Acura MDX Check SH AWD System [Causes & Solutions]

It’s sometimes difficult to keep track of error messages as a vehicle owner. Acura MDX’s “check SH-AWD system” message is one of them.

Can you explain what it means and how it can be fixed? That’s what we’ll discuss in this post. Using SH-AWD, you can switch from front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive at any time.

Acura MDX Check SH AWD System [Causes & Solutions]

This system transfers torque from the front to rear wheels as needed in the MDX in conjunction with your transmission.

Why Does My Acura MDX Say Check SH AWD?

Check SH-AWD is a warning that indicates that your Acura MDX’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) has detected a problem, preventing you from using all four wheels. 

You may not be able to start or shift your vehicle correctly if you have this malfunction. Your Acura MDX may display a warning light for a variety of reasons.

Common Causes of SH-AWD Problems

  • Front differential fluid level is low.
  • In the AWD system, the wrong type of fluid was used.
  • Front differential fluid level is incorrect.
  • The transmission control module (TCM) and front and rear axle sensors are damaged or faulty.
  • An automatic gearbox pump or torque converter clutch solenoid valve that is damaged or faulty.

Is it safe to drive with the SH-AWD light on?

When you experience abnormal vibrations coming from the drive wheels or you are driving in bad weather, I recommend you have the system checked by an Acura Dealer.

Is it safe to drive with the SH-AWD light on

In good weather, you might be tempted to take the risk, but if the first problem is not addressed, you may have to pay more for subsequent damage.

Your car should be inspected as soon as possible, even if you are able to drive it, to avoid any additional damage.

How Acura SH-AWD Works

How to Fix “Check SH AWD System” on an Acura?

Take your Acura MDX to the dealership to have it repaired if your Check SH-AWD System light is on. You may be able to fix it quickly or it may take some more extensive work to solve it.

Furthermore, if you know how to fix your car, you can also do it yourself.

Ensure all of your vehicle’s sensors are working properly by checking them first. SH-AWD System lights may intermittently or continuously flash if one of them malfunctions.

How to Fix “Check SH AWD System” on an Acura

It is best to have a professional test the parts if you are unable to do it yourself.

It is then possible to replace those that are faulty once you have identified them. A bad wiring inside one of these sensors is another common cause of this problem;

My recommendation is to replace only that part if yours is experiencing problems (and they’re not permanently damaged) so that you can eliminate any additional problems without spending unnecessary time or money on repairs.

Acura MDX Check SH AWD System Cost

We need to consider the following factors when determining the cost of the Check SH-AWD System on Acura MDX:

  • Service cost
  • Parts cost
  • Labor costs
  • Fees for diagnostics

Your actual cost will obviously vary based on where you live. Your mechanic or dealership will charge you more if you live in a large city.

In some cases, you may be able to save money by buying your own parts.

In rural areas, parts may be more expensive to buy since they have to be shipped a distance, but labor might actually be cheaper than in major cities.

How to Turn Off SH AWD

By pressing the button near the gear shift, you can turn off the SH-AWD system. You won’t need to worry about breaking something by accident since the button is in plain sight and easy to press.

DIY Maintenance Tips

Many SH-AWD problems can be prevented with routine maintenance. Inspect components visually for signs of wear and damage and check fluid levels regularly. Your SH-AWD system’s lifespan can be extended by performing these simple tasks.

DIY Maintenance Tips

Diagnostic Tools and Methods

SH-AWD issues can be diagnosed using onboard diagnostics in modern vehicles. However, professional inspection and testing are recommended for a comprehensive diagnosis.

When to Seek Professional Help

In the event that your SH-AWD system is experiencing persistent issues or you are experiencing diagnostic challenges that are proving difficult to resolve, you may need to consult a professional. SH-AWD issues can be identified and resolved by certified technicians with the expertise and tools they need.


Whenever the Check SH-AWD light appears on your Acura MDX, you should never drive. A trained technician should inspect your vehicle immediately if it does come on.

In order to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, they will examine all of the systems and determine what is wrong with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I check the SH-AWD system?

Preparing for long trips or extreme weather requires regular checks every few months.

Can I perform SH-AWD maintenance at home?

It is possible to perform basic maintenance tasks at home, but it is advisable to seek professional help for in-depth maintenance.

Are SH-AWD upgrades worth the investment?

Enhancing performance with SH-AWD upgrades is a great option for enthusiasts.

What should I do if I notice warning lights related to SH-AWD?

To identify and resolve the underlying problem, seek professional assistance immediately.

Is the SH-AWD system standard in all Acura MDX models?

Although SH-AWD is a prominent feature of the Acura MDX, it is not offered on all models. Before purchasing, make sure you check the specifications.


AWD systems like the Acura MDX SH-AWD are technological marvels that enhance the driving experience. Taking care of your equipment regularly ensures its optimal performance, and detecting problems early can save you both time and money in the long run. Super Handling All-Wheel Drive on the Acura MDX lets you embrace the future of automotive technology.

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