200+ Tesla Car Names To Choose From

There are many unique features and designs that make Tesla cars stand out. What’s even better is you can name your car according to your preference. When you have our help, you won’t have to worry about choosing the ideal name for your Tesla. Listed below are Tesla car names from every category that might cross your mind. 

200+ Tesla Car Names to Choose From

Does Tesla Have Car Names?

Vehicles owned by Tesla do have names. Tesla vehicles can be personalized with distinctive names to reflect the owner’s personality. A name will give your car an identity and make it stand out from the crowd. By using the App and touchscreen, you can change the name of your Tesla car.   

Does Tesla Have Car Names

It is important to note, however, that not all electric vehicles can give their vehicles a formal name. The Tesla company distinguishes itself from its competitors by allowing its owners to give their vehicles any name they choose. There is no limit to how many times you can change the names. 

What is the best name for your Tesla? 

You can get sentimental and special when you name your Tesla car in a unique manner. You might find some of these suggestions helpful when choosing a Tesla car name: 

Consider a name that reflects your interests or character. It may be helpful to look for inspiration in the novels, TV shows, movies, or hobbies you enjoy. 

What is the best name for your Tesla

Consider the color and model of your Tesla. You can name the vehicle after its color or model by thinking of descriptive names. 

In light of the fact that you will be using it frequently, it should be simple to remember and pronounce. While brainstorming, let your imagination run wild and have fun. The only thing you need to do is make sense of it.  

What is the process for changing the name of your Tesla car?

By using the Tesla Car App or Touchscreen, you can change the name of your car. Changing it via touch screen is as simple as this: 

  • Touch the car icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. 
  • Click the Software tab on the left-hand tab. 
  • Tap on the name of your car as it currently appears on the right. 
  • Change the name of your Tesla to the one you prefer and save it. 

The Tesla App offers the following features: 

  • Download the App to your phone and open it. 
  • From the top left corner of the screen, tap on your Tesla name. 
  • Type in your new name after clearing out the existing text. 
  • To save your changes, click on “OK”. 

Funny Tesla Car Names 

  • Amped Up Ride  
  • Battery Booster  
  • Charge Me Up  
  • Current Crusher  
  • Cyber Cruiser  
  • Eco-Rider  
  • Electron Elegance  
  • Electronomous   
  • Energized Emma  
  • Flying Dutchman  
  • Fully-Loaded Luigi  
  • Juice Box Joe  
  • Juice Junky  
  • Lightning Liability  
  • Model Threepio  
  • Motor Madness  
  • Plug-N-Play  
  • Power Ranger  
  • Recharge Racer  
  • Revving Rachel  
  • Road Rage  
  • Roadster 2.0  
  • Shock and Awe  
  • Sputnik  
  • Super Shocker  
  • Supercharged Sally  
  • Supercharged Stallion  
  • T. Rex Tesla  
  • Tailgate  
  • Tequila  
  • Tesla Moonbeam  
  • Tesla Tonic  
  • Tesla Torpedo  
  • Tesla Tycoon  
  • Tesla-O-Matic  
  • Tesla-Riffic  
  • The Magnificent  
  • The Speedy Spark  
  • Thrill Ride  
  • Thunder Strike  
  • Topaz Tesla   
  • Traction Action  
  • Tumbleweed   
  • Turbine  
  • Turbo Express  
  • Volt Vixen  
  • Watt Wagon  
  • X-Factor  
  • Zap the Cat  
  • Zappy Zoomer  
  • Zipping Zapper  

Popular Tesla Car Names 

  • Autobahn Assassin  
  • Blue Lightning  
  • Boltz  
  • Cyber Cruiser  
  • Electra  
  • Electric Dream  
  • Flash  
  • Lightning Bolt  
  • Ludicrous Speedster  
  • Model Sizzle  
  • Neo  
  • Red Rover  
  • Road Rocket  
  • Shockwave  
  • Silver Surfer  
  • Sparky  
  • Teslaquila  
  • Thunderbolt  
  • Volt  
  • Wattson 

Tesla Car Names by Models 

Model S 

  • Slick Speedster 
  • Stylish Sprinter 
  • Supercharged Sedan 
  • Supreme Cruiser 

Model X 

  • Xcelerator 
  • Xcellent Cruiser 
  • Xenon Explorer 
  • Xtreme Adventurer 


  • Chrome Colossus  
  • Cybernetic Commando  
  • Cyber Crusader 
  • Cyber Cruiser 

Model 3 

  • Tantalizing Trike 
  • Terrific Transporter 
  • Thrilling Thrust 
  • Triumphant Trio 

Model Y 

  • Yacht Cruiser 
  • Yearning Explorer 
  • Yellowjacket 
  • Youthful Yeti 

Tesla Car Names by Colors 

Red Car Names  

  • Crimson Cruiser  
  • Red Rocket 
  • Scarlet Speedster 
  • Ruby Racer 

Blue Car Names  

  • Azure Ace  
  • Blue Bolt  
  • Cobalt Cruiser 
  • Navy Navigator 

Black Car Names 

  • Black Beauty 
  • Midnight Maverick 
  • Onyx Odyssey 
  • Shadow Sprinter 

White Car Names  

  • Ivory Innovator 
  • Pearl Powerhouse 
  • Snowy Speedster 
  • White Lightning 

Silver Car Names 

  • Chrome Cruiser  
  • Mercury Maverick 
  • Platinum Performer 
  • Silver Streak 

Green Car Names

  • Emerald Energizer 
  • Green Machine 
  • Lime Lightning 
  • Olive Odyssey 

Orange Car Names 

  • Coral Cruiser  
  • Mango Maverick 
  • Orange Oasis 
  • Tangerine Thunder 

Yellow Car Names 

  • Goldie Racer 
  • Lemon Lightning 
  • Sunburst Sprinter 
  • Yellow Yacht 

Tesla Boy Car Names 

  • Blaze  
  • Bolt  
  • Flash  
  • Jet  
  • Lightning  
  • Magnum  
  • Maverick  
  • Spike  
  • Thor  
  • Titan 

Tesla Girl Car Names 

  • Alba  
  • Aurora   
  • Bianca  
  • Frost  
  • Ivory  
  • Lily  
  • Luna  
  • Opal  
  • Pearl  
  • Serenity 

Gender Neutral Tesla Car Names 

  •  Apex  
  • Aurora  
  • Catalyst  
  • Cosmos  
  • Eclipse  
  • Electron  
  • Fusion  
  • Horizon  
  • Infinity  
  • Momentum  
  • Nexus  
  • Nova   
  • Odyssey  
  • Phoenix  
  • Pulse  
  • Velocity  
  • Venture  
  • Zenith 

Set the name of your car to unlock Easter eggs

Let’s take a look at an interesting twist. The name of the car has been used as an Easter egg by Tesla.

Let your car be branded as Patsy, “Rabbit of Caerbannog”, “Mr Creosote”,

“Biggus Dickus,” or “Unladen Swallow” as a tribute to Monty Python, and watch the magic unfoldLet your car be branded as Patsy, “Rabbit of Caerbannog”
“Mr Creosote”, “Biggus Dickus,” or “Unladen Swallow” as a tribute to Monty Python, and watch the magic unfold.

In addition, Douglas Adams’ science fiction comic, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’ is also included. You too will receive something special from Tesla!

Set the name of your car to unlock Easter eggs


Tesla’s names are more than whimsical choices; they are expressions of your relationship with the electric vehicle. It is the bond you form with your Tesla that makes the driving experience truly memorable, whether you choose a trending name or something completely original.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular names for Teslas?

For inspiration, check out the top 10 trending names such as Electra, Zenith, and Pegasus.

Can I change my Tesla’s name after deciding on one?

You can change the name of your car easily through Tesla’s settings.

Are there any naming conventions suggested by Tesla?

It is recommended to choose names that respect Tesla’s brand image, rather than following specific naming conventions.

How do I share my Tesla’s name on social media?

Sharing your car’s name and connecting with fellow enthusiasts can be done with popular hashtags and Tesla owner groups.

Does naming my Tesla affect its warranty?

Your Tesla’s warranty will not be affected by naming it. Your ownership experience will be enhanced by this personal choice.

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