Haval H6 Problems: Overview & Troubleshooting Guide

Haval is an automobile brand owned by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors. The company produces crossovers and SUVs and has been around since 1984.

China is the home of the Haval brand, which ranks among the top 10 brands there. With its affordable and comfortable family SUVs, it is a great choice for families.

Haval H6 Problems Overview & Troubleshooting Guide

There have been some complaints from consumers regarding the Haval SUV lineup. There are many minor issues, but there are also some that are serious and expensive to fix.

Throughout this article, we explore some of the most common problems that owners encounter with Haval cars.

Overview of Haval H6

In 2008, Great Wall Motors announced it would launch the Haval H6 mid-size SUV.

A number of body styles have been offered since it was introduced in 2011 including the latest GT SUV Coupe.

Troubleshooting Haval H6

Continuing transmission issues

The Haval brand has been plagued with transmission problems. There have been a few transmission problems encountered by the Haval H6, H9, and Jolion during their lifetimes.

Early versions of the Haval H2 had a transmission problem that prevented the transmission from going into reverse. An ignition barrel or shift lock solenoid faulty, as well as a faulty shifter mechanism, were found to be the cause of the problem.

Additionally, there was excessive shifter movement or the car had difficulty shifting into gear. Symptoms such as these should be reported to the car manufacturer so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

Troubleshooting Haval H6

In addition to transmission problems, the Haval Jolion suffers from grinding gears and slipping gears. Additionally, owners have noticed a burning smell when their transmissions are malfunctioning.

To keep the gears properly lubricated, manufacturers recommend changing transmission fluid regularly. You risk getting stuck if you drive a car with transmission problems.

There are a few owners who complain about Haval SUVs’ dual-clutch 7-speed transmission. Acceleration feels jerky with this transmission on the Haval H6.

There have been complaints from H6 owners that the transmission has difficulty responding, especially in stop-and-go traffic. This is a common issue with DCT transmissions, according to the company, and there is nothing wrong with the car.

It’s important to fix transmission problems as soon as they occur, as they aren’t serious safety issues. By doing this, you prevent the car from getting stuck or costing even more to fix.

Insufficient battery power

There are problems with the Haval Jolion and H6’s batteries depleting rapidly or just suddenly dying out. There were many battery problems, including liquid depletion or not enough charge.

In addition to the Haval H2, another model that struggles with battery life is the Haval H2. Normally, this would happen after a tracking device has been installed or other accessories have been added.

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If you don’t diagnose battery issues quickly, you can find yourself stranded. In order to ensure that batteries have enough electrolyte and power, they should be checked on a regular basis.

Multiple owners have reported this issue with the Haval H6. A replacement battery did not restore battery power even after it had been installed.

In a well-maintained and well-cared for car, a battery can last 40 years on average. A free battery check and diagnosis is also available at most dealerships.

Air conditioning and electric windows can be affected by a dying battery. The effects of vibration can also be felt on safety features like power steering and antilock brakes.

It is possible for a safety feature to fail before a crash, putting passengers in the car at risk. Especially if your battery shows signs of wear and tear, it is important to check its health regularly.

The battery of a gas-powered car should be replaced when it seems to be dying. In order to ensure that your Haval model is powered adequately, your dealership will recommend the right battery brand.

Unusual brake noise

Many Haval H9 owners complain about noises from the brake pedal, even in new cars. The brake pedal squeaks whenever it is depressed, indicating the issue.

Although there is nothing underneath the driver’s foot, it seems like the noise is coming from there. Noises like these are rather annoying, and they usually don’t have a reason.

An incorrect position of the brake pump is blamed for the noise, according to the automaker. According to them, the brake vacuum pump bounces off the brake connecting rod after being depressed.

Both Haval H6 and H9 owners found that a light lubricant like butter worked well on their mechanisms. Several weeks later, the noise was smoothed out by this temporary lubrication.

It is possible to eliminate the noise by replacing the brake connecting rod.

There is no safety concern with the Haval H6 or H9. However, owners who have complained have expressed irritation with the noise. The noise can be especially irritating when driving in stop-and-go traffic.

Depending on the parts and the labor involved, a replacement connecting rod can cost about $120. Your experience will differ based on where you go and which dealerships you visit.

Other owners discovered that a faulty brake light switch spring was to blame for the noisy brake pedal. When the brake pedal is pressed, this spring activates the brake lights.

When the brake is applied, the brake light switch spring will bounce back, making a squeaking sound. When this spring is lubricated, the noise can be lessened or even completely eliminated.

Even if the car is outside of warranty, any dealership will provide free brake light switch spring lubrication.

Poor sound quality

There have been multiple complaints from owners of the Haval H2, H6, and Jolion about the sound system. Compared to competing models, these speakers lack the rounded premium sound.

In terms of interior design, Haval gets a lot right thanks to its classy-looking materials and aluminum speaker grilles. The speaker system in a good-looking interior does not mask its average sound.

A large touchscreen infotainment system is also available on Haval models like the Jolion. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the infotainment system integrates seamlessly with smartphones.

Users have complained about the confusing interface of the information and infotainment system. The system, however, has been praised for its innovative design.

There are up to eight stereo speakers in most Haval SUVs, giving passengers a more immersive sound experience. It can sometimes sound tinny with low bass and is lower sounding than other brands.

In most cases, people don’t buy cars because of their sound systems, and a lack of sound system will not render the car dangerous to drive.

Despite this, it was reported that it would not be suitable for long-distance travel where entertainment would be important.

Even though there are no good speakers in the vehicle, the infotainment system’s innovativeness compensates for it.

It was possible to install aftermarket speakers for owners who were dissatisfied with the speaker’s performance. Installing a sound system can be a costly undertaking, which would require the services of a professional.

Turbo Lag

It can be very frustrating to experience turbo lag when overtaking other cars on the highway. The amount of turbo you have will determine how quickly you can complete maneuvers like overtaking and joining a highway.

There have been complaints about the lack of turbo power in models such as the Haval H2 and the Jolion. A complaint about the SUV is that the throttle response is slow and the turbo lags.

Powered by a 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, the Haval Jolion powers the front wheels. Compared with the Haval H2, the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission is more efficient.

There are competitors for this Haval SUV, such as the Mazda CX-30, which has almost the same specifications as this Haval SUV. Haval Jolion’s competitors are less likely to complain about laggy turbos than its competitors are.

Because turbo lag only occurs when power is needed, it is not very noticeable under normal driving conditions.

A turbo lag is experienced when passengers accelerate abruptly from a complete stop or go up steep inclines. Engine power is sufficient, but the turbo just comes on too late.

Excessive fuel consumption

There are several factors that determine how much fuel a car consumes, such as the engine and transmission types and the way it’s driven. Many Haval owners complain that their cars consume a lot of fuel.

The fuel consumption of Haval models gets better over time according to owners who’ve had them for a longer period of time. The car may become used to the way you drive it over time because it gets used to your driving style.

A new Haval H6 SUV, for example, gets around 9 liters per 100 km. In spite of this, it gets closer to 6 liters per 100 kilometers after a couple of months of driving.

Adapting the transmission to the driver’s driving habits is done by the electronic control unit (ECU). In the long run, fuel consumption will also get better.

In addition to rapid acceleration, speeding, and vehicle weight, driving behavior determines fuel economy for Haval cars. Fuel economy is improved when you drive smoothly.

In addition to old engine filters, damaged fuel injectors, and clogged fuel filters, other factors can affect fuel economy.

It is possible to increase gas mileage by performing regular maintenance, checking fluid levels, and changing filters.

The consumers complaining about Haval’s fuel consumption likely drive low-demand vehicles. However, its competitors achieve better gas mileage than the Haval H6.

Almost everyone wants to know how many miles their car gets per gallon before buying it. Using this information, they can calculate their monthly ownership and operating expenses.

Keeping a close eye on fuel consumption is important for drivers today to minimize fuel expenses. There are fuel consumption sensors on modern Haval models that allow you to keep track of how much gas the car is using.

Pros and Cons of Haval Cars

The pros and cons of Haval cars are as follows:


  • Budget-friendly
  • Feels like a big car
  • Easy to maintain
  • The latest designs
  • A comfortable suspension system
  • Multifunctional 3D dashboards


  • Issues with transmissions
  • Failure of a battery
  • Noisy brakes
  • Sound quality is low
  • Turbo Lag
  • Fuel-consumption problems

What is the reliability of Haval H6?

Generally, H6 vehicles are reliable and less likely to have engine problems. As for the engine itself, Haval is offering a 5-year /100 000 km warranty due to some issues with the transmission and chassis rather than the engine itself.

Is there a resale value for Haval cars?

Haval cars’ resale value and mileage are as follows:

ModelMileage (miles)Price ($)
2021 Haval H211,18422,995
2017 Haval H624,85415,300
2015 Haval H834,80022,888
2019 Haval H9 Ultra56,98732,660

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common Haval H6 problems?

In order to maintain a Haval H6 and address issues promptly, it is helpful to understand the common problems that owners face.

How can I prevent engine performance issues in my H6?

Following manufacturer guidelines, maintaining engines regularly, and responding promptly to unusual engine signs can prevent engine performance issues.

Are aftermarket upgrades worth considering for Haval H6?

It is important to consider the potential impacts on warranties before investing in aftermarket upgrades.

What is the typical cost of addressing electrical system problems?

It varies, but taking action right away on electrical problems can prevent extensive damage, which can lead to long-term savings.

Where can I find reliable support for Haval H6 issues?

You can find reliable support and advice for Haval H6 problems in online communities, forums, and support groups.


Adding community support and proactive maintenance to informed decision-making is the key to solving Haval H6 problems. In order to maintain their vehicles in optimal condition, Haval H6 owners need to understand common issues, explore preventive measures, and make use of community forums.

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