How Much Is An Oil Change At Tires Plus? Prices & Hours

Are you concerned about the performance of your car’s engine? If so, you should change your oil regularly! Every motorist can enjoy this seamless experience with Tires Plus. If you’re wondering how much an oil change costs at Tires Plus, here’s what you need to know.

It costs about $30, but that includes a new filter as well as 5 quarts of conventional motor oil! Your ride won’t be hampered by environmental factors thanks to an unbeatable quality of performance…

How Much Is An Oil Change At Tires Plus Prices & Hours

At Tires Plus we offer a variety of services, including routine maintenance checks and oil changes.

How Much Is An Oil Change At Tires Plus?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of an oil change at Tires Plus: the type of vehicle you own and the type of oil it uses.

At Tires Plus, oil changes are cost according to several factors, including the type of vehicle and the type of oil needs better—each at different prices depending upon what’s needed! Before deciding which option fits your budget and quality best, consider all your options.

There are various types of oil changes offered by Tires Plus, as shown in the table below.

Type of oilBest forBenefitsPrice
Conventional oilStandard engine maintenanceTight budgetAffordableMeets manufacturer’s requirementsLowest costAbout $30
High Mileage oilEngine longevityVehicle with over 75,000 milesSpecialized additivesSoothe aging enginesSpecialized conditionerThe cost of conventional is higher than the cost of synthetic, but the cost of synthetic is lowerAround $50
Synthetic oilEngine protectionEngines with high performanceImpurities are fewerMaintains the engine’s performanceCostlierApproximately $60

What is the best time to change your oil at Tires Plus?

It is recommended to change motor oil every 3,000 miles as a routine maintenance procedure! If you use synthetic motor oil, this number can reach 5,000.

The frequency of changing it should also be affected by your own individual situation, even though that’s the general consensus among all drivers. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the weather conditions, you might need to add fresh lubricants more often than usual. Your engine will run longer if you do this.

What is the process for an oil change at Tires Plus?

Tires Plus is the place to go for reliable oil changes and car services! It’s never been easier to find information about the company’s locations with over 850 locations nationwide, including Canada, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico.

You don’t need an appointment! You can just drive up to one of their centers and get first-rate work delivered quickly – no waiting required! Professionals like Tires Plus ensure that drivers receive stress-free vehicle maintenance if they seek superior service.

How Do You Know If Your Car Needs an Oil Change?

It is important to take care of your car according to its individual needs. The mechanical problems associated with oil issues are common in most cars. You may need to change your oil if you see these common signs.

Unusual noises coming from your car

There’s a possibility your car is making strange sounds. How loud is it compared to normal? In this case, it could be a sign that your engine oil needs to be changed; if the levels are inadequate, your components will not operate properly and could cause serious issues down the road if ignored. You can prevent more serious (and costly) repairs by keeping up with regularly scheduled oil changes.

An overheated engine

The temperature gauge needs to be checked. Your engine may have overheated if it starts flashing red when you see it! An excessive build-up of heat may occur due to poor oil maintenance: if the system is friction-ridden, an excessive build-up of heat will result in a breakdown and costly repairs. Regularly changing those oils will help you avoid this danger.

Burning smell inside your vehicle

Don’t panic if you smell burning as you drive! A smoky odor might just indicate that lubricating oil has leaked into nearby wires or materials and been heated up during operations, causing smoke odors. Ensure all fluids are maintained according to recommended guidelines in order to avoid motor damage if this is the case. If so, then low engine oil levels are probably the issue; make sure all fluids are maintained according to recommended guidelines.

What is the value of Tires Plus Oil Change?

Tires Plus knows the importance of top-of-the-line products and service quality when it comes to keeping your car in top shape! Whether you are in search of affordable motor oil or high-end brands, their selection is unbeatable.

What is the value of Tires Plus Oil Change

At Tires Plus, we offer not only quick oil changes, but we also make sure high-quality oil and fresh filters are used on every job due to the fact that reliability should never be in question. Today, take advantage of their outstanding services: confidence wrapped in convenience, delivered on time, and guaranteed satisfaction!

How Do Tires Plus Oil Change Coupons Work?

Take advantage of Tires Plus’ oil change coupons and deals and save big! Save money on any type of service, whether it is a simple one or something more involved.

They only use high-quality products from reliable brands such as Quaker State with every oil change, and they offer a three-month/three thousand-mile warranty.

Visit their website now to find great offers and discounts for your next vehicle maintenance!

The cons of Tires Plus Oil Change

The cons of Tires Plus Oil Change


Tires Plus charges what kind of price for an oil change? There can be a wide range of prices depending on the type and amount of oil you use. The cost of motor oil could be higher if the oil is of high quality or if it is in large quantities.


It is said that some people are encouraged during their visit to buy additional services even if they don’t want them!

Service Quality

It’s not uncommon for people to be dissatisfied with their experience at Tires Plus – improperly fitting caps, engine issues, etc.

Tires Plus customers may have varying experiences, keeping in mind that each case is unique. As such, pro and con reviews shouldn’t be viewed as indicative factors when analyzing possible customer reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does motor oil expire?

Motor oil is well known for its short lifespan. Whether a bottle has been opened, the temperature in which it is stored, and where it is stored all influence its expiration date.

What are the signs that my motor oil needs to be changed?

The chances are there could be a problem with your current oil if you suspect your car isn’t running optimally because it has an old engine filter, a noticeable level of fuel consumption, stalls when it starts up, or overheats according to your vehicle’s gauge. supply!

Does Tires Plus have a good reputation for changing motor oil?

If your car is experiencing problems such as an old engine filter, noticeable fuel consumption, stalling on starting up, or overheating, you may need to change your oil. Save money. When it comes to oil changes at Grease Monkey, how much does it cost? Click the link to learn more.


Regular oil changes will help your car run at its best. For the service, you can go to your nearest Tires Plus location on a first-come, first-served basis-just check out their website to find the closest store! By doing this, we will prevent engine parts from wearing out prematurely due to old or bad motor oils!

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