Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care (Solved)

What does your dashboard look like when steering assist has been reduced while driving with care? Looking for a way to reset steering assist when you’re driving with care but your steering assist has been reduced?

An error code with this meaning typically indicates that the car’s power steering assist has been temporarily disabled due to a software or hardware problem. For mechanical faults, repairing or replacing the defective parts may take hours as opposed to the software problem that can be resolved within minutes.

Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care (Solved)

Check out this article for tips on resetting steering assist as well as possible mechanical issues and solutions.

How does the Steering Assist System work?

As one of the latest safety features in modern vehicles, steering assist provides additional assistance when driving. By using an electric motor or hydraulic pressure, it works with the power steering system to help the vehicle turn more efficiently. The wheel can also be turned with minimal effort due to the extra support.

There is still a connection between the steering assist and the ECM (Engine Control Module). Various signals are monitored by the engine control module, including brake, suspension, and engine speed signals. By measuring the signal, the ECU calculates the correct amount of torque that should be applied to the motor to increase turning efficiency. Smooth wheel steering can be achieved temporarily with steering.

How does the Steering Assist System work

Coolant temperature is also monitored by the ECU. In the event of a coolant temperature drop, the engine can also become cool, resulting in thickened steering fluid and errors. Drive with care massage may appear in the display when steering assist has been reduced to inform you of the current steering system situation.

However, steering assist cannot operate on its own; it needs to be initiated by the driver. so you can turn this system off if desired.

How Does Steering Assist Reduced Drive with Care Work?

In the vehicle’s display, “Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care” indicates that the power steering system might be malfunctioning. As a result, steering assist will not be available in this situation.

You should therefore drive carefully if you see a warning light on your vehicle. Whenever this warning message appears, the power steering wheel won’t get any additional assistance to maintain the correct amount of torque. If you lack confidence as a driver, this can be a bit concerning.

How To Reset Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care?

There may be a software issue that causes the vehicle’s display to show steering assist is reduced drive with care. You can correct the error by resetting the steering assist, and the massage will disappear as well. However, if it does not work, you would need to diagnose the car’s physical issue and resolve it accordingly.

How To Reset Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care

The following are some simple methods to fix the “drive with care with reduced steering assist” error code:

Restart the Vehicle

The easiest way to reset your steering assist is to restart your vehicle a couple of times. Reset the car’s electrical components and error code by turning the ignition switch off and on two or three times.  Next, try the second trick if this doesn’t work.

Remove the battery

Leave the battery for about 30 seconds after removing its positive and negative terminals. Check the display after reconnecting the battery, turning on the engine, and starting the car. There should be no indication of the massage in the display.

Reset the Steering Wheel

It is usually possible to reset the steering assist automatically if there is an error code. Manually resetting the steering wheel is also possible if it doesn’t work.  By moving the wheel to the left and then right ends, you will be able to accomplish this. After that, place the wheel in the middle.

You can also restore steering assistance functionality with this trick along with removing the error message.

Make use of the scanner tool

In addition to erasing the culprit code, you can also remove the error message from the vehicle’s dashboard with a scanner tool.

This can be accomplished by connecting your car to a code reader and turning it on. Once you have selected your vehicle type, you need to go to the car diagnostic setting. Please follow the instructions after that. Once you have completed this step, click on the erase code button and erase it. As soon as the message disappears, the display should be cleared. It is possible that a part in your vehicle is damaged if the message remains.

Why Steering Assist is Reduced and How to Fix It

You may see the “Steering Assist Is Reduced, Drive with Care” message on your car’s display for a variety of hardware reasons. The battery voltage is low, or the fluid level is low, or the trouble code is incorrect, the thermostat is malfunctioning, or components are damaged. This warning may be caused by one or more of the following reasons, and there are simple solutions to fix them:

Low Battery Voltage

Due to the interruption in the electric supply, the steering assist on your car may malfunction. Battery power is usually used to power this advanced system. It is possible for the steering system to malfunction if the battery gets disconnected or dies.

In some cases, loose or corroded wires or connections, or a low battery voltage, can also cause the vehicle’s display to display the same message.

What to do?

Make sure that the car battery is in good condition by using a tester or a multimeter to measure the voltage. You should remove rust from the battery terminals one at a time. Replace the battery if the steering assistance does not function due to any problem.

Jammed Open Thermostat

A malfunctioning cooling system is indicated by the warning message and p0128 code at the same time.  Coolant circulates through the radiator and engine through the thermostat. Additionally, it maintains a normal temperature inside the engine.

The fluid will flow through the car without checking if the car’s thermostat becomes jammed. This could result in the engine becoming too cool, which would result in a malfunction of the steering assist. As a result, an error code is displayed and a warning light is displayed.

For a few minutes, let your vehicle’s engine idle if you want to see if your thermostat is open. Once the radiator pipe has been checked, check the temperature. Your thermostat is open if the hose is cool. To determine whether the engine’s cooling fan is in good working order, check the thermostat.

What to do?

You should hire a professional mechanic if your thermostat is stuck open.

Broken Sensor

It’s also worthwhile to check the sensor when dealing with engine temperature. When a sensor fails, the ECM cannot read the proper data, which causes the steering assist to malfunction.

Apply this test to determine whether the ECM is to blame:

First, connect your OBD scanner to the control module and start the test. You will be able to determine the condition of the ECM based on the results. Modules that are broken should be replaced. Other components, such as the thermostat, may need to be checked if the ECM is in good shape.[

What to do?

It is important to replace the broken component as soon as possible after discovering it. It can, however, be challenging for novice DIYers to replace the temperature sensor.

Steering assist module malfunction

During steering assist, a car’s power steering module reads data and controls the steering assist procedure. An error code on the display can be caused by a defective sensor or module.

What to do?

You can solve the problem by replacing the defective module. In some cases, you may be able to restore functionality to the module by updating it. Be careful not to dump the clutch.

Insufficient power steering fluid

Located under the hood, the steering fluid reservoir stores the steering fluid. A sufficient amount of fluid should be present to ensure smooth operation of your vehicle. Whenever the car’s fluid level drops below the recommended level, the steering assist system can be disabled or error messages will appear.

What to do?

The steering fluid level should be checked in the reservoir. The reservoir should be topped off with the proper type and quantity of fluid in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Similarly, inspect the fluid hose for leaks that could lead to premature draining of the fluid.

Stored Trouble Code

You can get a “Steering Assist is Reduced Drive With Care” message from the steering assist control module if you check for stored trouble codes. In the event of an electrical failure or a dropped battery voltage, the control module may store a trouble code.

What to do?

In order to resolve the electrical or low voltage issue, you need to clear the trouble code in the control module. A code scanner can be used to read DTCs and diagnose the issue by setting the codes in a computer.  You should reset the codes rather than fix them if you find plenty of trouble codes. When the warning message comes back, drive the vehicle again.

If the warning message persists, it may be necessary to restore the trouble codes and replace the battery.

Defective Power Steering Parts

In addition to a steering hose, a steering pump, a control valve, and a rack, the power steering system includes several other components. You may see an error code on the display of your vehicle if one of these components fails.  The following is a list of possible issues and solutions related to these parts:

Defective Power Steering Parts

Steering Hose

The steering gear is connected to the pump, which is susceptible to leaks. The leaky hose should be replaced, and the exits fluid should be flushed and refilled in order to ensure smooth operation.

Pump: The steering system is necessary for proper operation when the pump is damaged and cannot produce essential pressure. Replacement is the best option if the pump fails to function.

Control Valve

The control valve can also fail when the power steering fails. Replacing the damaged control valve is the best solution if the valve becomes faulty.

Rack and Pinion

A linear movement helps turn the steering wheel by converting the rotational movement into a linear movement. The problem can be fixed by a skilled technician if these components become damaged.

Note: You should take your vehicle to an automobile repair shop if you are unable to diagnose the underlying issue. There are many advanced devices available in professional repair shops to help find out the true cause of the problem.

We mentioned above that even some steps require higher skill levels, such as dealing with ECM. Therefore, even if it costs hundreds of dollars, it is better to consult an expert mechanic.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Steering Assist is Reduced?

It is possible to lock the steering wheel if you do not reset it after a long period of time. Depending on the type of steering assist issue, the cost of solving the problem may vary. A software error message, for example, can be corrected by restarting the vehicle. Costs will not be incurred in such cases.

The battery replacement will cost around $75 to $350 if you need to fix the error code. It’s important to remember that buying batteries from the auto parts store will not add any labor costs to your bill.

In contrast, if it is necessary to spend hours troubleshooting and fixing the steering assist issue, the labor costs will be higher. If you want to replace a coolant temperature sensor or thermostat, for example, the auto part store can charge you around $150 to $350, and most of the cost will be labor. An overview of mechanical problems with their respective repair costs is provided below:

#An error messageFixing costs
1Engine cooling fan$100
2Temperature gauge device$150
4Engine Control Module$1000

This is a complicated and time-consuming process that can take numerous hours to diagnose and fix. The best way to ensure safe driving is to let an expert handle the job even if it costs hundreds of dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn off the steering assist?

Some vehicles allow you to turn off the steering assist, and the process varies depending on the model. LDA is commonly operated by pressing the LDA button on the steering wheel and navigating the menu. The steering assist option can be found in this menu.

Can you drive with steering assist is reduced drive with care GMC?

The steering assist will reduce when you turn the steering wheel in a GMC or Chevy Blazer if you have the drive with care option off. During this situation, you need to stop driving the car immediately and fix the problem.

How long does it take to reset the steering assist is reduced drive with care XT5?

The type of issue you are trying to resolve and the method you apply will determine what you need to do. The process of restarting the vehicle, for example, takes only five minutes to resolve software issues. A thermostat that needs to be repaired or replaced, however, can take up to a few hours to fix.


Drivers benefit from steering assist, as it increases their safety on the highway. However, steering assist can malfunction over time as well as other components of a vehicle. As long as you know how to reset the steering assist is reduced error code, you shouldn’t have any problem. Last but not least, keep your hands on the wheel if you see this warning sign. 

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