How To Change Home Address On Tesla

Tesla owners know how great their navigation system is, especially if they own a Tesla for quite some time. 

A feature of these electric vehicles that is underrated is the ability to remember where you live, work, and frequent. 

How to Change Home Address on Tesla

In your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, How to Change Home Address on Tesla? Does the Model S and Model X have the same methods for setting, changing, or deleting addresses?

The answer turns out to be quite simple! It won’t take you more than a few minutes.

Why Set Addresses in your Tesla?

With your Tesla, you can save your home, work, and favorite addresses so you don’t have to enter them every time. 

In order to conserve battery life, some Tesla owners prefer not to activate Sentry Mode at home or work. This allows you to automatically turn off Sentry Mode at specific locations by programming these addresses. 

There are also Tesla drivers who park their vehicles in private garages and prefer to leave them unlocked.  In order to allow you to customize the settings on your vehicle, Tesla uses these programmed addresses.

How to Set Your Home or Work Address on Tesla?

You already know where you live and where you work, so why set up an address for them? 

Due to its usage patterns, your Tesla recognizes the locations you visit unlike ICE cars.

How to Set Your Home or Work Address on Tesla

These places might even inspire you to save them with your electric car.

You can configure your home or work address on the Tesla touch screen if you haven’t already:

  • Your touch screen’s map will display a search bar near the top left corner. Click it.
  • Afterwards, two main icons will appear: Home and Work. Then select the address you wish to assign.
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to set your home or work addresses. An address field will appear where you can type it.
  • Choose Save as Home or Save as Work after typing or selecting your address. 

How to Change Home Address on Tesla?

On your EV, you have already configured your home address and your work address. In the case of moving to another state or region, what should you do? Have you changed jobs or started a new company? Could it be that your address is incorrectly set up on the map or that it is not showing up properly on the map?

How to Change Home Address on Tesla

Your Model 3 or Model Y can also be easily customized by changing the address at home or at work.

  • Your Tesla’s touch screen will display a navigation search box.
  • Then double-click Home or Work and the pop-up window will appear.
  • Delete or remove the address you have at Home or Work by tapping on Clear Home or Clear Work.
  • When you tap Navigate again, the screen will appear with Set Home or Set Work instead of Navigate. There is no address associated with it, so that means it doesn’t have one.
  • To set up a home or work address, click on Set Home or Set Work.
  • You can save as either Home or Work once you are done.

The following video shows how to change or delete your Tesla’s home and work addresses:

In case you decide to sell your Tesla, changing or removing your address can protect your information. To remove any personal information from your Tesla, you need to perform a factory reset.

What are the benefits of having an accurate home address?

You want your new address to be learned by an intelligent car, especially if you’ve set up your home address. As an example, if you switch careers or work for a different division or branch of the same company, it will know your new work address.

What are the benefits of having an accurate home address

Whenever you’re heading home or to work, just swipe the Navigate button to get directions. The car should also be able to tell you important information, even if it is as easy as that.

When you set your Tesla’s home and work addresses, it will:

Route Calculator

By knowing how many miles and minutes it will take to get to your house, your office, or wherever you choose to go, you will know when you’ll arrive. Besides showing traffic, it also shows the weather! That’s a neat feature, because you’ll know when you’re getting there.


Your electric car can also access your home address or work address when it is set up in Sentry Mode, which consumes battery power. Select Safety & Security from the car icon on your EV’s touch screen. The Exclude Home, Exclude Work, or Exclude Favorites boxes on the right will disable Sentry Mode when you are at home, at work, or at your favorite places. You can choose whatever suits you best.

Many Tesla owners are experiencing problems turning on or off Sentry Mode due to issues with the address. This problem can be solved by setting up the correct work and home addresses!

Autopilot navigation

The Tesla’s address book is a handy feature that you’ll appreciate when you’ve set up important addresses or destinations. You can supervise your driving while your car actively guides you. It is important to keep your attention while this feature is activated, since your car is just helping, not taking control.

Depending on your chosen destination or route, Navigate on Autopilot may be available to you. The gear lever can also be turned on by moving it downward two times.

Your car can drive for you if your home or work address is configured.

How to Leave the Tesla Doors Unlocked at Home

It is not uncommon for Tesla owners to leave their vehicles unlocked while parked at home. To keep your Tesla unlocked at home, you can change its settings so that it locks when the driver walks away. How to do it:

How to Leave the Tesla Doors Unlocked at Home
  • From the touchscreen, click on the car icon
  • Select Locks
  • Exclude Home is a checkbox under Walk-Away Door Lock. This box needs to be clicked

When parked within ten meters of an address listed as home, Tesla assumes the vehicle is at home.  Lock the doors of unsecured parking spots near your house if you sometimes park there. 

What If Your New Address Doesn’t Appear?

It is not Tesla, but Google Maps that is having issues showing your new address. Mobile phones or desktop computers can fix this, but search ability may take some time.

New Address Request

Are you having trouble finding your address on Google Maps? Tell them where to go!

You can type your address into the search field on Google Maps on your desktop. Remove specific details such as your house number or apartment number if you have trouble finding the address. Using the marker, you should be placed in the middle of the street.

You can then right-click on the pin to open the Send Feedback pop-up by selecting Report a data problem. Next, select Wrong pin address or location.

Your complete address will be requested. Ensure that everything is spelled correctly. Google will automatically abbreviate for you if you abbreviate.

On the left top corner of the screen, click on the three horizontal lines, then click “Edit the Map”, then “Wrong pin location or address”.

Ensure the pin is directly over your new address by zooming in to the exact location.

Submit your request by clicking Done and Send.

The status of your request can be checked by going to Contribute, Edits, and scrolling down.

If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to send it so you can get the most out of your Tesla.

Google Maps: Adding Your Address

Your mobile phone can also be used to add your address. Upon entering the Google Map, you will see a number of options.

  • Click on Contribute (the one with the plus sign).
  • You will be asked to provide the complete address after selecting Add Place.
  • Please provide the necessary information. Alternatively, you can check if the pin is in the right place by editing the map manually.
  • The “Category” part of the form allows you to choose between residential and business.
  • Click on the arrow in the right top corner of the screen once you’ve double-checked the information and are ready to submit.

It is also possible to do the following:

  • On the search field, type the address of your street, whether it is specific or general.
  • It will show you the location and image of the one closest to your house. Toward the bottom of the page, you’ll find an option called “Add a missing place.” Click it.
  • In the next screen, you’ll be prompted to fill out the full address on the form.
  • Ensure that your house’s pin is placed exactly where it belongs.

A confirmation email will be sent to you after you submit your request. In case the map does not get updated with your address for more than a month or if you are incorrectly denied, keep the information.

Set up your Tesla with your neighbor’s address

During the time it takes Google Maps to display your address, what are you going to do? 

Your Tesla can be set as your home address by setting up your neighbor’s address.

Using the steps we provided earlier, update the address you have on your Tesla once your address is searchable on Google Maps.

How to Add Your Other Favorite Locations

You can set other important destinations on your Tesla in addition to your home and work addresses. School is a requirement for students and parents with children. Your favorite mall is the place to go if you like shopping. A restaurant or cafe is a must for all of us, since we all love food!

Adding other addresses besides work and home isn’t very easy when you click on Navigate.

There’s a blank field at the bottom of the page that you can type into to search for a location, but it’s not obvious.

Did you find it? That’s great! Adding favorite locations to your Tesla is as easy as following these steps:

  • A search field will appear above the icons for home and work when you click on Navigate.
  • Click the pin of the desired destination after typing the name of the place in the search field.
  • The details of that destination will appear as a pop-up. Listed are the address, reviews, operating hours, distance, and hours of operation of the place. You’ll also have the option of navigating to that location or calling it.
  • The top-right corner of that same pop-up shows a heart. You can click it.
  • Next, you can rename this favorite by clicking the Name This Favorite pop-up. Choosing a name is up to you; it could be “Special Dinner Place.” Or you could simply use the default name provided.
  • Finally, click Add to Favorites.

You will then be taken back to the previous pop-up message with all the details. Nevertheless, you will notice the heart has been filled or darkened, which means it is one of your favorites.

Under Home and Work, you’ll now see two subcategories once you return to your touch screen map and click Navigate again. There will be a Recent and Favorites section.

Your favorite locations will appear when you click Favorites.

Additional places you frequently visit, such as work and family addresses, can also be added.

The best way to get rid of a favorite location is to simply hold it and swipe to the right. Instead of offering “buh-bye,” this means “goodbye.”

This video shows you how to add and remove favorite Tesla locations:

Is the Process the Same in the Model S and Model X?

Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X all allow you to add, change, and delete home and work addresses. 

In these models, you can even set addresses for your home, workplace, and favorite destinations. The software used by both is the same, after all.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Tesla’s Commitment to User Privacy

Privacy is Tesla’s top priority. You are not at risk of losing your personal information when you update your home address.

Steps Taken to Safeguard Personal Information

Users’ data is protected by Tesla’s advanced security measures. In order to prevent unauthorized access to your home address, all changes are encrypted and securely stored.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I encounter an error while updating my address?

Ensure that your internet connection is stable, restart the app, and update the app to the latest version if you encounter an error. In case the issue persists, please contact Tesla support.

Can I change my Tesla’s address remotely?

The Tesla app on your mobile device allows you to change your Tesla’s address remotely.

Will changing my address affect previous navigation data?

Your previous navigation data will not be affected by changing your address. As new information is entered into the system, historical data is retained.

How often should I update my home address on Tesla?

In order to ensure accurate navigation and communication, you should update your home address whenever you move.

Is the process the same for all Tesla models?

For all Tesla models, the process for changing the home address is the same, ensuring that users have a consistent experience


Is there anything holding you back? If you haven’t yet done so, set up your Tesla’s address at home and at work. Your appreciation of the positive changes you can make will be enhanced if this is your first time.

If you’re charging in your garage, Sentry Mode is off so you can save battery, and if you swipe left or right to navigate to your home or work, you’ll know exactly what your trip will be like.

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