Haval Jolion Problems And Solutions

Haval Jolion is not an exception when it comes to automotive issues.

Several aspects of Haval Jolion problems have raised concerns among owners and potential buyers alike, such as reliability, performance, and overall build quality.

It is the purpose of this article to examine these topics in depth, providing insight that could be useful to those who are considering buying this popular vehicle.

Haval Jolion Problems and Solutions

The commonality of some problems can be attributed to similarity of design or manufacturing across a model range, but there are some problems that are unique to each particular model.

The check engine light has been illuminated in the Haval Jolion, the tyre pressure monitoring system has been malfunctioning, and the infotainment system has been glitchy. The build quality and interior materials were also reported to be problematic by some users. The Jolion models are not all affected by these issues, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

A brief overview of Haval Jolion

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors has unveiled its latest crossover, the Haval Jolion. This vehicle features a hybrid drivetrain and was released in 2020.

In collaboration with GWM, Haval developed the company’s latest platform for this five-seat crossover.

A high-tech infotainment system and an all-digital instrument panel are featured in the interior of the Haval Jolion.

As well as providing all-around comfort during hot summer days, the cabin also has an optional panoramic sunroof and climate control system.

A brief overview of Haval Jolion

The Haval Crossover hits the nail on the head, with impressive features and specs that are surprisingly good for the price, including Android and Apple Car Play, a 360-degree camera, Wireless Charging, and Dynamic Steering.

Common Haval Jolion issues

Failures of the electrical system at Haval Jolion

There have been a number of electrical system failures on the Haval Jolion. There have been many reports of users experiencing the following problems:

  • Malfunctioning brake lights
  • Problems with software
  • Issues with battery drain

Faulty brake lights

It is common for brake lights not to work properly for a number of drivers.

Software Glitches

The infotainment system or digital dashboard, for instance, can suddenly cease to work due to software glitches.

Battery Drainage Issues

The draining of batteries is another problem commonly encountered. There are times when the battery of your vehicle drains faster than it should.

Brake light malfunctionsHigh
Software glitchesModerate
Battery drainage issuesLow

You should always take your car for regular check-ups, and you should report any abnormalities as soon as possible!

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Recalls and safety concerns

Several recalls and safety concerns have been associated with the Haval Jolion, a popular model from Great Wall Motors. Here’s what you need to know:

Safety concerns:

  • Braking performance at the rear is inadequate
  • Electronic stability control malfunction
  • Certain conditions may cause the engine to stall


Recall DateIssueNumber of Vehicles Affected
March 2021An unexpected stall is caused by faulty softwareApproximately 5,000
August 2020Brake failure caused by problems with rear brake hosesAround 16,000

Recall warnings should be heeded by all owners, and they should take their vehicles in for necessary repairs.

Ratings for recent safety:

  • Recent safety testing by Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) awarded the vehicle four stars out of five.
  • According to the current version of ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program), the vehicle has not been rated.

Note: For specific details on any recall affecting your vehicle, check with your local dealership or the official recall website.

Haval Jolion suspension and handling problems

There have been reports that Haval Jolion’s suspension system has some problems, despite being a popular SUV among enthusiasts. The following are some of the most common problems users encounter:

  • Unstable Ride: Even on relatively smooth roads, the vehicle has been reported to sway or bounce while driving.
  • Loud Noise : When driving over bumps or uneven surfaces, people report hearing loud clunking and rattling noises.
  • Steering Performance:There were some reports of poor steering performance due to steering column or related component problems.
ProblemPossible Cause
Ride that is unsteadyWorn out shock absorbers
Noise that is excessiveLoose suspension parts
Steering response is poorA faulty power steering system
  • Expired Shock Absorbers : To reduce road shocks, shock absorbers absorb them in order to make the ride smoother. Every bump in the road will be felt if they are worn out.
  • Unstable Suspension Parts : When your suspension is loose, you’re likely to hear irritating noises while driving.
  • Incorrect Power Steering : When your power steering is incorrect, you may have difficulty steering your car, especially at higher speeds.

The suspension and handling of your Haval Jolion should be checked immediately if any of these problems occur.

Malfunctions of the Haval Jolion brake system

There are a few issues that can arise with the Haval Jolion, a renowned vehicle model from Great Wall Motors. A common issue users raise is braking system malfunctions, which we’ll cover in this section.

Brake Fade

Overheating can lead to brake fade, in which your brakes lose their stopping power. When towing heavy loads or driving downhill, this is especially noticeable.

Squealing Noise

It may be necessary to replace worn-out brake pads if you hear a high-pitched squeal when applying the brakes.

Vibration When Braking

If you feel vibrations through the pedal when braking it could be due to warped brake rotors.

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Brake FadeOverheating of brakes.If you tow regularly or go downhill, take breaks to allow your vehicle to cool off.
Squealing NoiseWorn out brake pads.Immediately replace brake pads.
Vibration When BrakingWarped break rotors.If you need to replace or resurface your rotors, consult a mechanic


  • Don’t attempt to perform these checks on your own if you aren’t comfortable doing them.
  • Many common brake problems can be prevented with regular maintenance before they become more serious and costlier!

Haval Jolion engine performance issues

It has been reported that the Haval Jolion has some engine performance issues, despite its many commendable features. The quick rundown is as follows:

  • Power Loss: It is reported that some users experience power loss when accelerating.
  • Overheating: Occasionally, even when driving normally, the engine overheats.

More details can be found in the table below:

Power LossThe acceleration process is generally sluggish or delayed while it is occurring. A fuel system issue or transmission problem could cause the problem.
OverheatingIf not addressed promptly, overheating of an engine can cause significant damage. Water pumps that fail, radiator leaks, and coolant passages that become clogged are potential causes.


  • Maintain your vehicle regularly
  • High-quality fuel is recommended
  • Make sure you don’t ignore any dashboard warnings
  • Please let us know if you notice anything unusual:
  • Contact a professional immediately if you need assistance
  • If you are unable to fix a complex mechanical fault on your own, seek professional assistance

Haval Jolion transmission problems

A number of transmission problems have been reported with the Haval Jolion despite its impressive features and affordable price tag. Here are some of them:

  • Gear Shifts that occur unexpectedly while driving have been reported by some users. A potential safety risk can arise from this, which can be quite uncomfortable.
  • Gear Shift Difficulties: Another problem faced by drivers is the difficulty of shifting gears. Operating it smoothly can be challenging sometimes due to the feeling of hardness or stiffness.
  • Noise caused by transmission: Another problem frequently reported is noise caused by transmission. The problem is usually mechanical and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
Gear shifts that are unexpectedFrequent
Shifting gears is difficultOccasional
Transmission noiseRare


  • The regular maintenance of your car: Ensures that any issues with its mechanical systems are addressed as soon as possible.
  • A certified auto repair shop: Typically, they use original, high-quality parts.
  • Knowing your warranty: By understanding what’s covered, you’ll save money if a major component fails, like the gearbox.

If you suspect a transmission problem, make sure to consult with a professional mechanic or authorized service center.

Complaints about fuel efficiency

As a result of its fuel efficiency, Haval Jolion has received several complaints. Now let’s get specific:

  • Poor Mileage – Many Haval Jolion owners complain that the advertised mileage isn’t being delivered.
  • City-drive MPG: Expected ~30, Actual ~20
  • Highway-drive MPG: Expected ~35, Actual ~25
  • The fuel consumption rate fluctuates under similar driving conditions, which people have noticed. It’s quite unsettling to see such inconsistency.
Driving ConditionExpected MPG (miles/gallon)Reported MPG
Driving in the city with the AC on~28-30 miles/gallon~18-20 miles/gallon
Deceleration and acceleration at high speeds (60 to 0 mph)~22-24 miles/gallon<15 miles/gallon
  • As a result of high idle consumption, the vehicle burns fuel inefficiently when it is idling or at rest, leading to a reduction in efficiency.
  • Cold Start Idle: Expected <0.6 gallons/hour, Reported >1 gallon/hour
  • Warm Engine Idle: Expected <0.3 gallons/hour, Reported >0.5 gallons/hour

Consider these points when making your decision about the Haval Jolion if you consider gas mileage to be an important factor.

Haval Jolion’s technology and infotainment issues

Technology and infotainment glitches are nothing new to Haval Jolion. Users often encounter the following problems:

  • Touchscreen Unresponsiveness: Touchscreens sometimes don’t respond fast or freeze completely, according to some users. Navigating can be very difficult with this problem.
  • Bluetooth connectivity problems: Haval Jolion sometimes has problems connecting to Bluetooth devices. You may lose connection frequently or not be able to connect at all if the connection drops frequently.
  • Issues with Updating Software: There have been some reports of software issues resulting from software updates.

Here are a few examples of these problems:

Touchscreen UnresponsivenessIn the event of a freeze in the screen or slow response time, navigating through menus might be inconvenient.
Bluetooth      connectivity problemsMusic streaming and hands-free usage are disrupted by frequent disconnection from mobile devices.
Issues with Updating SoftwareIt is unnecessary to return to dealerships for assistance if drivers experience difficulty while updating the car’s software.


  • If your touchscreen isn’t responding, you may need to restart your computer.
  • Adding new Bluetooth devices after removing previously paired devices can resolve Bluetooth connectivity issues.
  • In the event that you encounter any difficulties during the software update process, contact a professional.

Maintaining your vehicle regularly is essential to keeping it running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Haval Jolion models prone to these problems?

Haval Jolion models are not all affected, although some may experience issues. A proactive approach to addressing concerns is essential.

How does Haval respond to reported problems?

A recall or an update is typically the method Haval uses to address reported problems. Service centers that are authorized can provide assistance to owners.

Can routine maintenance prevent these problems?

Your Haval Jolion can last longer if you maintain it regularly, such as by regularly servicing and inspecting it.

Is Haval working on improving the reported issues in newer models?

As a result of user feedback, manufacturers often improve their newer models. You can look forward to potential enhancements from Haval via updates.

How can owners connect with other Haval Jolion users to discuss problems?

It is possible for owners of Haval Jolions to share their experiences and seek advice on social media forums and online communities.


The biggest problem with Haval Jolion is its price. In addition, there are quality control issues, software bugs, and performance problems.

Even so, there is no perfect vehicle. It is inevitable that every model will have its highs and lows.

A regular update and improvement program is used by Haval to address these concerns. For any complications that may arise, they also provide customer service support.

Before making a purchasing decision, potential buyers should take into account these problems and the features of the car.

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