Fixing A Frozen Or Black Tesla Touchscreen

The best way to fix a black or frozen Tesla screen is to perform a soft reboot by pressing both steering wheel scroll buttons simultaneously until the Tesla logo appears. When the vehicle is unresponsive, power off the vehicle by selecting ‘Controls’ > ‘Safety’ > ‘Power Off’. Allow two minutes to pass without being disturbed. Restart the computer or disconnect the battery only if necessary.

Fixing a Frozen or Black Tesla Touchscreen

If your touchscreen is black or frozen, you can easily fix it by performing a soft reboot.  When the Tesla logo appears on the screen, hold down the two scroll buttons on the steering wheel for about 30 seconds. You should be able to operate your vehicle at its maximum capacity now. 

Analyzing the problem

Tesla owners expect seamless driving experiences from their cars. It is also possible to lose access to vital vehicle functions when the touchscreen becomes unresponsive or goes black.

A functional touchscreen is essential

You can control various aspects of your Tesla through its touchscreen, such as navigation and entertainment. In order to drive safely and enjoyably, it must operate smoothly.

Sometimes Tesla touchscreens need to be rebooted

Nearly all aspects of the Tesla EV (Electric Vehicle) can be controlled by the touchscreen. Like all computers and cell phones, touchscreens sometimes experience glitches and need to be rebooted. 

Sometimes Tesla touchscreens need to be rebooted

You can’t escape the frustration of seeing the dreaded “Tesla black screen of death” when you jump into your vehicle. Driving down the highway can also result in a frozen touchscreen. Occasionally, it happens. How should I proceed?

Tesla does not have a “Control-Alt-Delete” button, like your laptop does. In order to reboot the touchscreen, we need to follow a different – but simpler – set of procedures.

Rebooting the Tesla touchscreen

If your Tesla is acting strangely, you should try a “soft reboot” as soon as possible. There have been cases where soft reboots have solved all sorts of problems, including connecting to YouTube. If your touchscreen is black or frozen, the first step is to do a soft reboot. The following steps will guide you.

Make sure your vehicle is in “park”. Please note that a soft reboot can be performed while driving; however, shifting into park is strongly recommended to ensure your safety. While driving, use extreme caution as you will lose access to your driving speed and turning cameras if you reboot while driving. 

Tesla Touchscreen Soft Reboot

All Tesla models can be soft rebooted using the following procedure:

  • After 30 to 40 seconds of holding down both scroll buttons on the steering wheel, the touchscreen will turn black.
  • You will see the Tesla logo after a few seconds. It will then restart the touchscreen. 

There should be no more problems with the Tesla after this. 

Tesla Touchscreen Hard Reset and Power Cycling

A power cycle (or hard reboot) is the next step if a soft reboot did not resolve the issue.

  • All doors must be closed and your vehicle must be in Park
  • On the bottom left corner of the screen, tap the car icon
  • Go to “Safety” 
  • Then click “Power Off”
  • The power will be turned off after a warning appears asking if you want to turn it off.  Then click “Power Off”
  • Please wait at least two minutes. The Tesla should not be opened, touched, pressed on the touchscreen or woken in any way.  Do not move! Play your phone or recite the alphabet – just don’t move!
  • You can wake up the vehicle by pressing the brake pedal after two minutes.

In the case that the hard reset power cycling did not work, you can try another method.

  • Make sure all USB devices are unplugged from the vehicle’s USB ports (remember the glovebox has a USB port as well). 
  • Give it one more try by hard-resetting the power.

Factory Reset

You should contact Tesla for assistance if a hard reboot doesn’t resolve the issue. You can do this through the Tesla App’s “Service” section. 

A factory reset may be required by Tesla if the problem cannot be fixed easily. It is recommended that you wait until Tesla advises you to perform a factory reset before we provide this procedure here.

Several types of personal data are erased during a factory reset, including saved addresses, favorite music, driver seat settings, and HomeLink connections.  

Using the factory reset, all Tesla settings will be restored to their original settings when you transfer ownership.

Resetting the factory settings requires the following steps:

  • Close all doors of your vehicle and place it in park
  • On the bottom left corner of the screen, tap the car icon
  • Select “Service” from the menu
  • Reset the device to factory settings by clicking “Factory Reset”
  • By entering your username and password on the touchscreen, you will be able to sign into your Tesla account
  • You may have to wait up to four minutes until the factory reset is complete.

Disconnect the battery

Last but not least, you can disconnect your Tesla’s battery to reboot it. Tesla technicians should be the only ones to perform this task.   

Before disconnecting the main drive battery pack, the Technician will disconnect the 12v battery.

What causes the Tesla touchscreen to turn black or freeze?

Problems with the touchscreen are usually caused by software issues. Programs can run in conflict with one another and cause the screen to freeze or go black when they try to operate in a certain way.  

Keep your touchscreen protected

It’s no secret that the Tesla touchscreen shows finger prints and glare when the weather is bright. It is recommended that you apply a touchscreen protector as soon as possible. 

Keep your touchscreen protected

Spigen screen protectors are used by every Tesla owner here at EVehicle Pro, so we highly recommend them. 

Screen protectors from Spigen are anti-fingerprint and matte to reduce glare, keeping them smudge-free. There is no complicated installation process with this screen protector.

Persistent Problems and Advanced Solutions

Persistent Problems and Advanced Solutions

Getting in touch with Tesla Support

The next step after basic troubleshooting is to contact Tesla support. How Tesla assists owners with touchscreen issues and what the support process entails.

Hardware fault detection

Investigation of possible hardware issues is crucial if the problem persists. Become familiar with Tesla service centers’ diagnostic tools and how they deal with hardware problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn off the Tesla touchscreen?

If you park, close the door and exit the car, the screen will automatically turn off (you will need to take your phone key and/or fob). 

The touchscreen can also be turned off by using the Cleaning Mode. It will appear that the touchscreen has been turned off by turning it black.

Should I hold down the brake pedal while doing a reboot?

The theory goes that pressing both scroll wheels while holding the brake pedal will force you to reboot your computer.  Tesla informed us directly that the brake pedal was not required to be held down during the touchscreen reset. Although this is optional, it will make no difference.”

What happens if I perform a factory reset on my Tesla?

Your vehicle’s settings will be restored to their original factory defaults with a Factory Reset. In the event that you want to sell or transfer ownership of your Tesla EV, this is helpful. 
You will lose all personal data if you perform a Factory Reset, including favorite settings, addresses, and gate openers programmed for your garage door. For this information to be erased, you will need to enter your Tesla credentials. 

Can I still drive while I reboot my Tesla screen? 

When driving, Tesla touchscreens can be soft rebooted, although this is not recommended. The current speed, turning cameras, and safety warnings will not appear on your touchscreen while you reboot.

Changing gears will still be possible even if the screen is rebooted while driving. It will become active when the gear selector on the center console lights up on the Models X and S. 

Will too much heat inside my cabin affect my Tesla screen?

As a result of high cabin temperatures, there have been no reports of screens failing. We are not aware of any reported issues with Tesla cars among Tesla owners who live in extreme temperatures.

The maximum storage temperature of touchscreens similar to Tesla’s is 200F (95C), close to the boiling point of water.
The Cabin Overheat Protection can, however, be turned on if there are still concerns.


Tesla owners can ensure a smooth driving experience by taking proactive measures and knowing how to prevent frozen or black touchscreens. Those who are Tesla enthusiasts can enjoy the full benefits of their cutting-edge cars by understanding the causes, troubleshooting steps, and preventive measures.

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