Does Walmart Install Car Batteries For Free?

Make your day more enjoyable with exceptional vehicle care services at Walmart’s auto care center! To keep your car running smoothly on the road, they offer top-notch battery replacement and testing services. Is Walmart able to install new batteries for cars for free?

That’s right! The battery must be purchased from the store before you can receive this complimentary service. There are additional charges of $15 per battery purchased, in addition to $5 extra for corrosion protection if needed, due to the fact that certain parts and terminal ends are not included in this deal.

Does Walmart Install Car Batteries For Free

By reading on, you can ensure you’re fully informed before heading over to Walmart to get your free car battery installed.

Does Walmart Install Car Batteries For Free?

If you are having trouble starting your car, Walmart has a convenient solution for you. Would you like to have your equipment tested or replaced?

Does Walmart Install Car Batteries For Free

Nothing to worry about! Their auto care center provides easy access to both services through the purchase of a new car battery and its installation for free by their on-site experts.

Battery testing

Battery replacement is often a difficult decision. But Walmart eliminates that guesswork with its complementary battery testing services. Regardless of whether your battery needs replacement, you can trust their evaluation of its condition.

Battery installation

It’s easy and efficient! In addition, Walmart offers free installation with every purchase of a car battery, whether you purchase online or in-store. The Auto Care Centers also offer professional installation services for just $15 per battery if you prefer to install it yourself.

Battery Non-Corrosion

Those who want to extend the battery’s life can opt for Walmart’s noncorrosive coating service. A new replacement battery purchased from Walmart or online is the only way to take advantage of this additional defense mechanism, which costs $5 per battery.

Battery Terminal-end

With Walmart’s installation service, you can easily replace the terminal ends of your car battery. Despite the reasonable service charge of $10 per terminal, note that it excludes the required parts, which need to be purchased separately.

They offer top notch care at competitive prices thanks to their knowledgeable and efficient staff. When it comes to keeping your vehicle up and running, there has never been a simpler solution. We offer multiple locations around the country, as well as online purchasing options. 

How does Walmart install batteries?

You can choose from a wide range of options available from their vast selection, and their knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist you throughout the process. At no additional charge if you purchased the battery through Walmart, Walmart’s expert technicians will install it and provide a full system inspection to ensure all systems are operating optimally.

How does Walmart install batteries

You’ll have to pay an additional $15 fee if you want to bring your own battery. In addition to noncorrosive coating, Walmart also offers terminal end installations for just $10 each when you purchase a new battery along with a noncorrosive coating.

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Finally, testing ensures that the system is fully functional. It won’t take long for you to be back on the road after you’ve installed a new battery! In most cases, the entire process will take less than an hour, depending on the car’s specifications and the battery variant chosen.

The benefits of installing a car battery at Walmart

While Walmart charges a fee for car battery installation, many customers find the service to be worth the price. Service can be performed at a familiar, easily accessible location, which is one of the primary benefits. The installation is also carried out by Walmart’s highly-experienced technicians, so customers are assured that their purchase is handled correctly.

A Guide to Getting the Best Deals at Walmart

You should compare prices and do your research before purchasing car battery installation at Walmart. Additionally, you may be able to offset the cost of installation by taking advantage of promotions and discounts.

Is there a warranty offered by Walmart Auto Care Center?

There is no doubt that Walmart Auto Care Centers offer warranties on their car batteries. Your battery guarantee can be honored at any Walmart outlet if you have any problems during the covered period. Batteries may come with varying warranties depending on their type. With that in mind, Walmart car batteries provide a five-year warranty and free replacement services for a period of three years.

You may invoke your guarantee benefit clause if there is a problem with your auto’s power source; You should gather all the documentation related to the purchase beforehand – such as receipts if you bought in-store or an order confirmation if you bought online – before taking it (with it) to a local auto repair center. If it is found to be inadequate in performance, technicians will provide a new battery in place of the old one free of charge.

Please contact the store’s representative beforehand to find out if there are any other requirements that need to be met to claim your warranty.

How Do Old Batteries Get Disposed Of?

In the event that your car battery needs to be replaced, Walmart Auto Care Center is the place to go. They’ll not only test the old one for you, but also dispose of it responsibly using environmentally friendly methods if it’s no good. Whenever used batteries are involved, Walmart strives to recover as much material as possible as part of its commitment to sustainability.

It also cuts down on energy consumption that would have otherwise been devoted to creating new goods, as it reduces waste and curbs the demand for virgin materials.

The use of repurposed materials such as lead means that they can often be re-purposed after their original purpose has expired; they might be used to make a new battery or even used to create an entirely new product.

What brands of batteries do Walmart Auto Care Centers carry?

Customers can access some of the best battery brands at Walmart, one of the leading retailers in the US market today.

With an impressive selection of Everstarts, Optimas, Interstates, Odysseys, and Mighty Maxs, they have everything from junior to adult cars. If you’re seeking a specific battery, you should check with your local Auto Care Center or call them first. This is because availability will vary by location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the battery core charge at Walmart?

The automatic core fee is an additional cost shoppers should consider when buying their car battery from Walmart. A merchandising fee or additional tax will appear on your receipt for this surcharge, which can range from $5 to $10.

Does BJ’s install car batteries?

There is no installation service offered by BJ’s for their merchandise. Your best option is to contact other businesses and inquire about their installation capabilities if you intend to have a battery installed that you purchased from BJ’s.

Does Costco install car batteries for free?

However, despite Costco not providing car battery installation, their location is still worth visiting for automotive needs. Their complimentary battery test can help determine whether your current power source is malfunctioning and can provide you with instructions on your next steps, which may include referrals to local businesses that specialize in installation.

How much does it cost to install a car battery?

Car batteries vary in price according to how long they take and how difficult they are to install. It is typical for the fee to be within the range of $20-$100. Free installation is also available at many places.


There are several impressive car care options offered by Walmart that are affordable and dependable. They are unique among competitors in that they provide free battery testing and installation (when purchased in store).

In addition, they offer many respected brands if yours needs to be completely replaced – so whatever your vehicle or requirements – they have something to meet them!

Does time constraint or complexity make home installation unsuitable? You will be up and running within an hour with the help of their auto technicians. There is a $15 charge per unit if you bring in your own battery.

However, in general?

There is no doubt that Walmart offers a great deal of convenience and peace of mind.

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