Is Costco Kirkland Motor Oil Good? Kirkland Oil Review

With Kirkland motor oil from Costco, you can protect and maintain your engine for a very reasonable price, while providing excellent engine protection and durability. Whether this motor oil performs as well as more expensive brands is something that car owners want to know.  

Is Costco Kirkland Motor Oil Good Kirkland Oil Review

The purpose of this Kirkland Motor Oil review is to give you an overview of how this oil compares to other popular brands, so you can make an intelligent choice about the motor oil you use.

The key takeaways

  • A full-synthetic motor oil certified by Dexos and API, Costco Kirkland Motor Oil is a reliable choice.
  • With viscosities ranging from 0W-20 to 5W-20, it provides excellent thermal performance and long-lasting engine protection.
  • Compared to name brands that are more expensive, the product has largely received positive reviews from customers.
  • Modern vehicle owners looking for an affordable but high quality oil solution will find Kirkland Motor Oil an economical alternative.

What Makes Costco Kirkland Motor Oil So Good

With both API and Dexos certification, Kirkland motor oil meets the highest standards, guaranteeing its quality as a reliable, full-synthetic oil capable of enduring a wide range of temperatures while providing excellent thermal stability.

Meets Dexos And API Standards

Both Dexos and API certifications have been achieved by Costco Kirkland Motor Oil, indicating its quality and safety. In order to obtain either of these certifications, oils must pass rigorous tests for viscosity, corrosion resistance, and thermal capacities.

In addition, these certifications provide optimum performance even under extreme conditions, such as high engine loads or high temperatures. Because of this, you avoid the risk of using low-quality oils in your vehicle when you use Costco Kirkland Motor Oil.

Exceptional thermal performance

With its different oil viscosity ratings, Kirkland Motor Oil can withstand temperature variations and offer excellent thermal performance.

The thermal performance of synthetic motor oils is generally better than that of conventional oils, primarily because they have better properties such as improved lubrication, fuel efficiency, and engine protection.

With Kirkland Signature 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, your gasoline or hybrid vehicle’s engine will be protected, performing at its best, and enduring as long as possible.

Fuel efficiency is further enhanced by oil’s thermal stability, which minimizes friction between moving parts. As far as quality is concerned, Kirkland’s 5W-30 synthetic oil is comparable to Mobil 1, which has been providing reliable service for decades.

Review of Costco Kirkland Motor Oil by Consumers

According to many satisfied customers, Costco Kirkland Motor Oil delivers comparable results to top brands and can be found at Costco. Customers have generally been very satisfied with the performance of this oil.

Positive Feedback from Satisfied Customers

Among the most affordable and popular motor oils available, Costco Kirkland motor oil is a top choice. Its excellent thermal performance and conformance to Dexos and API standards make it a popular choice among car owners.

Review of Costco Kirkland Motor Oil by Consumers

In addition to displaying how well it protects engines and is a good value for the money, customer reviews provide valuable insight into typical experiences with the product.

The oil has been reported to protect engines from corrosion damage over time as well as top brands like Mobil 1 despite its relatively low price tag.

Compared to top brands

As far as quality, performance, and value are concerned, Kirkland Signature synthetic motor oil ranks among the top national brands. For vehicles no younger than 2008, Kirkland oil provides excellent thermal performance while meeting Dexos 1 and American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.

The advantages of this make it a reliable choice for owners of modern vehicles who wish to save money instead of spending more on expensive name-brand products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Costco Kirkland Motor Oil?

This synthetic motor oil from Costco complies with API standards and improves engine performance, extends engine life, and reduces emissions.
A variety of weights are available, including 0W-20, 5W-20, and 5W-30, making it suitable for a variety of vehicles and conditions.

Is Costco Kirkland Motor Oil good?

In terms of its overall effectiveness, Kirkland motor oil can be rated as “good” because it meets or exceeds all industry standards, but when it comes to prices/performance metrics relevant to the purchase of the vehicle, such as gas mileage and efficiency, its overall effectiveness depends on how it compares with other companies’ products.

How does it compare to other brands?

Costco’s Kirkland lubricants contain special synthetic additives that protect engines from oxidation at higher temperatures than regular oils allow, which makes them more effective than regular gasoline or diesel oils. This prevents oxidation at higher temperatures (i.e. weather climates) and increases engine longevity.
In addition, this type of oil offers superior viscosity levels, leading to improved fuel economy & faster starts during the colder months.

What is the recommended interval for changing Kirkland brand oil?

Generally speaking, manufacturers recommend changing conventional automotive oils after 3 months/3000 miles, depending on the model and make of your car. However, synthetic types such as those provided by Costco typically last up to 6 months/5000+ miles depending on usage habits associated with driving style and climate changes throughout the year, for example, cars driven primarily in the summer may lose reliability more quickly than those driven primarily in the winter.


Costco Kirkland Motor Oil is a reliable and high-quality option for car owners, according to the evidence available.

There is evidence to support the reliability and high quality of Costco Kirkland Motor Oil.

It meets API SN/GF5 and current DEXOS1 – Gen2 standards, as well as the American Petroleum Institute (API) SN/GF5 standard.

In addition, it is thermally stable, as is the case with some of the most popular motor oil brands available today.

As well as being positive in customer reviews, Costco Kirkland Motor Oil has also received high marks for its performance, even when compared to well-established motor oils like Castrol EDGE and Valvoline Synpower.

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