Honda Maintenance Code A127 Explained

Maintaining Honda vehicles, known for their reliability and straightforward maintenance, requires understanding the Honda maintenance code A127.

Honda Maintenance Code A127 Explained

I will explain what the A127 service code means, how to reset it, and what maintenance it involves in this article.

Understanding Honda Maintenance Code A127

The Honda A127 service code can be summed up as follows:

Main Honda Service Codes

CodeMeaning of the term
AChange Oil and Filter
BThe oil filter and engine oil need to be replaced. Ensure that the front and rear brakes are cleaned and lubricated. Make sure the parking brake is adjusted. Ensure that all brake components are thoroughly inspected.

Honda Service Sub-Codes

Sub-CodeMeaning of the term
0Ensure that the inspection is multi-pointed.
1A rotation service is necessary for tires.
2Air filters should be replaced in the cabin and on the engine.
3Transmission fluid should be replaced.
4Ensure spark plugs are replaced, timing belts are adjusted, and valves are adjusted if necessary.
5A new coolant is needed for the engine.
6Fluid has to be replaced in the rear differential if equipped.
7You need to replace the brake fluid.

What’s the Honda crv maintenance code a127?

You will be notified when maintenance is due by codes on the dash. After the A or B, there is a number or a number and a description of what needs to be done. A127 indicates that you should replace the engine oil in your Honda CR-V if it has a maintenance code.

Changing the tires and checking the pressure is required if the 1 appears. If the 2 indicates that the air filter for the engine and the cabin should be replaced, as well as the drive belts, then you should do so. Your brake fluid will need to be replaced if you receive the number 7. A full oil change is a bit more involved than an oil change for a standard SUV, but it is necessary to ensure that your SUV continues to run smoothly.

What is the Honda Maintenance Minder?

A Honda vehicle’s lifespan can be prolonged with regular maintenance. It is sometimes hard to remember when to perform routine maintenance, as most drivers can attest.

The Maintenance Minder system was developed to address this problem. We’ll dive deeper into the various service codes and what they mean in the sections to follow. It’s built right into your new Honda and will alert you when it’s time for an oil change, tire rotation, or other important maintenance.

How Does the Honda Maintenance Minder Work?

It is generally understood by Minnetonka drivers that their vehicle’s owner’s manual lays out the recommended maintenance schedule. Service intervals listed on this maintenance schedule are, however, merely estimates based on the driving habits of the average driver.

Maintenance Minder was developed by Honda so that drivers who drive more or less often can follow a different maintenance schedule. Instead of recommending routine maintenance items a couple thousand miles or more before they are due, it uses sensors throughout the vehicle to gather information and determine when they are needed.

How Does the Honda Maintenance Minder Work

The oil life indicator on many new Hondas gives Plymouth drivers a heads-up on when they should change their oil. Using percentages, here’s how it works:

An Explanation of the Oil Life Indicator Percentages

  • Oil Life at 15 Percent: Get your oil serviced soon
  • Oil Life at 5 Percent: It’s time to service the oil
  • Oil Life at 0 Percent: It’s time for an oil change

Understanding the A127 Service Code for Honda Vehicles

Service Minder, a feature found in Hondas, gives you alerts about your car’s need for service.

As part of the service reminder system, you will be reminded about upcoming maintenance items, such as the oil change and rotation of your tires.

Honda cars have maintenance codes that indicate what service needs to be performed on the vehicle for each letter and number.

This is what A127 means in this case

  • Changing engine oil is an indication that the engine needs to be serviced
  • Rotation of the tires is indicated by 1
  • This means that the cabin filter, the air filter, and the pollen must be replaced
  • It means it’s time to change the brake fluid.

Honda Maintenance Minder Service Codes Explained

On your car’s information display, you might see a service code such as “Honda A2 Service” or “Honda B1 Service.” What does it mean? A service code (A or B) and a sub-code (1–7) are first important to understand.

Service code A indicates that oil and filter changes are necessary (or A and B indicate oil and filter changes and brake service). In addition to either A or B service, the accompanying numbered subcode indicates certain systems or components should be checked.

Additionally, your owner’s manual explains service codes and service subcodes. Read more What Is The VSA System In Honda Cars?

What Does Honda A127 Service Include?

We will now look at what the Service includes now that we know what this maintenance code means.

What Does Honda A127 Service Include

Changing of Engine Oil

Oil plays a critical role in the performance of your Honda engine. Lubrication helps keep moving parts moving smoothly.

As soon as the oil needs to be changed, the mechanic drains out the old oil and replaces it with new.

Tire Rotations

Through tire rotation, the four tires get equal use so that there is no uneven wear on any of them.

Replacement of Air Filter 

Clean air filters prevent dirt from entering the engine, causing it to work harder and use more fuel. You will also get less gas mileage if your air filter is dirty.

Replacement of Cabin Air Filter 

As well as the cabin air filter, your Honda’s cabin air filter needs to be changed regularly. Fresh and clean air is ensured inside your vehicle by the cabin filter.

When your cabin filter is dirty, your air conditioner will have to work harder, which can lead to fuel consumption increasing by up to 10%.

Inspection of Drive Belt

In order to ensure that the drive belts are in good shape, they are inspected regularly due to their wear-out nature. Your engine and other parts of your vehicle may be damaged if your drive belts wear out and break.

Changing of Brake Fluid

When you press your brakes, your car stops because the brake fluid ensures that it works. Hondas can experience problems with their braking systems if their brake fluid gets dirty or low.

Professional Assistance for A127

Visiting the Dealership

Professional intervention may be necessary in some cases due to the complexity of A127. We’ll discuss when a thorough inspection is best performed at your dealership.

Consulting a Mechanic

We will examine how to find a reliable mechanic who can diagnose and resolve A127 for those who prefer independent mechanics.

How to the A127 Code in Honda Vehicles

You will need to perform the required service on your Honda, then reset the service code as soon as it is completed. Here are your options:

How to the A127 Code in Honda Vehicles

Service Your Honda at a Honda Dealer

It is best to take your vehicle to a Honda dealer in order to reset Honda maintenance code A127. Besides performing the required service, they will also clear all Honda codes and reset the service light.

In addition to having the right equipment and tools, they are able to deliver these services efficiently and effectively. The caveat is that it’s relatively more expensive to hire a mechanic rather than do it yourself.

Honda Repair Shop in Your Area

You can take your Honda to a local Honda repair shop if you don’t want to spend more on dealer service.

During the service, all codes will be cleared, the maintenance light will be reset, and the maintenance light will be reset.

Using this method, you still get professional mechanics to do the work at a lower cost than dealerships.


The maintenance light on your Honda can also be reset yourself if you are a DIY enthusiast. It is a simple process that does not require technical expertise or experience. Just follow a few tutorials and you’ll be good to go.

Preventive Measures to Avoid A127

Regular Maintenance Schedule

To prevent A127 and other codes from appearing, you must adhere to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Battery Care Tips

These tips can help you maintain a healthy battery, reducing the likelihood that you will encounter A127 due to a malfunctioning battery.

Driving Habits and Their Impact

The appearance of A127 is affected by your driving habits, which may seem surprising. The purpose of this article is to highlight how certain behaviors can lead to maintenance codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ignore Maintenance Code A127?

A127 should be addressed promptly because ignoring it could lead to more serious problems.

How often should I check my battery to prevent A127?

In order to prevent A127, batteries should be checked regularly, ideally during routine maintenance.

Is A127 always related to the battery?

It is also possible that A127 is signaling problems with the alternator or broader electrical system, in addition to battery problems.

Can I reset A127 without fixing the underlying issue?

There may be more severe problems if you reset the code without addressing the problem.

How long can I drive with A127 before addressing it?

The best thing to do is fix the problem as soon as possible; driving with A127 unresolved may cause further damage and costly repairs down the road.


For your vehicle’s health to stay in tip-top shape, it is crucial that you understand and address Honda Maintenance Code A127. You can save yourself headaches and expenses by taking the right steps, whether it’s a simple battery check or consulting a professional.

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