How To Enable Easy Entry In Your Tesla Model 3 And Model Y

Many people find it difficult to get into and out of cars. Those who are overweight, older individuals, and those with physical ailments may fall into this category. It can be annoying having to change the settings on your seat and steering wheel every time you step into or out of your vehicle because extra space makes it easier to get in or out.

In order to solve this problem, Tesla has developed a feature called Easy Entry. The steps below will guide you through enabling Easy Entry in your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

How to Enable Easy Entry in Your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Profile creation for drivers

A driver profile must be created before Easy Entry can be enabled. The good news is that we have created an easy guide to make one for your Tesla.But what exactly are driver profiles? My friends and I like to set our seats, mirrors, and steering wheels a particular way when we are driving. Having to switch all those things each time a different driver takes the wheel can be annoying if you live in a household with many drivers.

It’s not uncommon for my household to have some tall people and some not so tall people. Therefore, every time a new driver took over, the car settings such as seat and steering wheel placement had to be adjusted manually. After purchasing a Tesla, we found that driver profiles provided a solution for these situations.

Your seat, steering wheel, and side mirrors can all be positioned exactly where you want them by creating a profile. Besides navigation settings and temperature, your Autopilot preferences and lights settings are also saved.

NOTE: Individual keys can be connected to driver profiles. To link your profile to your key, follow this simple guide. Personalized experiences will be possible as a result.

Ease of entry

Let’s discuss Easy Entry now that we’ve discussed profiles. A feature of Tesla cars that makes entering and exiting easier is the ability to move the steering wheel and driver’s seat. The Easy Entry feature can be enabled by any driver who has a profile associated with it.

Ease of entry

Easy Entry can be accessed by tapping the driver profile icon, selecting the account of interest, and checking the box next to Use Easy Entry. You’ll be able to easily enter or exit the vehicle whenever your car is in park. You can then revert back to your original driving settings by pressing the brake pedal.

NOTE: Remove any obstructions from the seat behind the driver. You could get hurt if Easy Entry pushes the driver’s seat all the way back if you have a car seat back there for a baby or toddler.

Read the full guide: Tesla Easy Entry: Redefining Vehicle Accessibility


Your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y can be enabled with Easy Entry in just a few easy steps. You can enable easy entry by tapping the driver profile icon, selecting the account you’d like to enable, and ticking Use Easy Entry. Now you can easily enter and exit your car without any problems.

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