Tesla Easy Entry Redefining Vehicle Accessibility

Tesla Easy Entry: Redefining Vehicle Accessibility

Drivers can easily slide into and out of their Tesla vehicle thanks to Tesla’s Easy Entry feature. Automatically, after placing the car in Park with the driver’s seatbelt unbuckled, the steering wheel and seat return to their original positions. Drivers … Read More

How to Change Home Address on Tesla (1)

How To Change Home Address On Tesla

Tesla owners know how great their navigation system is, especially if they own a Tesla for quite some time.  A feature of these electric vehicles that is underrated is the ability to remember where you live, work, and frequent.  In … Read More

Tesla’s Autopilot or Enhanced Autopilot What's best for you

Tesla’s Autopilot vs Enhanced Autopilot: What’s Best For You?

The timing of this article was pretty perfect. I wrote it while waiting for my annual maintenance to be completed at my local Tesla service center. I have been interested in autonomous driving for a very long time. Despite my … Read More

Can You Charge a Tesla in the Rain

Can You Charge A Tesla In The Rain?

In wet weather conditions, understanding the charging capabilities of a Tesla electric vehicle is incredibly important, especially as Tesla electric vehicle popularity continues to soar. Consumers seeking sustainable and innovative transportation solutions have grown increasingly interested in Tesla electric vehicles. … Read More

Tesla AM Radio What You Need To Know

Tesla AM Radio: What You Need To Know

The electromagnetic interference associated with electric motors prevents Tesla vehicles from offering AM radio. Three methods are available to listen to your favorite AM stations: (1) Tesla’s Premium Connectivity service; (2) FM simulcasts; (3) streaming through your phone. It is … Read More

Best Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y

Best Floor Mats For Tesla Model Y

According to our Tesla owners, the best Tesla floor mats fit, cover, perform, are eco-friendly, cost-effective, easy to clean, have a warranty, are odor-free, and are overall a good choice. There was no contest between 3D Maxpider (Kagu) and Tesla … Read More

Tesla Stopping Mode You choose how the brakes will work!

Tesla Stopping Mode: You Choose How The Brakes Will Work!

Tesla EVs allow the driver to choose one of three different modes of stopping, according to how he or she wants his or her vehicle to react when it slows during the deceleration process. There are three modes for stopping … Read More

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It?

A Tesla Premium Connectivity package gives you access to a wide variety of features without requiring a WiFi connection. In addition to providing extra security benefits, Tesla drivers can stream music and videos, browse the web, and stream videos without … Read More

Is Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot worth it

Is Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot Worth It?

The first self-driving car model was created by General Motors in 1939, laying the foundation for the concept of automated driving. The steering wheel of the 1958 model car was able to be rotated left and right through sensors. A … Read More

How to Set Home, Work and Favorite Addresses In Tesla

How To Set Home, Work And Favorite Addresses In Tesla

Your home, work, and favorite addresses can be set using the Navigation Bar on the touchscreen. Using the Navigation bar or voice commands, you can access programmed locations. At specific locations, doors will be automatically opened and Sentry Mode will … Read More