Toyota Corolla B Gear: Complete Guide

Would you like clarification on your Toyota Corolla’s B gear?

Your engine gets maximum braking power from your Toyota Corolla B gear while you go uphill. The letter B stands for brakes or engine brakes.

It may interest you to know what the B means on the Toyota Corolla’s gear shifter, what it’s used for, what it’s good for, and how friendly it is to drivers. You are in good hands with us.

Toyota Corolla B Gear Complete Guide

Most hybrid vehicles, including Toyota corollas, have a B gear. When traveling downwards on a hilly road or flyover, your car needs to be in B gear to slow down. Low-speed stability is provided by this unique feature.

Try this video by The Car Care Nut if you prefer videos over articles. AWD and B Mode are explained along with Toyota’s hybrid technology.

What Is Toyota Corolla B Gear?

What does B stand for on a Toyota Corolla? The B symbol represents engine braking or the brake in an automatic transmission.

In automatic speed systems, it drives the drive wheel. Automatic speed systems slow down acceleration when you release the accelerator.

Many people find B gear to be an obscure and new technical term.

What Is Toyota Corolla B Gear

There is no confusion, however. When you are driving down steep hills or even when your vehicle can’t reach the speed limit, this brake mode creates power for maximum engine braking.

Driving downhill and having low battery power will prevent brake fade when in B mode.

Additionally, brake fluid can boil when brakes overheat, causing the brakes to be damaged. Overheating is prevented by these gears.

Automatic transmission cars in mode B will keep the transmission in first gear so the engine can produce more torque.

Driving from D to B and vice versa can be done actively depending on the vehicle’s speed.

The Toyota Corolla’s B Gear is considered outstanding by many people. Your vehicle can suffer problems if this transmission is not used, especially on slopes or when driving in snowy conditions.

How to Use the B Gear?

It’s time to start using the B gear now that you know all about it. You can get the best experience by following the steps below.

How to Use the B Gear

Slow down

Your car should be driven at a slower speed for safety reasons. Acceleration should be eased while moving downhill.

Change to B gear

You’ll find a “B” button on the gear shift knob. You can switch into B gear by pressing it. The shifter should not be moved in any way.

You need to adjust yourself

You will hear a loud revving noise when you start the B gear. Especially on dangerous hilly roads, it is crucial not to be distracted by this. It is natural for your car to make noise, and it will slow down as a result.

Get out of B gear

Switch away from B gear once you reach a level road in order to conserve fuel and battery power. By shifting back to D, you can accomplish this.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Toyota Corolla B Gear? 


Your Toyota Corolla can benefit from the B gear thanks to its advanced features. Below are a few benefits of using it.

Drives downhill

When you put your Toyota corolla in any gear, the B gear will slow the car down. By doing so, you will be able to keep your vehicle at a safe speed when descending an inclined plane.

Charges hybrid batteries

Hybrid batteries are recharged by driving downhill with the B gear. Your car’s hybrid motor is released.

Slows down speeds

The term downshifting gear is used in hybrid cars to describe the process of slowing down the car’s speed. Your car’s speed might not be controlled by gears in other vehicles.

Enhances the life of your brakes

Maximum engine braking is achieved with the B gear. You don’t have to worry about your braking system being overloaded. While driving downhill, you will need to maintain a constant brake pressure. Overheating issues can lead to the system needing to be replaced frequently.

Transports a large load

B gears are also helpful when hauling a heavy load, like luggage for a long trip or towing another vehicle. When you drag a load with your vehicle, it provides more power.


B gears are useful, but if they are used incorrectly, they have several disadvantages.

Reduces mileage

Your Toyota Corolla’s mileage can be adversely affected by using B gear. Therefore, it should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

Battery is strained

While going uphill, the battery charges. You won’t be able to produce or hold a charge if you use it in regular traffic.

Upward Driving Not Helpful

During hilly or flyover drives in the Toyota Corolla, the B gear will cause problems. It is possible for a car to backtrack and crash if it is slowed down while moving uphill.

Slows down suddenly

If you are driving at a higher speed, you should avoid using the B gear, as it may cause skidding. As you switch to the B gear, gradually lower the speed.

What is the number of gears on a Toyota Corolla automatic?

The PRNDL symbol identifies automatic transmissions. There are four gears (L, D, N, R, and P): Low Gear (L), Drive (D), Neutral (N), and Reverse (R).

The symbols on older versions of cars or cars that have been repaired may be different. The main functions of these symbols remain, however. 

For vehicles like the Toyota Corolla, engine-braking gear B replaces the lowest gear L’. The second and third positions are present in some older cars.

In position (3), the engine brakes are applied, while in position (2), the engine brakes are applied more powerfully.

In the first and second lane via L, you can only travel on lesser ratios. The shift between positions (2) and (3) may also be confusing for some drivers.

Meanwhile, B extends the brakes’ life by utilizing engine stopping.

Snow or mud with B gear

Using B mode while traveling in snow or mud can help prevent wheels from sliding. B gear in a Toyota Corolla indicates more torque will be produced by the engine when the first speed is engaged.

To ensure that the wheels do not slip and lose traction, it serves as a brake.

B mode comes in handy when you’re unsure of your driving skills. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid severe accidents.

Toyota Corolla Gear Lever

If you are driving a Toyota Corolla, here are some things you should know. 

The system selects the best gear for driving circumstances when the gear lever is moved to the D position. When driving regularly, it is suggested that the shift lever be placed in the D position.

Toyota Corolla Gear Lever

The gear lever can be changed from D to B. The lever can be moved from B to P, but you cannot shift from P to B.

If you are traveling on wet or icy roads, you should avoid downshifting or abrupt acceleration. Swerving to the side or spinning can result from them.

The gear lever should be changed to B as soon as possible.

Most Toyota Corollas are equipped with advanced electronics to prevent you from changing gears by mistake.

When To Use B Gear in Automatic?

In automatic vehicles, shifting into B gear when your hybrid battery is not being recharged may save you from assuming the battery is being recharged.

As with a manual gearshift, the B mode lets you change gears in a lower gear. When braking only, a steep hill will wear out your brakes prematurely and also overheat you.

B mode works similarly to how downshifting in traditional transmissions works. The brake pedal can cause accelerated brake wear when you slow down your vehicle on a long steep hill using only the brake pedal.

An overheated brake fluid can boil and fail in a worst-case scenario. With a manual transmission, the brake can be slowed down by using a lower gear.

What Is The Difference Between A Toyota Corolla S And A Toyota Corolla B Gear?

It’s time to learn about the Toyota Corolla S and B gearboxes!

Mode S differs from mode B primarily in terms of its function. As you can see from their initials, this is the case. Sports are represented by S, while brakes are represented by B.

What is Toyota Corolla S gear? During acceleration, the S increases the engine’s speed.

The S gearbox is more suitable for driving through twisty roads while maintaining RPMs.

A gearbox with this design holds lower gears for a longer period of time in order to generate more power on twisting roads. Therefore, you are able to drive on roads at high speeds.

Would B mode work for you? Lower gears are also supported by B mode, but it has a different aim. In a traditional transmission, it is used to brake the engine during hill descents.

This mode, however, should not be used at high speeds due to unsafe driving habits. The car should still be slowed down or stopped by using brake pedals or brake pads if it’s going fast but requires jake brakes.

Running on steep roads should only be done in mode B to limit brake wear.

The continuous variable transmission will also have a different gear ratio if you use different gear positions. In spite of this, they cause very little wear.

How Does the B Gear Work?

In downhill driving, the B gear works when the brakes weaken. You create a drag force in your car by driving a Toyota Corolla with the B gear. In an automatic hybrid vehicle with mechanical and electrical systems, you can generate the highest braking force by creating drag force.

How Does the B Gear Work

During driving, your car’s wheels generate friction with the road, creating drag force. Slowing down is made easier by it. Your car battery is also recharged by this frictional force.

The engine functions well in regular traffic, so it’s not useful. By using the B gear, you will only be causing unnecessary drag and consuming too much fuel. Use it only when it is beneficial in specific situations.

How to Drive a Hybrid Car Most Efficiently

The driving style of a vehicle can have a significant impact on its performance. Despite hybrid vehicles’ more sensitive features, bad driving habits significantly decrease performance, especially in cars powered by hybrid engines.

How to Drive a Hybrid Car Most Efficiently (1)

Highways should be driven in Eco mode

Fuel economy is increased and acceleration speed is reduced in this mode. Nevertheless, you should know what you want before you choose a driving mode.

The engine power of the vehicle is not affected by the Eco mode. Fuel consumption is reduced only by reducing acceleration levels. Using this mode on highways can enhance fuel economy if your vehicle is not being converted into a beast.

Be careful when braking

All vehicles are damaged when the brake pedals are pressed down suddenly. Frequently applying the brakes in hybrid cars can drain stored electricity, resulting in loss of engine power. As a consequence, the regenerative braking system will not be able to recover energy lost due to the repeated hard pressure on the brake.

If possible, coast

By coasting, you will be able to maximize the efficiency of your driving. It is possible to drive without gas or stored electricity if you do not feed your vehicle with gas.

Ev mode should be used for short distances

The battery will be the only source of power when you are running in EV mode. Your overall driving efficiency will improve as a result. Whenever possible, keep the car in electric mode.

While short distances at low speeds are most efficient, it’s not recommended for long distances. Whenever you are backing out of a garage or driving to a nearby location, switch to this mode. In EV mode, your Toyota’s range will vary depending on the model.

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Are there any upcoming upgrades or new features in the B Gear series?

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Is there a community of B Gear enthusiasts, and are there any events or forums to join?

B Gear enthusiasts will find a vibrant community and plenty of opportunities.


The B gear on a Toyota Corolla is one of its unique features that keeps you confident on steep slopes, downhills, or while driving under flyovers.

By using the B gear, you can lower your car’s speed by increasing braking force. This app will be helpful for those who travel on coastal highways or in hilly areas. Their vehicles will be controlled without any issues.

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