How Much Is An Oil Change At Grease Monkey?

In order to preserve the life of your car and protect your investment, regular car maintenance is essential. With prices starting at just $29.99, Grease Monkey offers quality oil changes at an affordable price! We have budget-friendly solutions for standard and synthetic engine oils at Grease Monkey.

This blog post discusses everything you need to know about Grease Monkey oil changes, from service prices to cost savings.

How Much Is An Oil Change At Grease Monkey

Key Takeaways

  • Typical oil changes at Grease Monkey cost $29.99, while synthetics cost $79.99.
  • In addition, tire rotations, brake system inspections, and fluid top-offs are available at an additional cost.
  • Get auto services from Grease Monkey at a reduced price with coupons and discounts.
  • Take advantage of exclusive discounts and rewards by joining the loyalty program.

How Much Is An Oil Change At Grease Monkey?

Grease Monkey offers competitive and transparent oil change prices, available for a variety of vehicle types and oil needs. For conventional oil, their base price is $29.99, while for synthetic oil, their base price is $79.99. Depending on the service, extra charges may apply for tire rotations and brake inspections.

Prices for Grease Monkey oil changes

The price of a conventional oil change at Grease Monkey is $30, while the price of a synthetic oil change is $80.

Oil Change Prices For Standard And Synthetic Oils

In terms of oil changes, Grease Monkey offers two options: standard and synthetic. In general, car owners who have a simple maintenance regimen without any major problems tend to use standard oil for routine services due to its lower cost.

Oil Change Prices For Standard And Synthetic Oils

In general, Mobil 1 oil synthetic changes cost around $79.99 at Grease Monkey, whereas conventional oil changes cost $29.99.

You should invest in synthetic oils if you want your car to run smoothly for many years to come, as they last significantly longer than standard blends. If you buy from trusted brands, however, you will pay a much higher price, up to three times more expensive than you would at dealerships – which is one of the reasons why coupons or discounts may be very attractive if you decide to go this route from a price point perspective.

The synthetic blend and high-mileage oil change options are also available.

ItemPriceAdditional – Cost/Quart
Synthetic Blend$49.99+$5.00
Mobile 1 Synthetic$79.99+$8.00
High Mileage$49.99+$5.00

Additional Services And Prices

The oil change service at Grease Monkey is complemented by a list of additional services to keep your vehicle performing at its best. Some basics include tire rotation & pressure check, brake system inspection and fluid topping off (if needed) as part of an oil change. The cost of an oil change will vary depending on the type of car and the type of oil used.

A variety of more in-depth options are available to customers who request a more comprehensive service, including air filter replacement, cabin air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, and spark plug replacement.

The technicians also perform engine diagnostics to determine if there are any underlying issues that need to be resolved. A transmission fluid syrup change, for example, could cost another 30 to 40 dollars depending on the results of such tests.

How does Grease Monkey provide additional services?

The Grease Monkey offers more than just oil changes. We offer a broad range of additional services to keep your vehicle healthy, including the following:

Tire Rotation and Pressure Check

Make sure the tires wear evenly and handle optimally.

Brake System Inspection and Fluid Top-Off

Monitor and maintain the integrity and performance of the brake system.

Air Filter Replacement

Improves fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Improve the quality of the air inside the vehicle.

Fuel Filter Replacement

Maintain engine cleanliness by replacing the fuel filter.

Spark Plug Replacement

Optimize the performance of the ignition system.

Engine Diagnostic Checks

Prevent major breakdowns by identifying underlying issues.

Money-saving tips

Oil changes can be saved with Grease Monkey coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs.

Discounts and coupons

Coupons and loyal customer discounts are two ways in which Grease Monkey helps its customers save money on oil changes. One of the most popular coupon offers is a Groupon coupon for oil changes, which allows customers to save up to 50%.

Customers can also receive limited-time deals from Grease Monkey via email or text message, which include discounts of around $17.00 off oil changes. They also offer loyalty programs that offer bonus points with every purchase that can be used to redeem future discounts.

Additional savings opportunities are provided for customers looking for an oil change or service package at participating locations throughout the year through special offers and promotions, including military, senior, student, and holiday discounts.

The Loyalty Program

The Grease Monkey loyalty program enables customers to save money, earn rewards, and promote repeat business. Getting exclusive discounts and coupons for a wide range of products is available to customers by joining the rewards program, which is available in-store or online for free.

When customers purchase other services like windshield wiper replacement or car washes, they can save even more on oil changes. Additional promotional offers, such as deals on fuel saving strategies, are available on top of these savings incentives.

What are the benefits of taking my car to Grease Monkey?

There are several reasons why Grease Monkey is the best choice for your next oil change. A few examples are as follows:

  • Certified technicians: The technicians at Grease Monkey are well-trained to handle all kinds of car problems.
  • No upselling: Don’t expect Grease Monkey to upsell you anything you don’t need.
  • Affordable prices: The oil change prices at Grease Monkey are competitive with those of reputable competitors.
  • Convenient locations: Grease Monkey has more than 500 locations in the country.
  • Quick service: An oil change at Grease Monkey takes less than 30 minutes on average.

Does Grease Monkey take a long time to change your oil?

The oil change process at Grease Monkey is fast and efficient, having a typical completion time of 15-30 minutes. There may be a variation in duration based on the type of service selected and the size of the vehicle. It is their mission to minimize wait times and quickly get you back on the road by employing experienced technicians.

How can Grease Monkey oil changes benefit you?

If you need automotive service, Grease Monkey is the right choice for you. Here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy:

  • Experience: We have been in business for over 40 years and we have a team of highly trained technicians.
  • Convenience: There are more than 500 grease monkeys across the United States and Mexico, so you’ll never be far from one.
  • Warranty: All Grease Monkey services are backed by a warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you will get a quality job.
  • Customer service: We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service at Grease Monkey.

Tips to Maximize Your Oil Change Experience at Grease Monkey

To help you get the most out of your oil change with Grease Monkey, here are some tips:

Tips to Maximize Your Oil Change Experience at Grease Monkey

Maintenance on a regular basis

Maintaining your vehicle according to the recommended schedule will help you minimize oil change costs and increase its longevity. Maintaining your vehicle regularly, including changing your oil and replacing your filter, can prevent costly repairs in the future. A comprehensive maintenance plan designed specifically for your vehicle can be provided by Grease Monkey.

Take advantage of coupons and special offers

In addition to offering discounts on oil change services, Grease Monkey often runs promotions and offers promotions. If you are planning a visit soon, be sure to look out for coupons or specials that can save you money. If you follow Grease Monkey on social media or subscribe to their mailing list, you’ll be the first to know about new offers.

Find out about loyalty programs

There are some Grease Monkey locations that offer loyalty programs that offer discounts and benefits to frequent customers. Find out if there are any loyalty programs in your area and take advantage of their benefits. In addition to getting acquainted with your vehicle, visiting the same Grease Monkey location on a regular basis can also result in additional savings.

Grease Monkey offers the best value for your money when you take these tips and factors into consideration when scheduling an oil change. You should keep your vehicle’s oil changed regularly to maintain its performance and longevity. Get top-quality service at a competitive price by booking your appointment with Grease Monkey today!

Operating hours of Grease Monkey

Each location has its own hours of operation, but on Monday through Friday they are open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Saturday, they are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There is no service on Sundays.

Can you tell me what the other oil change service dealer prices are?

DealerStandard Oil Change PriceFull Synthetic Oil Change PriceAdditional Services
Take 5$41.93$79.99Tire rotation, brake inspection, battery check
Jiffy Lube$49.99$149.99Tire rotation, fluid level check, filter replacement
Valvoline$39.99$89.99Tire rotation, fluid level check, filter replacement
Meineke$34.95$69.95Tire rotation, fluid level check, filter replacement
Firestone$29.99$124.99Tire rotation, fluid level check
Grease Monkey$29.99$79.99Tire rotation, fluid level check, filter replacement
Walmart$34.88$54.88Tire rotation, fluid level check
Mavis$19.95$64.99Tire rotation, fluid level check, filter replacement
Big O Tires$39.99$79.99Tire rotation, fluid level check, filter replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an oil change at Grease Monkey cost?

According to Grease Monkey, an oil change costs between $30 and $80, depending on how the service is administered and what type of vehicle is being serviced. The cost of enhanced services, such as topping up antifreeze and radiator fluid, tire alignments, and others, will be added to the final bill.

What is the difference between conventional and synthetic oil?

Older vehicles use conventional oil while newer vehicles with more demanding requirements use synthetic oil because of its superior performance and protection.

How often should I get my oil changed?

The interval between oil changes depends on the make, model, and driving habits of the vehicle. Specific recommendations can be found in your owner’s manual.

Where can I find Grease Monkey locations?

There are over 500 locations of Grease Monkey across the country. The center locator on their website can help you find one near you.

How much should I spend on an oil change?

There is a wide range of prices for oil changes, ranging from $25 to $95. Depending on the car, type of oil, and service provider, the cost will vary.

What oil does grease monkey use?

There are four types of oil used by Grease Monkey: conventional oil, synthetic oil, high mileage oil, and full synthetic oil. They use different types of oil depending on your car’s needs.

Is full synthetic oil worth it?

Synthetic oil offers better performance and protection than conventional oil because it is made from manmade materials. There are some vehicles that may benefit from it, but it is more expensive.

What is the most expensive oil change on a car?

Bugatti Veyron oil changes cost $21,000, making them the most expensive oil changes on cars. As a result, it requires special tools and expertise to change the oil because the car has 16 drain plugs, four oil filters, and 16 quarts of oil.

What types of vehicles does Grease Monkey service?

A wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs, and other light duty vehicles can be serviced and repaired on a regular basis by Grease Monkey without exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended service interval. A vehicle’s size or engine output may require specialized attention, which may exclude commercial-grade or heavy-duty vehicles.


To conclude, regular oil changes and preventive maintenance are crucial to the longevity and performance of a car. The company offers affordable auto care services tailored to individual needs that are offered by Grease Monkey, an established auto care provider.

In addition, many of their locations provide an additional quart of oil at no extra cost in order to keep their prices low. Providing quality service while saving money is also one of their goals. They offer coupons and discounts to help their customers save money.

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