Mercedes A5 Service [What Is Included & Meaning, Cost]

There is no greater symbol of quality and performance than Mercedes-Benz when it comes to luxury cars. It is important to maintain your car on a regular basis, even if it is a reliable one.

Mercedes owners should be aware of the A5 Service as one of the most important services they can take advantage of. The purpose of this article is to inform you about what this service involves, how much it costs, and why it’s important for your Mercedes-Benz. You can also get the B5 Service for Mercedes vehicles if you’re interested. 

Mercedes A5 Service [What Is Included & Meaning, Cost]

What does Mercedes A5 service mean? A5 indicator on Mercedes dashboards has a lot of meaning. In this article, we’ll explain it.

What is Service a5 in Mercedes?

According to driving style, climate, and vehicle age, Mercedes-Benz A5s need a scheduled service every 20k miles.

Service a5 in Mercedes

Maintaining your vehicle at peak performance and safety requires an A5 checkup.

If you want to avoid costly errors and encounter any issues with your Mercedes A5, have it serviced by a Mercedes dealer or certified mechanic.

Mercedes A5 Service: The Basics

Benz A5 Service is an annual maintenance appointment for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Generally, it should be done every 20,000 miles, but it may vary based on factors such as driving style, climate, and the vehicle’s age. For your Mercedes to perform at its best and remain safe, the A5 Service is crucial.

Mercedes A5 Service The Basics

What’s Includes

A5 service includes fluid inspections, oil changes, air filter replacements, battery checks, tire pressure adjustments, and battery checks, among other items.

Your car will benefit from a more comprehensive A service that focuses on its longevity and performance.

Differentiating Factors

A5 services are not like other routine services. They are milestones in the life of your vehicle. In this check-up, any potential issues will be caught before they become serious.

For Mercedes-Benz to maintain its high levels of performance and safety, this service is crucial.

What does the Mercedes a5 service include: Checklist

Your Mercedes A5 will be thoroughly inspected to ensure it is in top shape during the Service.

What does the Mercedes a5 service include Checklist

In addition to keeping your vehicle running smoothly, it also prevents any potential problems from occurring. Incorporated into the Service are the following:

Oil & filter change

Our first step is to check your engine’s oil level and replace it if necessary to ensure your engine runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Inspection of tire condition and pressure

Following the tire inspection, we check the pressure and tread depth to ensure they are in good condition.

Additionally, we check your spare tire in case it ever needs to be used.

 Fuel filter change

In order to prevent carbon build-up in cylinders and keep everything running smoothly, fuel filters remove dirt particles before they enter your engine.

Inspection and replacement of brake fluid

Check your brakes for any signs that they need repair or replacement after this service check to ensure they are functioning efficiently and safely.

You should also top up your brake fluid if necessary so that it is in the best condition.

Service Reset

When your vehicle has been serviced or had an MOT, all warning lights and the service indicator should be reset.

Benefits of Mercedes A5 Service: Why is it Important?

Your car’s maintenance schedule wouldn’t be complete without the A5 Service. In addition to checking fluid levels, filters, brakes, and other components, it involves a thorough inspection of various components and systems. You can reduce the risk of breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your Mercedes by regularly servicing it with the A5 Service. Please read the following for more information:


Your vehicle’s safety is a crucial component of A5 service. Your safety on the road depends on these services, from brake checks to tire pressure adjustments.

You can increase your Mercedes’ resale value by keeping up with your A5 Service intervals. Make sure your Mercedes is well maintained by scheduling an A5 Service today.


You can extend the life of your Mercedes-Benz by having regular A5 service performed. Through this process, potential problems can be identified before they become major issues.


Keeping a car well-maintained improves its performance. Regular A5 service ensures that your car is performing at its best, whether it is fuel efficiency or handling.

How Much Is The Cost of A5 Service

Dealership Costs

It usually costs between $500 and $800 to get your A5 serviced at a Mercedes dealership. There is also an oil change, tire inspection, fluid check, and other inspections included in this price.

There are many factors that can influence the cost, such as additional services like brake pad replacements and what type of oil is used.


  • Specialized service, certified mechanics, and original parts.


  • In comparison with independent mechanics, there are higher costs.

Independent Mechanics

A mechanic can cost you between $150 and $300 if you choose an independent mechanic. In addition to the job duration, parts availability plays a role in the price.


  • Costs are lower and service is faster.


  • Parts that are not original and mechanics who are not certified pose a risk.

DIY Costs

An A5 Service can be performed by mechanically inclined individuals for approximately $100 in parts. This option, however, should only be considered by those who possess confidence in their abilities.


  • It is cost-effective.


  • Due to inexperience, there is a risk of mistakes.

How do I know when my Mercedes needs A5 service?

This Service is typically required after 15,000 to 20,000 miles or every two years.

A message such as “A5 service due” will appear on the Service Interval Display. For your Mercedes to last as long as possible, you shouldn’t ignore these reminders.

How long can the service interval be extended?

Two years or 20,000 miles is the recommended interval for the A5 Service. You can, however, extend the service interval if you do not use your Mercedes often. A certified mechanic can provide customized advice based on your vehicle’s manual.


  • In the short term, you can save money by extending the interval.
  • Service center visits are less frequent
  • Schedule disruptions are less frequent


  • As a result of extending the service, potential problems may go unnoticed.
  • The lifespan of your Mercedes has been reduced
  • Concerns regarding warranty coverage

What Happens If I Ignore the A5 Service Reminder?

A5 Service reminders shouldn’t be ignored. It is recommended that the service be performed as soon as possible by Mercedes-Benz.

In order to maintain your vehicle’s longevity, you should not ignore the reminder after it appears. You can drive approximately 500 miles after it appears.


  • No benefit can be gained by ignoring the reminder.


  • Risk: Your Mercedes may suffer damage and the lifespan may be reduced.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency: Over time, your Mercedes-Benz may use more fuel and cost more to operate without regular maintenance.
  • Safety Hazards: Unnoticed problems with your Mercedes-Benz’s brakes, tires, or suspension can pose a safety risk.
  • Reduced Engine Performance: When maintenance issues are not addressed during the A5 Service, the engine will have a decreased capacity for acceleration and power.
  • Higher Repair Costs: Neglecting A5 Service leads to the escalation of small problems into larger problems, which translates into higher repair costs in the long run.

Are There Any Discounts or Offers?

In many dealerships, you can receive discounts when you purchase several services or even get free service after a certain period of time. Make sure you are aware of any ongoing promotions or loyalty programs you might be able to take advantage of.


  • There is the potential for significant savings.


  • It is often necessary to commit to a package deal when you receive an offer.

Tip of the Day

  • Make a Plan: Make your A5 Service appointment in advance to avoid hassles at the last minute.
  • Find the Best Deal: Compare prices from several service providers to get the best deal.
  • Check Reviews: Ask for recommendations or read customer reviews before choosing a service provider.
  • Be Aware of What’s Included: Find out what the A5 Service includes before signing up so you know what you’re getting.

DIY Maintenance Tips Between A5 Services

The owner of a Mercedes can maintain the vehicle between A5 service visits by taking certain steps.

Basic Tasks for Mercedes Owners

  • Make sure your tires are inflated properly and tread depth is checked regularly.
  • Make sure fluid levels are maintained and topped up when necessary.
  • Prevent corrosion on your Mercedes by washing it regularly.
  • Any warning lights should be addressed immediately.

Regular Checks to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Your Mercedes will benefit greatly from the simple tasks you perform during A5 service, in addition to the professional care it receives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mercedes A5 Service?

Mercedes-Benz vehicles receive the Mercedes-Benz A5 Service as part of their routine maintenance routine.

Can I Use Aftermarket Parts for My A5 Service?

For your A5 Service, aftermarket parts are available but aren’t generally recommended. Original Mercedes-Benz parts ensure your vehicle’s performance and warranty are maintained because they meet manufacturer specs and quality standards.

How often should the A5 Service be performed?

Two years or 20,000 miles is the general timeframe for the A5 Service.

What is included in the A5 Service?

In addition to fluid inspections, oil changes, air filter replacements, battery checks, and tire pressure adjustments, the A5 Service also includes an oil change.

Is the A5 Service Covered Under My Warranty?

There is generally no warranty coverage for the A5 Service under the Mercedes-Benz warranty. Dealerships may offer extended warranties or service packages that include regular maintenance services like those for the Audi A5. Details are always provided in your warranty or service package.

How Long Does an A5 Service Typically Take?

Service providers and vehicle conditions can affect how long your A5 Service takes. The process usually takes between 1.5 and 3 hours. Depending on the extent of the repairs, it may take longer.

What Happens If I Miss Multiple A5 Services?

If you fail to perform multiple A5 Services on your vehicle, it can negatively affect the performance and longevity of the vehicle. As a result, essential components can wear out, fuel efficiency can be reduced, and your warranty may be voided in some cases.

Can I Perform an A5 Service Myself?

Unless you have substantial mechanical experience, it’s generally not recommended to perform an A5 Service yourself.
As part of the service, specialized tools and knowledge are required for various checks and procedures. You may lose your warranty if you do this incorrectly.

How much does the A5 Service cost?

Mercedes dealerships charge $500 to $800 for the service, while independent mechanics charge $150 to $300.

Does A5 Service Have Any Seasonal Considerations?

Your vehicle’s maintenance needs can be affected by seasonal factors like extreme temperatures. If you live in a hot climate, you might need to change your oil more frequently or add more antifreeze.
If you have any questions about your location and driving conditions, you should always consult your service provider.


Mercedes owners should understand the A5 Service. It contributes to the longevity of your vehicle as well as ensuring its safety and performance.

If you choose to get your Mercedes-Benz repaired at an independent mechanic, at a dealership, or by yourself, you will benefit from knowing what to expect.

What’s the next service date for your A5? Is DIY appealing to you or are you considering consulting an expert? Mercedes’ performance and luxury can only be enjoyed with well-maintained vehicles.

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