How To Precondition Tesla Battery? Complete Guide

Among the cutting-edge technologies that Tesla vehicles feature is their advanced battery systems. The proper maintenance and condition of Tesla batteries are essential to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Our purpose in this blog post is to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to effectively precondition your Tesla battery by examining the different types of batteries found in Tesla vehicles.

How to Precondition Tesla Battery Complete Guide

What is preconditioning?

When a Tesla electric vehicle is preconditioned, the battery and cabin temperature are preconditioned before driving or charging. Your electric vehicle’s battery can be enhanced so that it performs better, lasts longer, and maximizes its range by conditioning it. Temperature extremes can have a detrimental effect on battery power and efficiency, especially in extreme weather conditions.

In a Tesla, what type of battery is used?

Nissan Cobalt Manganese (NCM) and Nickel Cobalt Aluminum (NCA) are the two types of lithium ion batteries used in Tesla vehicles. Each battery cell contains thousands of energy molecules, allowing these batteries to provide a high rate of energy density and an extended driving range. In order to properly precondition your Tesla battery, it is essential to know the type of battery you have.

In a Tesla, what type of battery is used

Since Tesla began producing battery cells in the 1990s, its most commonly used chemistry has been NCA. A high energy density of NCA batteries allows drivers to drive for longer distances and perform at higher levels. The chemistry of NCM has also been incorporated into Tesla battery cells in recent years. It is a good balance between cost-effectiveness and energy density to choose NCM batteries.

In addition to continuously investing in research and development, Tesla is at the forefront of battery technology. With the advancement of battery technology and the introduction of new Tesla models, the specific battery chemistries and configurations may evolve.

What is the best way to precondition your Tesla battery?

For optimal performance and efficiency, your Tesla battery must be preconditioned. In order to accomplish this, Tesla offers a number of convenient methods. Using the Tesla app, utilizing the navigation feature, and making effective use of the scheduled departure feature are three effective ways to precondition your Tesla battery in this section.

Using the Tesla App as a precondition

Your Tesla vehicle can be preconditioned using the Tesla mobile app, which is a powerful tool. Preconditioning a Tesla battery can be done via the app in the following way:

  • Using your mobile device or smartphone, open the Tesla app.
  • You can access the “Climate” section of the app by clicking the “Climate” button.
  • The cabin temperature can be set to the temperature you prefer. Temperature can be adjusted by dragging the slider or entering a specific value.
  • If you want to charge your Tesla vehicle wirelessly, you can use the Tesla Supercharger or Wall Connector. Your driving range is maximized when you precondition while connected to Tesla chargers.
  • Start the preconditioning process by tapping the “Start” or “Precondition” buttons.
  • Now, your Tesla will begin conditioning the cabin temperature and battery, so you can enjoy your upcoming drive to the fullest.

Precondition by using the navigation feature

Preconditioning your Tesla battery with navigation is another effective method. The preconditioning feature of Tesla’s navigation system is available when you set a destination. The steps are as follows:

  • You can use the Tesla navigation system to enter your destination.
  • Review the route details or navigation summary once the destination has been set.
  • Among the navigation summary choices, you should find an option called “Precondition Cabin”.
  • Make sure preconditioning is enabled.
  • By automatically adjusting your Tesla’s cabin temperature and conditioning its battery based on the calculated route, you can ensure optimal performance and range.

Preconditioning scheduled departures

You can schedule your departure time using Tesla’s “Scheduled Departure” feature. It is possible to ensure your Tesla battery and cabin are ready for your journey by using this feature. Scheduled Departures can be leveraged by following these steps:

  • Your smartphone or mobile device should open the Tesla app.
  • Choose a section within the app such as “Climate” or “Schedule”.
  • Preconditioning your Tesla usually takes a certain amount of time, so take that into consideration when setting your desired departure time.
  • You should precondition your Tesla while connected to a charger, as this is the most energy-efficient method of preconditioning.
  • The Tesla will begin preconditioning automatically at the scheduled departure time if you save the departure time.

The drag strip mode 

There is a Drag Strip Mode on Tesla’s Model S. Are you planning on racing ridiculously short distances?

 To prepare your Model S for timed acceleration, switch on Drag Strip Mode. Drag Strip Mode warms up the battery and drive unit to ideal operating temperatures. A quick tip from EVehiclePro: Model S stays in Drag Strip Mode for three hours even if it is left unattended. In order to prevent unnecessary energy consumption, the feature timeouts after three hours (for instance, if you leave your vehicle and forget to cancel Drag Strip Mode).

All of these methods can be used to precondition your Tesla battery, ensuring that both the cabin and the battery will run smoothly during your next drive. Besides enhancing your driving experience, these features ensure that your Tesla vehicle is as efficient and effective as possible.

Tesla battery preconditioning benefits

Tesla battery preconditioning benefits

Conditions of extreme weather

Extreme weather conditions, such as freezing cold or extreme heat, require preconditioning. Preconditioning ensures optimal performance and range in cold weather by warming the battery. It is possible for Tesla cars to have regenerative braking problems due to cold battery temperatures. It is possible for regenerative braking to be limited when the battery temperature is too low.

Nevertheless, the battery gradually warms up when you drive, resulting in higher regenerative power. A preconditioning cycle cools down the battery, preventing thermal issues and increasing efficiency in hot weather.

Optimized range and efficiency

In order to improve range and energy efficiency, the battery must be preconditioned before driving. With conditioned batteries, you can improve the performance of your Tesla vehicle and maximize its fuel efficiency.

Lifespan of batteries

The Tesla battery lifespan can also be extended by preconditioning. In order to prolong battery life, it is important to keep the battery within the optimal temperature range.

Stylish and comfortable cabins

As part of the preconditioning process, the cabin temperature is also conditioned as well as the battery. By setting the interior temperature before you start your trip, you can ensure a comfortable and pleasant driving experience.

It is not mandatory to precondition electric cars. However, preconditioning can offer several benefits, including longer range, higher efficiency, longer battery life, and more comfortable cabins. When you are driving in extreme weather conditions or want to enhance your driving experience, this is particularly useful. Tesla vehicles can provide optimal performance and comfort by leveraging the available preconditioning features.

Can a Tesla battery be charged before it has been preconditioned?

If you are planning to charge your Tesla battery outside, we recommend that you precondition the battery for 30-45 minutes before charging in order to get the best charging performance and speeds. The longer preconditioning time is required in colder weather, while the faster charging time is required in warmer weather.

How long should you precondition a Tesla battery before traveling?

In order to ensure optimal performance, Tesla recommends preconditioning your vehicle for 30 to 45 minutes before starting your journey. In order to minimize electricity consumption, it’s recommended that you plug in your Tesla during preconditioning. In spite of the fact that this practice is not mandatory, it can be helpful to maintain a full charge before you depart.

How long should you precondition before charging at a Supercharger?

In order to prepare your car for supercharging, Tesla recommends that you wait 30 to 45 minutes before you start charging. If the temperature is colder, the preconditioning time should be extended. A preconditioning period of at least 45 minutes should be conducted during cold weather conditions.

How long should you precondition before charging at a Supercharger

What is the recommended preconditioning time before charging at a non-Supercharger?

In addition to Tesla Superchargers, non-Tesla charging stations and Tesla Destination Chargers allow Tesla models to be charged. However, the charging time may be slower than at non-Tesla charging stations. In order to maximize charging speed and performance, preconditioning is still necessary. The battery should be preconditioned for 30 to 45 minutes regardless of the type of charger.

What is the cost of preconditioning? conducted a test to determine whether preconditioning for electric cars can save drivers money. During their tests, they found that preconditioned drives cost 21% less than nonconditioned drives. Furthermore, preconditioned drives cost 39% less than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Besides being cost-effective, preconditioning electric vehicles provides the additional benefit of keeping them warm during harsh winter weather. As well as increasing the range of your electric vehicle and improving its efficiency, preconditioning maximizes the battery’s performance and maximizes its cost efficiency.

Is it necessary to precondition the Tesla battery?

In certain situations, preconditioning your Tesla battery is highly recommended, but is not a requirement. In certain situations, preconditioning can improve the performance and lifespan of the Tesla battery, even if the vehicle is designed to operate efficiently without preconditioning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you precondition a Tesla battery manually?

Direct manual preconditioning is not available on Tesla vehicles at the moment. The preconditioning process is usually performed via the Tesla mobile app or by utilizing certain features of the vehicle. In the Tesla app, you can leverage the climate control settings to perform manual preconditioning.

Do you need to precondition a Tesla battery in warm weather?

The best performance of a Tesla battery is generally achieved without preconditioning the battery during warm weather. While preconditioning does not guarantee a comfortable cabin temperature, it can help reduce the cabin’s temperature in extreme heat conditions.

When should you precondition a Tesla battery?

It is recommended to precondition a battery prior to starting a journey or initiating a charging session. It is important to precondition your battery and cabin temperature before driving so that you maximize performance and range. It is important to precondition the battery before charging it to ensure that it is charged as efficiently as possible.

How often should I precondition my Tesla battery?

There are several factors that influence the frequency, including usage patterns and climate. It is generally recommended to precondition before longer journeys.

Does preconditioning consume a lot of energy?

As compared with the overall efficiency and benefits gained from driving, the energy consumed during preconditioning is minimal.

Can I manually initiate preconditioning?

The preconditioning process can be manually started through the Tesla app or vehicle interface if an owner so desires.

Will preconditioning work in extreme temperatures?

In order to maximize the performance of Tesla batteries, Tesla’s preconditioning system is designed to adapt to a wide range of temperatures.

Does preconditioning affect the battery warranty?

It is not possible to void the battery warranty by regularly performing preconditioning as Tesla recommends.


As you can see, preconditioning your Tesla battery is more than a feature; it’s a game-changer. Battery life is extended by improving range and efficiency immediately and over the long term. In an effort to provide their customers with the best driving experience possible, Tesla continues to implement preconditioning into their vehicles.

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