Best Floor Mats For Tesla Model Y

According to our Tesla owners, the best Tesla floor mats fit, cover, perform, are eco-friendly, cost-effective, easy to clean, have a warranty, are odor-free, and are overall a good choice. There was no contest between 3D Maxpider (Kagu) and Tesla brand, Taptes and WeatherTech for the best Tesla Model Y floor mats.

Best Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y

In addition to protecting your floors from rain, salt, snow, mud, dirt, spills and debris, floor mats are an essential aftermarket purchase. Choosing a Tesla floor mats is important if you want them to fit perfectly, cover the area fully, stay in place, clean easily, are odorless and come at a fair price and warranty. 

The importance of Tesla Model Y floor mats

The importance of investing in high-quality floor mats for your Tesla Model Y cannot be overstated. Firstly, they protect the flooring from permanent damage, which preserves the resale value of your vehicle. A sleek and polished appearance is also achieved by them, which enhances the overall aesthetics of the interior.

How Did We Review the Floor Mats?

Here is a list of the top four all-season floor mats (liners) tested by our team:

  • 3D Maxpider
  • WeatherTech All-Weather
  • Tesla
  • Taptes

Best Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

The 3D Maxpider (Kagu) floor mats were preferred by all of our Tesla drivers after extensive testing. As a result, we have these mats installed in our Teslas at the moment because they outperformed across the board. There is a reasonable chance that Taptes floor mats are a better choice if you like 3D Maxpider, but you’d like to save some money (about 20%). 

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What did we do to test the floor mats?

We have a team of Tesla owners:

  • Four different brands of floor mats were compared (two for the front seat and one for the back seat/second row).
  • We drove our vehicles on average 6-7 days a week
  • During the day, parked outdoors at least once 
  • We drove in rain, snow, sand, and mud in various weather conditions
  • Floor mats should be cleaned once a season and whenever necessary

Here’s how we rated Tesla floor mats

In order to evaluate the Tesla Floor Mats, our drivers were given 9 categories:

  • Fit, appearance, and coverage
  • Performance
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Cost (based on 2 floor mats for front seats and 1 for the back seats)
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Noise-absorbing
  • Odor
  • Warranty
  • The overall satisfaction level

Best rated floor mats for Tesla Model Y in 2024

3D Maxpider (Kagu)

The 3D Maxpider floor liner brand Kagu, an all-weather product, was tested by our team. You can read our full review here.

We were immediately impressed by the sleek, rich and sporty look of the 3D Maxpider floor liners with their dark black carbon print design.

Best rated floor mats for Tesla Model Y in 2024

Our Tesla vehicles were perfectly formed to these firm yet flexible bumpers.

On the back of each mat, there was a label that explained exactly where each mat belonged.

Its easy to slip right into place and there is no need to tap it into place, smooth out gaps or attach it using screws or velcro since the mat simply slides right into place securely. The non-slip underside made a positive impression on us. No other mat compares with the pattern, so it is no wonder the design is patented. There were no indents or marks on the carpets from the backing, as other liners do. 

It provided comprehensive coverage without gaps. We liked the detail – a slight imprint ensures the accelerator can fully depress without being caught or obscured. In addition to the contour, a groove follows the heel pad groove to minimize slipping.

Our favorite thing about this mat was how well it covered the area where the left foot rests. It was also possible for debris from shoes to fall and accumulate on the carpet with other mats that had a lower half rise.

It is not everyone’s favorite that the mat has a 3D emblem. Our opinion was that it was clean looking and distinguished itself from a generic looking liner. The emblem can be colored over or the rivets removed and filled in with a black marker if you don’t like it, but it will void the warranty. 

These liners should last for years without cracking or curling, as the manufacturer claims. In terms of shape and fit, ours have held up so far.

The Kagu 3D Maxpider mats are made from layered foam and do not emit an odor right out of the box. As a result of California Prop 65 compliance standards, we liked the fact that the company ensures safe drinking water for its customers. 

It is our opinion that Kagu 3D Maxpider is the second least expensive of the floor liner brands we evaluated, and was well within the average cost for two front liners and a backseat liner. There was only one cheaper option, Taptes.

There was no need for scrubbing or special products to clean up these mats, they were easy to remove and cleaned up well with just water. 

As a result of the vibration generated by the tires, some of the road noise is absorbed by the layered foam. However, we did not use the GRAS microphone equipment that is recommended for measuring cabin noise inside electric vehicles. The drivers felt that the interior noise had improved slightly, but we did not use the sensitive GRAS microphone equipment.

The limited warranty offered by Maxpider through authorized dealers is three years.

There were no complaints from our drivers regarding the comfort, the fit, the coverage, the look, and the ease of cleaning of 3D Maxpider (Kagu) floor liners.

How are 3D Maxpider floor mats different from other floor liners?

  • Designed to retain its shape while accommodating accelerator and heel positions
  • Covers the most gaps with the most complete coverage
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces road noise
  • A high standard of environmental protection

Tesla Brand (Made by WeatherTech 3D)

The Tesla team reviewed WeatherTech 3D’s all-weather floor mats (produced by Tesla).

It was initially the sleek vertical ridges on these liners that caught our attention, as they complemented Tesla’s performance pedals nicely. The Tesla branding on the mat is also subtle because it is moulded into it.

However, once our drivers removed these mats from the package, they found them thinner and less comfortable than the other liners. 

Tesla Brand (Made by WeatherTech 3D)

In the area where the left foot rests, there was very little carpet coverage, which made the underlying carpet vulnerable to dust and debris.

As well as not completely covering the sidewalls of the footwell, these mats don’t provide much protection.

Our puzzlement grew when we discovered three smaller button sized inserts on the back of the mats, designed with a similar gripping surface to Velcro. There was also a smooth grid of raised grips dotted along the back of the backing that provided some friction against the carpet.

In this mat, recyclable plastic is blended with rubber, a thermoplastic elastomer material. Besides being non-PVC and non-toxic, the materials are also odorless. 

Among the floor mats we reviewed, Tesla’s were the most expensive. Despite their sleek appearance, we weren’t impressed with their performance.

There was a lot of work involved in keeping these mats clean. Compared to other designs, debris seemed to accumulate more easily in vertical ridges.

Using these floor liners, none of our team members noticed a difference in cabin noise.

A limited lifetime warranty is offered by Tesla for its all-weather floor liners. A defective and unused product will be covered by the company for shipping.

Our disappointment with these floor liners was their high price, limited coverage, and lack of backing, despite their sleek design and complementing Tesla vehicles.

How are Tesla floor mats different from other floor liners?

  • A lifetime guarantee
  • Stylish Tesla design


With Taptes’ affordable floor mats, drivers can get the same look as the original 3D Maxpider mats. 

It was difficult to tell what they were when we took them out of the box as they seemed flimsy and flatter compared to the more rigid 3D Maxpiders. This resulted in them not fitting as well at first. In contrast, Taptes mats took a little while to find their grip on the floor after we patted down 3D Maxpider liners. Working with them, we weren’t able to experience any sliding problems. 

In general, Taptes mats are generic and lack any distinctive logos or emblems, which is something some people prefer.  Raised edges make them more durable and lightweight (half as heavy as rubber mats). Their pattern is also inspired by carbon fiber, just like Maxpider’s. 

It took about a week for the mat to settle into the contours of the Model Y, but there was no visible gap between the side wall and center console.

Despite its satisfactory quality, the edging was not particularly well-done.

There was a fold crease on the back seat mat that wasn’t fully smoothed out when it arrived folded. Several of our drivers purchased the trunk mat but found the grip was extremely poor, causing it to bunch up. The mat never formed flush to the trunk even after storing heavy boxes on it.

There was one minor problem: the floor mat scratched more easily than other liners, and it was worn out more quickly compared to other liners – but it did protect the carpet and the trunk of the car.

There is no odor to these taptes because they are made from 100% recyclable materials.

We found that Taptes was the most affordable brand we tested for front and back seats. Nonetheless, we were expecting to save at least 20% over 3D Maxpider’s original liners because this was a knock-off.

There are many complaints about Taptes, including that they show dirt quickly, don’t clean up easily, and look worn after a short time. During the winter, we all agreed that the mats looked old and faded, had debris that wasn’t easily rinsed off, and weren’t performing as well as expected. We have a driver who indicated she wanted to replace or detail the liners after 1-2 years.

Road noise was not reduced by the Taptes mats according to our drivers.

A limited 30-day warranty is offered by Taptes (from the date of purchase), but no refunds can be issued after that date. It is possible that customers will be required to pay shipping fees and restocking fees of 20%.

Drivers on a budget can find Taptes cheaper and of lower quality. Our opinion was that the Taptes mats were overpriced for their inferior quality and were of lower quality than the Maxpider 3D. This product was a “buyer beware” product for us due to the unfriendly warranty.  

How are Taptes floor mats different from other floor liners?

  • Some people prefer no logo or branding
  • Costs are modestly lower 
  • Customer-unfriendly warranty


As a final step in our review, we selected a standard set of WeatherTech All-Weather floor liners. We wanted to see how this popular brand performed for ourselves after reading a wide range of reviews.

Compared to Taptes, Tesla brand, and 3D Maxpider, these standard WeatherTech All-Weather floor liners feel more rigid and are less flexible, making them more difficult to install and remove. The feeling is more like that of a hard plastic tray rather than a formfitted liner, according to one of our Tesla owners. As a result, we weren’t satisfied with the way the standard mats fit into the contours of our Teslas.

Retention grommets were not our favorite method of securing the liner to the mounting posts. Several other liners had non-slip backings that made them easier to install and more secure.

In the beginning, there were some gaps in coverage, but they eventually resolved themselves over time. At the point of this review, we have not experienced any curling of the edges of back seat liners, as several customers have reported.

An indent was noticed in the liner under the accelerator by one of our drivers who wore the same heeled boots frequently. The WeatherTech liner is also more slippery when wet than other liners, according to her.

In addition to being 100% recyclable, these WeatherTech liners are made of recyclable thermopolyolefin or “advanced rubber”. Immediately after opening the package, you can smell a faint rubber smell.

Our review of WeatherTech floor liners found it to be the second most expensive. It surprised us that these cost more than our favorite Maxpider (Kagu) floor liners, which received lower ratings across almost all performance categories. 

When cleaned with water alone, these weren’t very effective. It is recommended that you use a mild detergent and water, or a product produced by WeatherTech. 

As a result of using these floor liners, our team was unable to notice any difference in road noise.

A limited lifetime warranty is offered by WeatherTech, though products must be returned in their original packaging, and shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility. If mats are purchased from unauthorized resellers, the warranty may not be honored. 

There were some things we didn’t like about these WeatherTech floor liners. These included the fit, coverage, cost, and ease of cleaning.

How are WeatherTech floor mats different from other floor liners?

  • A lifetime guarantee
  • Retaining grommets

Factors to Consider When Choosing Floor Mats

The floor liners listed here may work for your Tesla depending on your specific situation.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Floor Mats

It is important to take several factors into account when choosing floor mats for your Tesla Model Y so that you get the best performance and durability out of them.


You may want to consider using floor mats made from rubber, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), or carpet with a waterproof backing as opposed to cheap rubber or vinyl mats. Materials made of these materials offer superior resistance to spills, stains, and wear and tear.


The Tesla Model Y floor mats should be specially designed to fit the dimensions of the floor seamlessly. When installed properly, maximum coverage is provided and shifting or bunching is prevented.

All-Weather Protection

If you want to protect your floor mats from harsh weather all year round, choose all-weather floor mats that can resist rain, snow, mud, and sand. Active lifestyles will benefit from these mats’ ease of cleaning and maintenance.

A comparison of the best floor mats

There are several factors that you need to consider when comparing the best Tesla Model Y floor mats. These factors include features, durability, and price in order to find the right mat for your car.

A comparison of the best floor mats


A customized design will add a personal touch to any floor mat, such as raised edges for spill containment, anti-slip backing for stability, and raised edges for spill containment.


Analyze the quality of the construction, materials, and customer reviews to determine the durability of the floor mats. You should choose a mat that is resistant to fading, cracking, and warping over time.


You should weigh the features and durability of each floor mat option with the price point. The best product for your budget is one that provides quality without compromising on value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prefer brand names and the Tesla logo?

For Tesla fans who want their logo prominently displayed, WeatherTech’s liners (made by Tesla) complement your vehicle and performance pedals with a sleek, branded look. There is a cost associated with the Tesla design, and we believe you will have to compromise a little bit in terms of coverage, backing, and ease of cleaning.

Do you prefer a generic-looking mat with no visible branding?

You can choose generic-looking floor mats like Taptes if you don’t want any branding on them. There are some people who don’t like the white emblem on 3D Maxpider, but we believe it will provide you with a better mat. 

What climate do you drive in?

3D Maxpider’s excellent coverage, fit, and ease of cleaning make them an excellent choice for drivers who drive through four seasons. It is also reasonably easy to clean, but Taptes does not offer as good coverage as it does. 
If your climate is temperate and there is little rain and debris, any of these mats will work well. With rain, WeatherTech may become slick, so would work best in drier climates, particularly if drivers are wearing shoes with a smooth sole or heels.

Are you on a budget?

Compared with the original 3D Maxpider and Tesla brand liners, Taptes is about 20% less expensive. There isn’t much quality difference between Taptes floor mats and Maxpider floor mats, but they still do the job. If you’re on a tight budget, Taptes may be a good choice (beware of their unfriendly warranty).

How important is a good fit?

All of us prefer well-fitting mats, but 3D Maxpider (Kagu) mats fit well to Tesla’s contours, sit securely in place, and are exceptionally well formed. As far as fit and coverage are concerned, we found 3D Maxpider to be the best overall performer. A trunk liner was also included in the package that fit well right away. 

Is cabin noise important to you?

Integrated foam from 3D Maxpider may be the best choice if reducing cabin noise is important to you. There was a modest reduction in road noise from wheel vibrations for our Tesla drivers. We tested three other mats and found no difference between them.

How important is a warranty?

Tesla’s floor liners may be your best choice if you want peace of mind with a lifetime warranty. Mats that are defective are covered by Tesla’s shipping policy. You must also purchase your mat from an authorized retailer in order to be eligible for a lifetime warranty offered by WeatherTech. Mats must be returned in the original box, customers are responsible for shipping costs, and returns require the original box. The warranty on 3D Maxpider products is 3 years when purchased from an authorized dealer. There are shipping and restocking fees associated with Taptes’ 30-day warranty, and there are also near-unreasonable time limits. 

What’s the difference between floor mats and floor liners?

Despite the fact that most people use the term “floor mats,” there is actually a difference between them. Flat, light, flat floor mats are easier to remove and shake out than carpets. They offer minimal protection for carpets, but are easier to remove. There is no snow, mud, salt or heavy rain in temperate climates, so mats are most appropriate for those conditions. 
A floor liner provides more carpet protection with its fitted form and raised edges. There are more ridges on them to collect rain, snow, salt and spills, and they provide better coverage for carpets underlying them than mats.

Are Tesla Model Y floor mats waterproof?

The Tesla Model Y has a number of floor mats that provide waterproof protection, making them suitable for use in all types of weather.

Can I use aftermarket floor mats in my Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y is compatible with floor mats made by third-party manufacturers.

How do I clean Tesla Model Y floor mats?

It is easy to clean the Tesla Model Y floor mats by simply removing them from the vehicle and shaking them off any debris. Water and mild detergent can be used for deeper cleaning.

Do Tesla Model Y floor mats come with a warranty?

Each manufacturer and product offers a different warranty coverage. If you are considering purchasing a product, make sure you check the warranty terms.

Are there custom-designed floor mats available for the Tesla Model Y?

Custom-designed floor mats for the Tesla Model Y are available from several third-party manufacturers.


Throughout our extensive testing, our Tesla drivers unanimously selected the 3D Maxpider (Kagu) floor mats. Our Teslas are actually equipped with them at the moment. There is no doubt that Taptes floor mats are a reasonable choice if you are looking for a floor mat that costs a little less (about 20%). 

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