Tesla AM Radio: What You Need To Know

The electromagnetic interference associated with electric motors prevents Tesla vehicles from offering AM radio. Three methods are available to listen to your favorite AM stations: (1) Tesla’s Premium Connectivity service; (2) FM simulcasts; (3) streaming through your phone.

It is often a surprise to new Tesla owners to discover that their cars don’t have AM radios. AM radio is being considered obsolete by some owners, but many people still strongly believe it is the best choice for live sports, 24 hour news, talk radio, and alternative language programming. 

Tesla AM Radio What You Need To Know

Tesla doesn’t offer a direct option for AM radio, even though there are countless FM stations plus music streaming.

What is the reason Tesla does not have AM radio?

The Tesla electric motor interferes with AM radio reception due to electromagnetic interference, which is caused by the car’s electric motor. Consequently, you will probably only hear static instead of the play-by-play of your favorite sports game. 

What is the reason Tesla does not have AM radio

For now, there are a few workarounds that allow you to listen to your favorite AM radio station while Tesla engineers figure out how to fix the issue with static.

There are three ways you can listen to AM radio in your Tesla vehicle with help from our experts at EVehiclePro. 

The best way to listen to AM radio in a Tesla

AM radio can be listened to in your car in three different ways:

The best way to listen to AM radio in a Tesla

Radio App

There are many AM radio stations that also broadcast on FM channels. In addition to AM radio stations broadcasting on HD radio, Tesla Radio app users can also listen to AM broadcasts on HD radio. If your favorite AM station also broadcasts on FM, check to see if it has a simulcast channel. By using the Radio app on your vehicle, you can listen to the equivalent simulcast FM station.

TuneIn Radio

In all Teslas, TuneIn Radio is preinstalled and available with the Premium Connectivity service. It is likely that you will be able to find your favorite AM station among TuneIn Radio’s over 100,000 stations. Premium Connectivity subscribers only have access to this option.

Stream from your Phone

One of the many live radio streaming apps available on your phone allows you to stream AM Radio stations even if you don’t subscribe to Tesla Premium Connectivity. You can listen to radio on your phone with TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio .

Your phone can be used to stream the website of the radio station
It is possible to stream the broadcast through your phone from the radio station’s website if all else fails. The majority of radio stations have the capability of streaming live radio directly from their websites.
While streaming, it can be difficult to keep your phone charged. Read more: Can You Charge A Tesla In The Rain?

Streaming from your phone to the Tesla

You can stream music or live radio directly to your Tesla using the following steps: 

  • By using Bluetooth, you can connect your Tesla to your smartphone
  • On the touchscreen of your car, press the Bluetooth button
  • Press play on your phone when you’re ready to listen to a media file. When you connect your phone to the Tesla, the streaming will begin automatically

For better visibility and reach, mount your phone if you like to switch radio channels while driving. 

Tesla HD Radio

Almost all Tesla vehicles are equipped with HD radio capabilities. A digital radio station broadcasts its signal digitally, which results in a crystal clear sound and exceptional quality of audio.  

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Radio channels can also share the same frequency when broadcasting a digital signal.  It can be seen, for instance, in the Tesla Radio App that HD1, HD2 or HD3 are displayed near the same radio frequency. Depending on the radio station, they may be broadcasting on the same frequency.

Simulcasting of AM broadcasts on the FM radio band is also common among AM stations.

The best way to listen to FM radio in a Tesla

You can listen to FM radio stations in your Tesla if you like them. How to do it:

  • You can do this by pressing the 3 dots in the middle of your touchscreen 
  • To listen to the radio, click here
  • Choose Favorites, Stations, or Direct Tune from the top right of the screen
  • Scrolling up and down the FM frequencies list is also possible with your finger. 

The best way to favorite a radio station

Choosing a favorite radio station is as simple as clicking on the star at the top of the screen. There will be a blackening of the star. Your favorites list will be updated with that station.  

The Best Way to Remove Radio Stations from Your Favorites

Clicking the star at the top of the page will allow you to de-select a favorite by turning it black to transparent (clear) by clicking the star. In addition, you can remove a station from your favorites list by clicking on the X next to it.


As a testament to Nikola Tesla’s ingenuity and vision, the AM radio has endured as a legacy. It is clear that Tesla’s contributions to radio technology have had an indelible impact on the world of communication despite the formidable challenges he faced during his lifetime. The AM radio invented by Tesla reminds us how transformative innovation can be in broadcasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AM radio?

A modulating signal modulates the amplitude of the carrier wave to transmit radio signals known as AM radio.

Who invented AM radio?

It was Nikola Tesla who contributed crucial insights into electromagnetic theory and wireless transmission to the development of AM radio technology.

How did Tesla contribute to AM radio technology?

In addition to improving the efficiency of AM radio transmissions, Tesla developed innovative antenna designs, transmitter circuits, and receiver configurations that greatly increased their range and efficiency.

Is AM radio still used today?

For long-distance communications and niche applications, AM radio remains relevant even as FM radio dominates mainstream broadcasting.

What are the advantages of AM radio?

Radio in rural or remote areas is ideal for broadcasting due to its greater coverage and less prone to interference.

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