How To Turn Off Tesla Location In 2024?

As a consequence, you’re interested in knowing how to disable location tracking in Tesla electric vehicles. Here, I describe how to turn off Tesla location tracking, along with some consequences of doing so.

How to Turn Off Tesla Location

Why Does Tesla Track Your Location?

Users and manufacturers of Tesla vehicles track each other’s locations.

Your location is tracked by Tesla, so you can lock and unlock your Tesla with your phone from a distance, summon it, plan your route and navigate, use autopilot, and find nearby services like gas stations and restaurants based on your location.

In order to facilitate the recovery of your Tesla during a theft, assist law enforcement in tracking criminals who have used Teslas, and gather important information regarding a crash involving your Tesla, Tesla tracks your location.

How to Turn Off Tesla Location – Step By Step Guide

This page explains what Tesla’s location tracking can and cannot be turned off.

How to Turn Off Tesla Location - Step By Step Guide

Map rotation or movement

Tesla users are not aware that they can turn off location tracking by rotating or moving the map. Using this method, you can turn off location tracking without sacrificing other important features like a mobile connection, which means you can still use the Tesla smart system’s other great features.

Tesla claims that “your current location is no longer tracked when you rotate or move the map. Map orientation icon turns gray after the message “Tracking Disabled” appears briefly.

Using a rotating or moving map, you can disable location tracking:

Hold two fingers on the map and rotate it in any direction


A finger can be held and dragged on the map to move it in any direction

A tracking disable message will appear once this is done.

Choose North Up or Heading Up from the map’s orientation icon to re-enable tracking.

Adding favorites and setting your home address are the first things you’ll need to do if you decide to turn location tracking back on.

Turn off mobile access in your car

Turning off mobile access inside your vehicle is the best way to turn off Tesla location tracking.

Tesla location tracking is automatically disabled when you turn off mobile access.

When you turn off mobile access, you will no longer be able to track your location; you will also no longer have access to all mobile access features, such as the following:

  • Estimating the range of your Tesla.
  • Checking what drive mode is being used (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive)
  • Using your phone to lock and unlock your Tesla
  • If you live in a cold climate, you should enable maximum defrost to keep your car warm
  • Monitoring the charging status of your vehicle
  • The charge port can be opened or closed.
  • The front trunk should be opened.
  • See the current firmware version, VIN, and odometer of your vehicle.
  • Find the Model 3 by flashing your lights or honking your horn.
  • Activate the keyless entry system.

The following steps will guide you through turning off Tesla’s mobile access if you’re willing to give up all the great features it offers:

  • You can access settings by tapping on the vehicle’s control display. In the bottom left corner of the screen, there is an icon of a car
  • Select Safety from the options displayed
  • The Allow Mobile Access toggle can be found in the upper right corner of the screen

Now that you’ve disabled location tracking on Tesla, you can turn off other mobile features as well.

Turn off Tesla location in mobile app

Tesla’s mobile app allows you to turn off tracking of your location, and some users have suggested doing so. From the Tesla mobile app, location tracking cannot be turned off. In addition to the functions listed in number 2, the Tesla mobile app can also be used for other functions.

In addition, some users recommend disabling your phone’s location services so the Tesla mobile app won’t be able to access your location data. Location tracking on your Tesla car will continue to operate even if you deny the app access to your phone’s location services. Rather than using the GPS system on your phone, the Tesla App uses the GPS system of your car in order to track your location. When you turn this off, the Tesla app will no longer be able to detect the location of your phone, but it will still be able to locate your car.

Accordingly, at the time this article was written, it was not possible to disable location tracking with the Tesla Mobile App. Unlike Google Maps, Tesla’s navigation system is proprietary.

Buy a GPS jammer or disconnect the antennas

The GPS antennae on Telsas have been recommended as being removed by some users. The best course of action here is to be cautious. My advice is to stay away from it. The reason is as follows:

The GPS location functions of Tesla vehicles are controlled by a GNSS antenna system that Tesla has patented. In addition to these functions, this antenna also serves the following:

  • Getting the car on the road
  • Navigation and route planning
  • Autopilot or self-driving
  • Gas stations, restaurants, and other nearby services can be found by searching around

As you can see from the above, the Tesla’s GPS antenna is highly integrated. In highly-integrated car systems, various components are connected to each other and other essential modules. In this case, removing one component can lead to wider problems in your Tesla. The GPS antenna in your Tesla should not be removed or disconnected.

The installation of GPS blockers or jammers is another option users take. This is another area in which I recommend caution, as a GPS jammer may negatively affect other engine components and functions.

Third-party devices should not be installed on highly-sophisticated systems, such as a Tesla electric vehicle, since they may permanently damage some modules. Tesla’s technology is not known to these third-party device manufacturers. This means that using such devices could result in a disastrous technological conflict.

Why Would People Want to Disable Location Tracking?

Some drivers prefer private rides against better judgment. You may need to scout out locations for a surprise party. There can also be more dire situations where people are in danger or you need to get away from them.

Why Would People Want to Disable Location Tracking

It is not uncommon for families with Teslas to run into this problem, where one person wants to disable the location tracking. It’s natural for teens and their parents to want some time apart. Teenagers like this one want to visit locations that their fathers don’t approve of. As a gesture of good faith, couples may even turn the feature off for each other. 

The Tesla app or other users cannot track the car’s location at all times by turning off location tracking.

Why does Tesla track your location?

Your Tesla vehicle’s location plays a significant role in the overall experience.

Why does Tesla track your location

Location tracking is used by Tesla for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Providing the following features through the mobile app:
  • Even from a distance, you can lock and unlock your Tesla with your phone
  • Activate keyless entry
  1. GPS can be used to provide the following information:
  • Getting the car on the road
  • Navigating and planning routes
  • The self-driving car
  • Gas stations, restaurants, and other nearby services can be found by searching around
  • In the event of a theft, locating the car
  • Insurers and regulators expect you to comply.

However, there is more to this story.

  • For crashes and other snapshots, Tesla always captures location information
  • When you signed up for your Tesla, you likely agreed to some terms of use, which included sharing some location information with third parties.

The basic information you provide to Tesla, such as your location, can be withheld. Only your location information can be opted out of sharing.

Furthermore, refusing to share data will mean you miss out on features like remote services, voice commands, and over-the-air software updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enable location services only when needed?

Depending on the preferences of the user, location tracking can be enabled.

Can a stolen Tesla be tracked?

There is no doubt that it is possible, and this has helped reunite many Tesla owners with their stolen vehicles. When the Tesla’s battery ran out, this thief left the vehicle and was caught in California. Throughout the journey, they tracked the location using the app. When a thief attempts to disable tracking in Tesla’s mobile settings, they must enter their Tesla account password first. This is another benefit of Tesla’s security system.

Will turning off location services affect navigation?

Some location-based services may be limited, but the basic navigation features will remain available.

Can I still use Tesla’s mobile app to locate my car without location services?

When location services are disabled, the app may not be able to locate your car.

Can you hide your Tesla location?

It is recommended that you disable remote mobile access, as we have described above, if you want to hide your location. You won’t be able to see your location when using the app this way. 

Does disabling location tracking affect software updates?

You can still receive and install software updates without location services enabled.

Will Autopilot work without location services?

Location tracking is not required for Autopilot functionality.

How does Tesla track location?

To transmit location signals, Tesla uses a series of satellites, just like any other GPS system. Data on the location of a vehicle can be accessed in real-time by drivers and owners. 
The Tesla servers will receive real-time location data from your car, but won’t store your driving history. 


Location tracking is, simply put, an essential part of Tesla’s experience. Some of these methods will, however, result in severe consequences if you disable it.

Location tracking can be an important feature for some people, even if it’s not top priority for you.

Your vehicle must be turned off to “go dark.” Now that you know, you’ll need to do this. Driving undetected is only possible with that method.

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