order to make the maintenance process easier for you. You can view the oil capacity of your RAV4 by searching for the model year below. 

Model YearOil Capacity
20234.8 qt. (4.5 L)
20224.8 qt. (4.5 L)
20214.8 qt. (4.5 L)
20204.8 qt. (4.5 L)
20194.8 qt. (4.5 L)
20184.6 qt. (4.4 L)
20174.6 qt. (4.4 L)
20164.6 qt. (4.4 L)
20154.6 qt. (4.4 L)
20144.6 qt. (4.4 L)
20134.6 qt. (4.4 L)
20122.5 L 4-cylinder: 4.7 qt. (4.4 L)3.5 L 6-cylinder: 6.4 qt. (6.1 L)
20112.5 L 4-cylinder: 4.7 qt. (4.4 L)3.5 L 6-cylinder: 6.4 qt. (6.1 L)
20102.5 L 4-cylinder: 4.7 qt. (4.4 L)3.5 L 6-cylinder: 6.4 qt. (6.1 L)
20092.5 L 4-cylinder: 4.7 qt. (4.4 L)3.5 L 6-cylinder: 6.4 qt. (6.1 L)
20082.4 L 4-cylinder: 4.5 qt. (4.3 L)3.5 L 6-cylinder: 6.4 qt. (6.1 L)
20072.4 L 4-cylinder: 4.5 qt. (4.3 L)3.5 L 6-cylinder: 6.4 qt. (6.1 L)
20062.4 L 4-cylinder: 4.5 qt. (4.3 L)3.5 L 6-cylinder: 6.4 qt. (6.1 L)
20054.0 qt. (3.8 L)
20044.0 qt. (3.8 L)
20034.4 qt. (4.2 L)
20024.4 qt. (4.2 L)
20014.4 qt. (4.2 L)
20004.3 qt. (4.1 L)
19994.3 qt. (4.1 L)
19984.3 qt. (4.1 L)
19974.3 qt. (4.1 L)
19964.1 qt. (3.9 L)

Why Oil Capacity Is So Important?

Keeping the oil capacity at the right level is essential at all times. It is possible to cause many problems by underfilling or overfilling the engine when performing an oil change. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Why Oil Capacity Is So Important

Oil overfilling can lead to the following problems:

  • Oil produced by the crankshaft is foamy or frothy because the crankshaft aerates it, making it incapable of lubricating the engine.
  • The engine is under excessive pressure. As a result, additional pressure is created, causing seals and gaskets to break down. 

Underfilling the oil can lead to the following problems:

  • Friction between metal parts in an engine occurs when there is not enough lubrication. 
  • In order to run the engine properly, it needs to work harder, which causes it to overheat.
  • There is a reduction in horsepower and fuel economy. 

Regardless of what you do, the engine could suffer serious damage. Avoiding costly repairs down the road begins with maintaining the proper oil level.

Low And High Oil Level Signs

Be aware of signs that the system might be overflowing or underflowing with oil. There are some symptoms that can be similar to those that occur with other conditions. It is possible, however, that these symptoms indicate a low oil level after an oil change.

The following warning signs indicate a high oil level:

  • The exhaust smoke is blue
  • Oil leaking
  • An unpleasant odor of burning
  • A high or fluctuating oil pressure gauge
  • Idle rough
  • A stalled engine
  • Dashboard check engine light
  • A hot engine or overheating
  • Noisy engine
  • Inadequate or hesitant acceleration

The following warning signs indicate a low oil level:

  • Dashboard warning light
  • Clunky engine
  • A hot engine or overheating
  • The smell of burning
  • Unsatisfactory performance
  • A stalled engine

Your RAV4 should be checked for oil leaks if you notice any of these symptoms. 

How To Check The Level of Your Oil

It is recommended that you check the oil level of your RAV4 at least once a month, based on Following an oil change, you should also check it to make sure the correct amount is filled. 

How To Check The Level of Your Oil

You can only check the oil level in the engine by using the dipstick on your car. Paper towels or rags will suffice for this job, which isn’t hard to do.

Checking your RAV4’s oil level is as easy as following these steps.

  • Level the ground where you park your SUV.
  • The engine should be warmed up briefly, then turned off.
  • Once the oil has drained back to the bottom, wait five minutes.
  • To catch any drips, pull out the dipstick and place it on a rag or paper towel.
  • Remove the dipstick and wipe it off.
  • Put the dipstick back in place.
  • Keep a rag under the dipstick’s end and pull it back out to check the oil level.
  • On the indicator stick, there should be two dots between the two levels. The oil level is too high if it is above the second dot, while it is too low if it is below the first dot.
  • Replacing the dipstick is as simple as wiping it off and reinserting it.

You can fix the problem by adding more oil if there isn’t enough. Make sure the levels are correct by adding more oil, running the engine briefly, and checking them again.

The average driver may experience problems if their oil level is too high. It is necessary to drain the system again and start over if you want to remove the extra oil with a suction pump.

RAV4 Oil Change Made Easy

Your RAV4’s oil change is much easier now that you have the chart above. The amount of oil needed can be determined by knowing how much you need. 

It is best to visit a Toyota service center or local mechanic if you do not feel comfortable performing your own oil changes. It is your responsibility to check the oil often, however, to make sure it is free of problems.

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FAQs about Toyota RAV4 Engine Oil Capacity

What is the engine oil capacity of a Toyota RAV4?

It depends on the year, model, and type of engine in the RAV4 to determine the engine oil capacity. You can find specific details in the owner’s manual.

How often should I check the engine oil level in my Toyota RAV4?

A monthly engine oil check or a trip with long duration is recommended.

Can I use conventional oil instead of synthetic oil in my Toyota RAV4?

It is recommended to use synthetic oil for optimal performance, although conventional oil can also be used as long as it meets the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What happens if I overfill the engine oil in my Toyota RAV4?

When the engine oil is overfilled, foaming may occur, increased pressure will result, and engine damage may occur. Keep your oil capacity within the recommended range.

How do I reset the maintenance light after changing the oil in my Toyota RAV4?

Depending on the model year of the RAV4, there are different procedures for resetting the maintenance light. Specific instructions can be found in the owner’s manual.


To ensure the longevity and performance of your Toyota RAV4, you must maintain the proper engine oil level. Keeping your vehicle in good condition for years to come requires understanding the engine oil capacity and following proper maintenance procedures.

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