Mercedes A0 Service [What’s Included, Cost & Checklist]

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are luxurious and high-performance, and owning one is a rewarding experience. Regular servicing is crucial to maintaining the peak performance of your Mercedes.

The topic of this article is “Service A0” for Mercedes. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to this, namely how much it might cost and what is included.

Mercedes A0 Service [What’s Included, Cost & Checklist]

There is also a helpful checklist included. What’s next? Let’s get started!

What is Service A0 on a Mercedes?

There are two main services offered by Mercedes Benz: A service and B service.

In contrast, service A is a minor service, while service B is a major service.

There is a number after the letter to indicate additional tasks, such as A0 or A1. It is only necessary to change the oil and inspect the car for this A0 service.

What is Included in a Mercedes A0 Service?

We will delve further into what you can expect during the service, now that I have explained what “Service A0” entails.

What is Included in a Mercedes A0 Service

Replacement of Engine Oil

In the course of service, you can expect to have your oil changed first.

Regular oil changes are necessary for all vehicles, and Mercedes Benz is no exception. When it comes to how a car’s engine performs over time, engine oil plays a crucial role.

Oil cools and lubricates moving parts within an engine.

The technician drains out your engine’s old oil and replaces it with fresh oil during an engine oil change.

Replacement of Oil Filter

During the service, you can expect to have the oil filter changed as well.

Your engine oil filter prevents your engine from being damaged by impurities in the oil.

Filters prevent debris from entering the engine as well. Mercedes oil filters can become clogged with debris over time, so they need to be changed.

The technician will replace the old filter with a new one after draining the engine oil and replacing it with fresh new oil.

Coolant Inspection

In addition to changing the engine oil, we also replaced the engine oil filter, which completes the main maintenance tasks for the A0 engine. Inspection time has come.

An engine coolant level check will be performed by the technician, and if necessary, additional coolant will be added. It’s crucial that you have enough coolant in your engine in order to keep it from overheating.

Brake Fluid Inspection

If your brake fluid is below the minimum mark, the technician will top it up after checking the engine coolant level.

Mercedes cars stop easier when they have brake fluid in them. By pressing the brake pedal, your foot’s force slows down the car when the fluid is applied.

It would be much more difficult to stop your car without it.

Windshield Washer Fluid Check

Your windshield washer fluid will also be checked by the Tech.

As a result of rain, road debris, or dust, the windshield gets dirty and needs to be cleaned with windshield washer fluid.

Using the cap off the reservoir, the technician will check the amount of windshield washer fluid in the reservoir.

A higher level of windshield washer fluid will be added if it needs to be topped up.

Power Steering Fluid Check

The Electric Power Steering (EPS) system in newer Mercedes models eliminates the need for fluid.

The power steering fluid level should be checked regularly on older models with hydraulic power steering (HPS).

The mechanic will check the power steering fluid level if your Merc has hydraulic power steering. A low level will require more fluid, so he will add it.

How Much Does Mercedes A0 Service Cost?

Let’s look at the cost of A0 service now that you know what it entails.

This service will cost more depending on your location and where your Mercedes is taken.

My experience as an automobile technician suggests that an A0 service at an independent garage costs $150 to $250, and at a Mercedes dealership, it costs $250 to $350.

How Much Does Mercedes A0 Service Cost

The oil and filter can be changed yourself to save money, and then it needs to be taken to a Mercedes dealership for the rest.

Why Is a Mercedes A0 Service So Expensive?

Several factors contribute to the relatively high cost of Mercedes A0 services. In addition to their luxury, performance, and advanced technology, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are renowned for their high quality. After the purchase of a vehicle, an A0 service is usually the first scheduled maintenance to ensure that the vehicle is functioning optimally.

It costs more to repair a vehicle with high-quality parts, specialized tools, and qualified technicians. In addition, Mercedes vehicles often feature advanced features that require specialized training and equipment for servicing, which further increases the cost of servicing them.

How Often Should a Mercedes A0 Service Be Performed?

The manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule usually determines the frequency of service. In general, the A0 service should be performed within the first year of ownership or after the first 10,000 miles. If you need guidance from a Mercedes service center, consult the vehicle’s manual for specific service intervals.

Benefits Of Service Maintenance

  • Optimal Performance
  • Service A0 maintains the vehicle’s performance while preventing future problems from occurring.
  • Longevity
  • The regular maintenance of a vehicle prolongs its lifespan and prevents premature wear and tear.
  • Safety
  • By inspecting each vehicle thoroughly during the A0 service, safety concerns can be identified and rectified, ensuring that drivers and passengers are safe.
  • Resale Value
  • The A0 service is an investment in the future, as well-maintained Mercedes tend to hold a higher resale value.
  • Warranty Compliance
  • Maintaining your vehicle’s warranty coverage often requires adhering to the recommended service schedule.

How Long Does Service Take?

Depending on the model, the complexity of the maintenance tasks, and the condition of the vehicle, you can expect the service to take a variety of hours to complete. The process typically takes a few hours. To get an accurate estimate based on your vehicle, you should contact the service center.

Can I Do a Mercedes A0 Service Myself?

Most Mercedes A0 owners should not attempt to perform basic maintenance tasks themselves, even if they have advanced mechanical skills. It is often necessary to have specialized tools and knowledge to work on Mercedes vehicles with their complex systems and advanced technology.

A DIY service that does not follow the manufacturer’s instructions may also void the warranty. The A0 service should be performed by certified technicians at an authorized service center to ensure proper maintenance and to protect the warranty on your Mercedes.

Mercedes Service A0 Checklist

Service Items

  • Engine Oil Change 
  • Oil Filter Change 
  • Coolant Inspection 
  • Brake Fluid Inspection 
  • Windshield Washer Fluid Check
  • Power Steering Fluid Check 

Personal Insights into Mercedes A0 Service

Personal Insights into Mercedes A0 Service

Expertise You Can Trust

Meet the technicians who provide Service and learn more about their credentials and experience. We have years of experience and specialized training to ensure your vehicle is in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform A0 service at an independent mechanic?

If possible, choose Mercedes authorized service centers to ensure the best results.

What’s the average cost of A0 service?

To assist you with budgeting, the article provides a breakdown of costs.

Do DIY maintenance tips really make a difference?

Between professional services, simple tasks can improve the health of your Mercedes A0.

Are there any upcoming technological advancements in A0 service?

In this article, potential technological advancements are discussed in relation to the future of A0 service.


Keep track of the miles you’ve driven and when your last service was with your Mercedes-Benz Maintenance System. When planned maintenance is due, you will be notified by the multi-functional display on the instrument panel.

There will also be warning lights indicating that it’s time to schedule a service appointment.

It may be necessary to complete several steps when the car notifies you of the A0 Service. With the Mercedes A0 Service, oil changes are the most common requirement. You will be advised on the best course of action by a qualified technician.

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