LDV Problems & Reliability Issues

A budget Ute made by Saic Motors, which is a Chinese automotive company, is the LDV (Leyland DAF Vans). In 2016, the LDV T60 was introduced to the market and is still manufactured today.

With a starting price of under 40k AUD, this mid size pickup truck often receives praise for its features and specs. LDV’s T60 is an attractive ute at this price point, so it’s easy to see why it can be a good choice.

LDV T60 Problems & Reliability Issues

As a mechanic, I have experienced some issues with this truck. In this article, I will share what I’ve learned from my experience and from reading what others have encountered.

Troubleshooting LDV T60

Issues related to corrosion:

In the LDV T60, rust can be a serious problem, especially in the bodywork and under the hood.

It doesn’t take long for rust to form on this vehicle because the steel, in some places, is very thin.

Your ute may develop holes as a result of this, allowing water to leak into your vehicle. Due to the elements and varying conditions, the truck is subjected to this over time.

Malfunction of the reverse camera:

Many T60 owners have found that the reverse camera does not work properly, despite its 360-degree surround view being one of its top features.

When you reverse your car, sometimes the camera doesn’t engage, causing you to run the risk of not seeing what is behind you.

While the issue is usually resolved when you switch off and then restart your T60, many T60 owners continue to worry about it.

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Issues with cruise control:

The cruise control on many T60s does not engage or disengage properly while driving; some T60 owners have reported this problem.

Driving long distances in heavy traffic and keeping your speed constant can be frustrating, especially when driving long distances.

While driving on the highway or at high speeds, the cruise control has also been reported to disengage without warning.

Plastic material quality (interior):

There is a noticeable quality difference between the T60’s interior and its competition, although it’s subjective. Some people don’t see it as an issue.

Despite the leather seats being nice and comfortable, the interior’s overall quality is less than impressive, since the plastic isn’t as durable or high quality as other vehicles.

The fit and finish of these vehicles are not as good as some others in their class, and squeaking and rattles are another complaint.

There are some obvious cost-cutting measures that could have been avoided and the plastic feels a little cheap, but overall the interior is well laid out and feels modern.

When an automatic transmission jerks:

There are complaints about the transmission sometimes being jerky, especially when driving in town, as it isn’t as smooth as some other cars in its class.

It is likely that future models will address this issue by refining the Auto Trans.

Infrared rain sensors:

There have been complaints that the rain sensors aren’t as effective as they could be, with rain not being detected even during torrential downpours.

The sensor sometimes fails to activate windshield wipers automatically, which can be a problem for drivers who depend on this feature. It’s not a deal breaker, just something to keep in mind.

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The engine lags:

Also, I noticed the engine has a lag sometimes, especially in the city where moving between stops and starts is common.

To drive this type of vehicle, you should press down on the gas pedal earlier and harder than on other types of vehicles. While most people don’t mind this, if you are used to driving something different, it can be a little annoying.

Upgrading and solving future problems:

In order to stay ahead of potential problems, LDV T60 owners should stay on top of future upgrades and industry trends. In order to make maintenance and upgrade decisions, it is important to know what improvements are in the pipeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are LDV T60 problems common?

It is important to note that although LDV T60s are generally reliable, like any vehicle, they are not without problems. To prevent issues, regular maintenance is essential.

What warranty coverage does LDV offer?

The warranty coverage provided by LDV encompasses a wide range of components. In order to take full advantage of the coverage, you must understand the terms and conditions.

Can LDV T60 owners fix minor issues themselves?

If you have a minor problem, there are simple DIY fixes you can try. It is possible for owners to perform basic maintenance tasks to address issues and improve driving conditions.

How often should LDV T60 owners get their vehicles inspected?

Ensure that your vehicle is in good working order by performing regular inspections, at least every six months.

What future upgrades can LDV T60 owners expect?

A continuous upgrade and improvement process is followed by LDV. Be aware of future vehicle performance enhancements and industry trends.


The impact of LDV T60 issues can be mitigated by proactive measures, but these problems are not uncommon. Maintaining your vehicle, understanding your warranty coverage, and gaining insight from other owners are all important aspects of a positive ownership experience.

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