Holden Trax Problems: Common Reliability Issues

Crossover SUV models like the Holden Trax are among the most popular on the market. As a subsidiary of General Motors, GM Holden manufactures this vehicle.

It has been available since 2013 when it was introduced. There are two engines available: a 1.4L four-cylinder and a 1.0L three-cylinder.

Holden Trax Problems Common Reliability Issues

Despite the fact that the Holden Trax is generally a good car, owners have reported some problems with the car. The Holden Trax has some common problems. Let’s take a look at them.

Holden Trax Problems

Rattles over bumps

There have been reports of rattles on the Holden Trax over bumps. Vehicle owners with AWD versions of this vehicle often report this problem. Owners of the FWD version may also experience this issue.

Underpowered surfaces

When driving on some surfaces, the 1.4L four-cylinder engine feels underpowered, despite producing 103 KW and 200 NM of torque.

A winding road with many turns or an uphill road will make this especially apparent. You might want to look somewhere else if this bothers you.

In addition, I would like to say that the Trax is more than adequate for you if this is your first car. The car is great for driving around town and overall a great daily driver, but if you’re accustomed to much more power and torque, you’ll be disappointed.

Wind Noise

There has been a lot of wind noise reported by Holden Trax owners when driving at high speeds. Driving while listening to music can be quite distracting and irritating.

Transmission problems

Transmission problems have also been reported by owners of the Holden Trax. When shifting gears, it may cause sudden jerks or poor performance in general, especially if it is a manual transmission.

A large number of owners have reported these transmission problems, although they aren’t that common.

Suspension Weld Breaking

Although some owners have reported this issue, it is not very common with the Holden Trax. As a result of corrosion or hard use, suspension welds can break, which prompted GM to recall those vehicles.

This issue affects most Trax in the United States and Canada. If you want to know if this recall has affected a car, make sure to check its VIN number before buying it.

Bluetooth connectivity problems

It can often be difficult to pair the Holden Trax with your phone because of poor Bluetooth connectivity.

While driving, Bluetooth can cause frustration for people who stream music or talk on the phone. Apple Car Play and Android Auto come standard on the 2016 model and onwards, which will make it much easier to use.

Carbon buildup in the engine

A similar issue often occurs over time. The reason for this is that the vehicle is not properly maintained and serviced on a regular basis. During use, the engine accumulates carbon buildup that needs to be cleaned out before it can run efficiently again.

After some time, the engine will need carbon cleaning and the most effective method is walnut blasting, which involves blasting walnuts into the engine.

Using walnuts cleans the engine of carbon buildup and restores its functionality.

Cooling and heating fans fail

Several of these problems are common with this car. It seems that the AC and cooling fan will occasionally stop working for a while, but they will come back on randomly afterward.

If you’re driving through a desert or something similar, this can be particularly annoying during the hot summer.

If the temperature control knob is left on hot, the AC and cooling fan will not turn on. The temperature control knob is prone to breaking over time. Some cooling fans stop working completely and need to be replaced.

What is the lifespan of Holden Trax?

The Holden Trax is capable of lasting more than 200 000 miles when driven properly and maintained properly. Your family will have plenty of adventures with a trip of that length.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my Holden Trax inspected for potential problems?

In order to catch and address issues early on, it is recommended that inspections be performed every six months or after every 10,000 miles.

How do I troubleshoot minor problems in my Holden Trax?

Basic troubleshooting can be used to resolve some minor issues. A few tips on dealing with common problems will be provided in the article.

What is the warranty coverage for engine problems on Holden Traxs?

In order to determine if your engine is covered under your warranty, you need to review your vehicle’s warranty documentation.

How should I handle transmission issues when driving a Holden Trax?

Any unusual transmission signs should be reported to a professional immediately if you notice them.

What can I do to ensure my Holden Trax’s brakes last as long as possible?

Your brake system can last longer if you maintain it regularly, including changing brake fluid and pads.


The first step toward ensuring a long and trouble-free journey of your Holden Trax is to be aware of potential problems. Keep your vehicle in optimal condition by performing regular maintenance, identifying issues promptly, and seeking professional assistance when necessary.

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