What Does The Snow Button Do In A Toyota Highlander

Having trouble understanding your Highlander’s Snow mode? How to activate Toyota Highlander snow mode will be explained in this guide. Keep an eye out.

Among Toyota’s mid-size SUVs, Highlander has been one of its best-selling models since 2000. In the US, in particular, the model is known for its performance, advanced features, and driving modes. 

What Does The Snow Button Do In A Toyota Highlander

Highlander features a Snow Mode that adapts the vehicle’s performance to snowy weather. Snow Mode, however, has a mixed reputation when it comes to its usability and its effect on the car’s performance. 

The purpose of this article is to describe how to activate Highlander Snow mode to make the vehicle more drivable. 

Does The Snow Button Work On All Toyotas?

What does the snow button on the Toyota Highlander do? A frozen window on the passenger side can be fixed by pressing this button during freezing weather.

The Toyota Highlander does not all come with the Snow mode, which ensures the safety of drivers on snow-covered roads.

This brand’s snow buttons are also unavailable for other models.

Toyota Highlander Snow Mode

Many high-end Toyota models offer a useful Snow Mode feature, including the Sienna, Venza, and Highlander. Additionally, it helps keep the passengers warm by managing the interior temperature. 

If you switch to Snow mode, you’ll have no trouble surviving the brutal winter weather, and you’ll be able to get home instead of waiting until the weather is comfortable. Snowy conditions benefit from this mode because it optimizes certain aspects of the car’s performance. 

Toyota Highlander Snow Mode

You may find it useful if you encounter heavy snowfall on the road. Activating Snow mode improves the vehicle’s performance in chilly weather and on slippery roads. What is the process? Here’s what we found:

Controlling the throttle

In addition to optimizing throttle application, snow mode ensures steady driving. Switching to the Snow mode reduces the throttle’s response to pressure, giving you more control without slipping. 

When you press the throttle pedal all the way down, you can drive faster. Additionally, it prevents the wheel from spinning in slippery conditions, as well as sideways movement. This results in the steering wheel having better contact with the surface and you having more control over it. 

Heats up the interior

There is an increase in interior temperature when the car is in snow mode. You can activate the heated windshield and front seat when you press the Snow mode button.

It is necessary to hold the Snow mode button until the temperature you prefer is reached.  


Automatically switching to second gear is the result of Snow mode on. In slippery snow, it reduces wheelspin. The reverse gear is also less likely to be accidentally shifted. 

Control of the wheels

With Snow mode, each wheel is given a different amount of power according to the conditions. This reduces the chances of the car spinning because the tires grip the surface equally. 

Can I drive fast in snow mode when it is heavy?

Driving in the winter requires acknowledging the appropriate driving speeds for multi-terrain modes.

Depending on the model car, there are rigid limits available.

A driving speed limitation is not required in Snow Mode for the Highlander.

In Snow Mode, the Highlander starts in 2nd gear, giving it more traction. A vehicle’s top speed is not affected, however.

In this mode, the car’s function doesn’t cause any problems, but you shouldn’t frequently reach top speeds.

To ensure that your vehicle is under proper engine control, either use your best judgment or drive at a speed that fits your vehicle’s capabilities.

What happens if my Highlander is not equipped with heated seats?

Sure, no problem. Snow Button can still be used even without heat seats on your Highlander.

As a result, there is no guarantee that these seats will function properly when the Snow Button is pressed. If you plan to upgrade to a luxury, it is recommended that you first try it out.

What Are The Benefits of Toyota Highlander Snow Mode?

What Are The Benefits of Toyota Highlander Snow Mode


In case of tire slippage, the all-wheel-drive system relies on an open differential back there, a driveline disconnect, and a contraction control system that mitigates wheelspin.

All Highlander models, including the L, XLE, and LE, are the same.

While riding low speed in the snowcross, the Highlander Platinum has significant surefootedness.

In Snow Mode, you simply push the Snow Mode button on your Toyota Highlander; a drive selector will appear with all the active traction aids at your fingertips, and the front end of the car will push you through corners smoothly.

When the vehicle’s speed is slowed back down to the appropriate pace, drivers can safely begin the course.

A gift-wrapped package

As a result of real-world testing, it’s important to consider both the positives and negatives of the 2020 Toyota Highlander’s snow mode performance.

Many drivers appreciate its smooth styling and subdued grille design. This 2020 model has no interest for the rest of the group.

Although the exterior of the car is attractive, the interior is more attractive and upscale with convenient front seats.

There are no differences in the driving dynamics between the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and 2020 Toyota Highlander on dry roads.

Both models are smooth to drive, tractable to pass, merging talents, and quiet inside, with the gas-electric model being slightly heavier.

Furthermore, the Highlander has gained more handling verve since it now has stiffer chassis ends.

Fuel efficiency with ease

With its all-wheel-drive system, the Highlander Hybrid remains on the novel end of the spectrum in terms of fuel economy.

There are no driveshafts or transfers available. Regardless of whether an electric motor is in use or not, this feature is available to the driver.

There are 243 to 295 horsepower in the average system output, resulting from the I-4 and V-6 powertrains.

Snowy conditions require a modicum of restraint due to the abundant traction at low speeds and little effort required.

How to Turn On Snow Mode?

A Snow Mode button is located on the center console. Press this button to activate Snow mode. Between the cup holder and the gear shift, you’ll find a switch with a snowflake. In order to set the desired temperature in your car, press and hold it for a few seconds. 

By pressing the button, you’ll engage Snow mode, which adjusts the throttle, transmission, and wheel balance to better handle slippery conditions. Creating a more drivable car can be achieved by reducing acceleration, brake balance, and transmission shift. 

How to Turn On Snow Mode

How Long Does The Snow Button Last?

A Snow Button doesn’t have a specific time limit for its function. The frequency with which you use the snow button on Toyota highlander determines how long it will last.

In this case, you might be able to use this button for around one month if you press it once daily for a couple of days. As a result, pressing it repeatedly per day may reduce its longevity to a few days or weeks.

Tips for Maximizing the Snow Button’s Effectiveness

Snow Button users can maximize its effectiveness by following a few tips. You can elevate your winter driving experience with these insights on tire maintenance and weight distribution.

Maintenance Tips for the Climate Control System

Some simple yet crucial steps are needed to keep your Toyota Highlander’s climate control system in top shape. You can keep the Snow Button and its companions in good working order by performing regular checks and maintaining them properly.

Future Developments in Vehicle Climate Control

How will vehicle climate control evolve in the future? A glimpse into the future of features such as the Snow Button will be provided, as we explore upcoming innovations and developments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Snow Button only for snowy conditions?

Icy or wet roads are no problem for it; any slippery conditions are beneficial for it.

Can I activate the Snow Button while stationary?

The Snow Button cannot be activated unless the Highlander is in motion.

Does the Snow Button replace the need for winter tires?

It is still recommended to use winter tires during the winter months.

Can I use the Snow Button in off-road situations?

There are some users who find it useful off-road in certain situations, even though it is designed for ice and snow conditions on roads.

Is the Snow Button available in all Toyota Highlander models?

Almost all Toyota Highlanders come with a Snow Button as a standard feature.


Drivers have been able to navigate their vehicles effortlessly over snowy and icy conditions with the snow button available on Toyota highlanders.

During a snowy ride, however, you also need to pay attention to other factors, such as speed control and emergency preparation.

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