Chassis Control System Fault Nissan Qashqai: Causes & Solution

As you drive your Qashqai, a message suddenly appears on the dashboard that says, ‘Chassis control system fault.’ You panic, are you able to drive with this fault? Why does it happen?

A number of possible causes of this error will be explored in this article, along with suggestions for correcting it. Keep reading.

chassis control system fault Nissan Qashqai Causes & Solution

Nissan Qashqai chassis control system faults refer to problems with the chassis control system which cause the start/stop system to not work properly. It occurs when the battery is dead, the connection to the battery is loose, or the terminals are corrosion.

What Does the Nissan Qashqai’s Chassis Control System Fault Mean?

It is likely that something is wrong with the chassis control system of the car when it displays a message such as ‘Chassis control system fault’. The start/stop system is usually the culprit when this happens.

Start/stop systems are engine management systems that allow their engines to start and stop without consuming the battery.

What Does the Nissan Qashqai's Chassis Control System Fault Mean

By pressing the brake pedal, you send a signal to the ECU (Engine Control Unit), which in turn tells your starter motor to turn on.

Your Nissan Qashqai will experience a control system fault if any of the causes listed below occur. So let’s look at what causes these problems.

Symptoms of a Nissan Qashqai chassis control system fault include:

Symptoms of a Nissan Qashqai chassis control system fault include

Batteries with corroded terminals

Corroded battery terminals are one of the most common causes of this error message. You may experience issues with your Qashqai’s electronics if the battery terminals of your Nissan begin to corrode.

Water getting into the terminal or battery acid leaking onto it usually causes corrosion of terminals.

Using a wet/dry battery cleaning brush will help you clean your battery terminals and remove corrosion from them, if this is the case. Try starting your Nissan again after you’ve cleaned them up and connected the battery.

Battery failure

Unless you change the battery in your Qashqai after four years, it is likely that the battery will fail. Your Nissan Qashqai may exhibit a number of problems as a result, including a fault with the control system. There is no doubt that this is one of the primary causes of the error message.

Voltage drop in the battery

The battery voltage is most likely low if your Qashqai starts giving you this error message as you drive it.

A failing alternator, uncharged battery or not driving the vehicle for a while can cause your vehicle to not get enough power from the battery. The Nissan Qashqai control system is commonly faulty due to this issue.

Batteries with loose terminals

Loose connections at the battery terminals are also common causes of this error message. Getting enough power from your Nissan battery may be difficult if your connections aren’t secure. This can result in your Nissan not starting or running effectively.

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If you have recently removed the battery and have not connected it properly, bumpy roads can cause loose terminals. Before restarting your Nissan, make sure the terminals are secure. This is an easy fix, but be careful.

Can You Drive with Chassis Control System Warning on a Qashqai?

There is no effect on your ability to drive your car as a result of this problem. If left unchecked, however, it can result in other problems with your vehicle if it is not fixed promptly.

Chassis Control System Faults Solutions

Expert assistance is recommended when fixing a Nissan Qashqai’s chassis control system problem. However, if you want to fix the Chassis control system fault, you can perform the following steps:

Replacing components

The malfunctioning part can be swapped out once the technician has located the problem. Sensors or wires may need to be changed as part of this process.

Replace the battery

Your car can be jump started with the help of a second battery, battery booster, or jumper wire. In order for your battery to receive a charge, you should never turn off your car’s engine. The electrolyte level can be reduced by adding distilled water to the plates, flooding them and creating a wider response area. The battery is dead and dirty.

Connect the battery properly

If the battery cable is loose, it can be adjusted to fix the problem. The positive or negative cable of a battery connection can be tightened by drivers with basic screwdriver or wrench skills. An electric connection between the terminal and the nut is typically tightened by spinning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I check my chassis system?

For early detection of potential problems, it is recommended to conduct regular inspections every six months.

Can I drive with a chassis control system fault?

It’s not a good idea. You may end up compromising your safety and causing more serious problems if you continue driving with a fault.

Are DIY repairs safe for chassis issues?

Minor problems can be addressed with DIY solutions, but complex issues should be handled by a professional.

What is the lifespan of a chassis control system?

It is possible to extend the lifespan of a chassis control system with proper maintenance.

How do I know if my Nissan Qashqai needs a chassis upgrade?

For modern vehicles, upgrades are generally beneficial, but you should consult a certified technician for an assessment.


A malfunctioning Chassis control system on a Nissan Qashqai could signal a serious issue that must be addressed immediately. By understanding the reasons for the malfunction, Nissan Qashqai drivers can maintain their vehicle’s safety and performance.

It is hopefully now easier that you will know what to do next time you encounter a fault in the Chassis control system.

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