How To Set Home, Work And Favorite Addresses In Tesla

Your home, work, and favorite addresses can be set using the Navigation Bar on the touchscreen. Using the Navigation bar or voice commands, you can access programmed locations. At specific locations, doors will be automatically opened and Sentry Mode will be turned off. Let Tesla suggest restaurants and activities based on your feelings of hunger and luck!

How to Set Home, Work and Favorite Addresses In Tesla

What is the purpose of setting addresses in your Tesla?

Your Tesla makes it easy to navigate to your home, work, and favorite addresses by setting up addresses in the vehicle. 

Sentry Mode is sometimes not activated by Tesla owners at work or home to save battery life. As a result, by programming these addresses, Sentry Mode can be turned off automatically upon pulling into those (or any) specific addresses. 

What is the purpose of setting addresses in your Tesla

There are also Tesla drivers who prefer to leave their cars unlocked in a private garage.  In order to allow you to personalize the settings of your Tesla, Tesla will use these programmed addresses. 

How to Set a Home Address in your Tesla?

Setting up your Tesla for the first time involves the following steps:

  • Click on the Navigation search bar at the top of your Tesla touchscreen
  • Click Set Home at the top of the window that appears
  • Please enter the address of your home. Your typing will be accompanied by suggestions for addresses. Select your home address by clicking on it once you see it

Changing the address of your home

Your home address can be changed by following these steps:

  • Click on the Navigation search bar at the top of your Tesla touchscreen
  • Hold the Home button at the top of the box that appears
  • After deleting the address currently set, you can set up a new address by pressing Clear Home and following the instructions above

A Guide to Navigating Home

There are three simple ways to navigate home once your Tesla has been programmed with your address:

  • The Voice Command should be used to say, “Go home.”
  • Drag the Navigation bar to the right while holding it
  • To return to the home page, press the Navigation bar

How to Set a Work Location in your Tesla

Is it a bit late for your first espresso and you’re feeling a bit groggy? Focus on your day ahead by letting Tesla take you to work.

Setting up your work address

The first time you set your work address in your Tesla is as follows:

  • The Navigation search bar can be found at the top of your Tesla touchscreen
  • You can set your work by clicking Set Work at the top of the box that appears
  • You need to enter the address of your workplace. During the typing process, suggestions will appear for addresses. Choosing your work address is as simple as clicking it.

Changing your work address

You can change your work address by following these steps:

  • You can navigate the Tesla touchscreen by clicking the Navigate button at the top
  • The top of the pop-up box will have the Work button. Press it and hold it for a few seconds
  • Once that has been done, you can either delete the current address or follow the above instructions to set a work address.

Navigating the Workplace

It is easy to navigate to work once your Tesla is programmed with your work address:

  • You can activate the voice command by saying, “Go to work.”
  • You can select Work by tapping the Navigation bar

In order to navigate to work with your Tesla, press and hold the Navigation bar and drag it to the right. In order to utilize this feature, the Tesla must be at the address programmed in the home address.

Adding a favorite address to your Tesla

It is possible to save more than one address to your Favorites.

Tesla Favorites allows you to save addresses:

  • You can favorite locations on the Tesla map by pressing and holding them
  • There will be a popup window. You can access the address by tapping the star icon 
  • Your favorite location (or its default name) will be displayed on a new screen.
  • Select Add to Favorites once you are done

The best way to delete a favorite address

  • Navigate to the Navigation bar on the Tesla touchscreen
  • You can view your favorite addresses by clicking the Favorites category at the top
  • Click on the address you would like to delete. You can remove it from your favorites list by pressing and swiping to the right

Navigating to a Favorite Address

The following steps can be taken to navigate to a favorite address:

  • Click on the Navigation search bar at the top of your Tesla touchscreen
  • You can view your favorite addresses by clicking the Favorites category at the top
  • By clicking on the address, you will be able to select your destination from the list

Editing the Favorites List

In the Favorite list, addresses are ordered by the date they were added. Currently, there is no simple way to reorder the list, so the address added most recently appears at the top.  

It is easiest to add a favorite address to your favorite list by deleting it from your favorite list and then adding it again. Keeping the address at the top will ensure that it appears first.

Turning off Sentry Mode Automatically at Specific Locations with the Tesla

Despite being able to disable Sentry mode manually whenever the driver wishes, many Tesla owners prefer to program their vehicles so that it will disable Sentry mode upon reaching specific locations. As a result, battery consumption can be reduced. 

Turning off Sentry Mode Automatically at Specific Locations with the Tesla

In select locations, you can turn off Sentry Mode by programming your Tesla as follows:

  • In the bottom left corner of the touchscreen, click on the car icon
  • Select Safety from the menu
  • Click Sentry Mode at the bottom of the page
  • Click Exclude Home, Exclude Work, or Exclude Favorites to have Sentry Mode off.  

Note: During visits to all of your Favorites addresses, Sentry Mode will be off if you have excluded Favorites. 

The best way to leave the Tesla doors unlocked at home

In some Tesla owners’ homes, they park their vehicles in a secure location and do not lock them. It is possible to change the Tesla’s settings so that it remains unlocked at home when the driver walks away from the vehicle. The steps are as follows:

The best way to leave the Tesla doors unlocked at home
  • In the bottom left corner of the touchscreen, click on the car icon
  • Select Locks from the menu
  • A checkbox for Excluding Home can be found under Walk-Away Door Lock. Please click here

Note: According to Tesla, the vehicle will assume it is at the home address if parked within 32 feet (10 meters) of the address listed as home.  Make sure the doors of any unsecured parking spaces near your home are locked if you park there sometimes. 

In the garage of one of our EVehicle Pros, for instance, a Tesla is always parked. In some cases, however, he parks his Tesla on the road in front of his house if the garage is unavailable.  Despite parking his Tesla in front of the address where he lives, the Tesla still assumes it’s parked there.

How does Tesla navigation use “Lucky”?

A fun Tesla feature is “I’m feeling lucky”.  With Tesla’s voice command, you can say “I’m feeling lucky”, and your Tesla will suggest a destination such as a museum or amusement park when you select the Lucky button.  

The Lucky button will appear again if you don’t like the suggestion.

Simply click on Navigate when you find a location you want to reach and your Tesla will go there for you.

Is it possible to share Google Maps with my Tesla?

You can easily share destinations from Google Maps to your vehicle from your phone. In order to use this feature, you must install the Tesla app on your phone. To get started, follow these steps:

– Find the desired location on your phone using Google Maps

-To share, click here

– Choose the Tesla app icon.

 Note:The Tesla app icon may be located by scrolling left to right or by clicking More depending on your phone. You can automatically find the location by using the Tesla’s touchscreen after sending directions from your phone.

Why is “Hungry” displayed in Tesla’s navigation system?

There is an option in Tesla called “I’m Feeling Hungry”. Selecting the Hungry button or using Tesla’s voice command and saying “I’m feeling Hungry” will suggest nearby restaurants when you select the Hungry button under the Navigation search bar.

The suggestion will be replaced if you touch the Hungry button again.  

You can navigate to any location by simply clicking Navigate when you find one you’d like to go to. 

The best way to optimize Tesla’s address settings

Consider organizing your addresses for efficiency when using your Tesla’s address settings. The addresses should be clearly labeled on the touchscreen so that they can be easily identified. Keep your saved addresses up-to-date and accurate by periodically reviewing and updating them. A seamless driving experience is possible when your address settings are kept up-to-date.

Using Tesla’s navigation system to integrate address settings

Your home, work, and favorite addresses can be seamlessly incorporated into the navigation system of your Tesla once they are stored in it. The Tesla calculates the optimal route automatically based on traffic conditions and other factors as soon as the desired address is selected on the touchscreen menu. You can navigate confidently and easily to any destination with Tesla’s advanced navigation features.

Keeping your saved addresses private and secure

The convenience and efficiency of saving addresses in your Tesla is great. However, protecting your privacy and security is even more important. Data privacy is a serious issue for Tesla and the company implements robust measures to protect user information. Onboard Tesla’s onboard system encrypts and securely stores your saved addresses, ensuring that they remain private and unavailable to unauthorized parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ‘nickname’ Navigation favorites? 

The Navigation search bar allows you to nickname any address you add to your favorites list. In Tesla’s default settings, its name is the actual address. By clicking the star icon, you can change the name, delete the address, and type in your new nickname.

Can I set multiple home or work addresses in my Tesla?

For households with multiple drivers or individuals with multiple workplaces, Tesla allows you to save multiple addresses at home and at work.

Are my saved addresses synced across all Tesla vehicles I own?

In case you have more than one Tesla vehicle, your saved addresses will sync across them all, allowing you to have a consistent experience no matter which vehicle you’re driving.

Can I delete saved addresses from my Tesla?

Tesla’s navigation system allows you to easily delete stored addresses at any time. You can delete an address from the system by selecting it in the address settings menu and following the instructions.

Does Tesla share my saved addresses with third parties?

It is Tesla’s policy not to share saved addresses with third parties without explicit permission from the user. The onboard system of your Tesla secures and encrypts your saved addresses.

Can I use voice commands to navigate to saved addresses in my Tesla?

You can navigate hands-free to saved addresses using Tesla’s voice command feature. In order to initiate navigation to a specific address, simply activate the voice command feature and say “Navigate to [address label]”.


Isn’t it time to get started? Ensure that your Tesla is set up with your home address and work address if you have yet to do so. When you do it for the first time, you will finally be able to understand how it can affect your life.

Using Autopilot, you can navigate to your destination by tapping on it, save battery when charging in your garage with Sentry Mode off, and know exactly when you’ll arrive by sliding right or downward to get to your home or office.

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