Mercedes-Benz Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running

Low voltage may result in Mercedes-Benz vehicles displaying the message “Stop the vehicle, shift to P, leave the engine running.” on their dashboards. If you keep the engine running, it will automatically reset in about ten minutes.

In most cases, a discharged battery triggers the Mercedes-Benz “stop vehicle leave engine running” malfunction. There are several Mercedes-Benz models that can display this error message, including the C300, GLC300, E300, C200, C43 AMG, C250, C180, and so on.

Mercedes-Benz Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running

Mercedes Benz Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running: Meaning

Mercedes sensed that the battery charge was low, either due to a problem with the battery connections or a bad battery, and is advising you to keep the engine running to maintain the battery charge.

Mercedes Benz Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running Meaning

It is possible that your Mercedes’ battery charge is too low if you haven’t driven it for some time. Stagnant cars tend to discharge their batteries over time.

Troubleshooting Mercedes-Benz Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running Messages

It is possible that your Mercedes vehicle’s voltage regulator could be malfunctioning if the warning “Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running” appears on its dashboard. Voltage regulators maintain the battery’s charging; if they malfunction, the battery will cease to be charged and discharge.

Several issues can result from this, including the inability to start the engine. To prevent further battery discharge, stop and leave the engine running if this warning appears.

Keeping the engine running after stopping the vehicle is one of the main causes of this error.

Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running Causes

Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running Causes

Bad Battery

It is most often caused by a bad battery that the vehicle stops and the engine stays running. It is possible for your Mercedes battery to reach the end of its service life if you do not drive it enough or if you do not drive it often enough.

Battery life on Mercedes cars ranges from three to five years, so it’s a good idea to replace it when it’s more than three years old. Before attempting anything else, make sure the battery is operating before stopping the vehicle.

Charge a weak battery

There is a good chance that you haven’t driven your Mercedes often enough to recharge the battery if you recently replaced it.

In order for the alternator to charge up the battery again after installing a new battery, drive the car regularly. Without this, the battery won’t be able to store enough power and over time will discharge.

If you don’t drive your Mercedes often enough or if it’s parked for several weeks, then your battery may need to be recharged. When not in use, I recommend starting your Mercedes and letting it idle for a few minutes every two days.

Low amp wrong battery

A new battery installed on your Mercedes may not be powerful enough if you recently replaced it. If you are replacing your Mercedes battery, make sure it has enough amps to start the vehicle.

It is common for people to choose a battery with too few amps as an auto technician. In this case, you may find yourself stranded with a low battery on the side of the road.

My recommendation would be to go to the Mercedes dealership or a specialized battery store to find the right battery for your Mercedes model. If you need a battery for your Mercedes model, they can help you find it.

The terminals of batteries

There must be a tight connection between the battery terminals and the battery posts. The alternator won’t be able to supply enough power to your Mercedes battery if they are not.

The battery terminals should be tightened simultaneously with a wrench to ensure they are connected properly.

How do you deal with “Stop vehicle leave engine running” messages?

You should park your Mercedes-Benz in a safe location and let it run in Park when the error message “stop vehicle leave engine running” appears on the instrument cluster.

It usually takes ten to twenty minutes for the warning message to reset. To reset the error quickly, minimize the use of chargers, lights, fans, heated seats, etc. Unattended vehicles should not be left running.

How do you deal with Stop vehicle leave engine running messages

You may need to replace the main or auxiliary battery if you receive the “stop vehicle leave engine running” warning too often. Below are troubleshooting tips for more assistance.

Keep the engine running and let the transmission cool

Mercedes-Benz transmissions and transmission fluid overheat frequently when towing, resulting in this error message.

When the engine is safe, pull over and let it idle. Do not resume driving until the warning message has cleared.

It is not recommended to drive if you see the Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running Wait Transmission Cooling warning displayed on the dashboard, as you could damage the automatic transmission if you do.

How Does The Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running Happen?

You have a problem based on the warning. Any Mercedes-Benz vehicle should not display it on its dashboard. Batteries that have expired or alternators that are malfunctioning might be the culprit.

Leaving the engine running often recharges the battery. It should not be necessary to recharge the battery. Charging the battery should not be done while the car is idling.

How Does The Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running Happen

It’s like putting a Band-Aid on the wound by recharging the battery. The battery drains for a reason that you have yet to figure out. A battery drain can be caused by four main causes.

There are lights on

It has happened to all of us: you think the lights are off, but they aren’t. Everyone has made mistakes in the past, so don’t worry about it.

This is not the cause of the battery drain, so you have nothing to worry about. When you remember to turn off your car’s lights before leaving, everything will be fine.

The lights on an older Mercedes may drain the battery if the engine is running while the lights are on.

Battery is too old 

This problem frequently occurs with resold Mercedes-Benz. Car batteries can sometimes age more rapidly than other parts.

In case your Mercedes-Benz’s old battery cannot hold a charge, you’ll need to replace it. It costs approximately $150 to replace a Mercedes-Benz battery. For better batteries, you will need to spend about $250.

Hybrid Mercedes-Benzes are much more expensive. As much as $6,000 can be spent on a hybrid battery for a Mercedes-Benz.

Defective Bulb Consumes Charge

Is there a light on your car that isn’t working? Have you ever considered that the wiring may still be providing voltage to the bad bulb? Lights can use electricity without you knowing it.

Battery drain has probably been occurring for a while due to the light. Replacing the broken bulb is as simple as finding it and replacing it. This new bulb will automatically turn on, letting you know why your battery was draining.

Corroded or faulty alternator

Vehicles are powered by alternators, which transfer voltage from the battery to other components. As well as that, mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy.

An alternator failure could cause severe damage to your car. In a car with a damaged alternator, the battery will discharge much sooner than usual. Alternators need to be repaired or replaced, so you should do so.

Alternators can be repaired if not too much damage has been done. In cases of excessive damage, a replacement is preferable.

What To Do if You Get “Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running” message

You have three options when it comes to replacing the 12v battery on your Mercedes. These are your options:

What To Do if You Get “Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running” message

Mercedes Dealership

Mercedes dealerships can replace it for you if you take your Mercedes there. While this option is more expensive, you can rest assured that a new battery with the correct specifications will be installed.

Auto Repair Shop

You can have a qualified mechanic replace your Mercedes battery at an auto repair shop. New 12v batteries with the correct specifications should be installed by the technician.


This can be done yourself, but you’ll need the right tools and a battery that matches the size, which you can find on the internet for a fraction of the price of a dealer.

Do you need to keep your car running after you receive the message?

Your Mercedes should be let idle for at least 15-40 minutes after you receive the “stop vehicle and leave the engine running” message. This will ensure the battery receives enough charge to function properly.

Compatible cars and part numbers

To assist our readers in fixing that fault message, we have collected all compatible part numbers and Mercedes-Benz models.

The main battery part numbers are:

  • A000 982 31 08
  • A0009823108
  • A0005414601
  • A000982300826
  • A0035416601
  • A0035417301
  • A0035417501
  • A0055412001
  • A005541240126

Mercedes Benz compatibility list:

  • C Cass W205 Saloon Sedan
  • C Class S205 Estate Touring
  • C Class A205 Cabriolet Convertible
  • C Class C205 Coupe
  • C Class 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  • C Class C180 C200 C220d BlueTec C250d C300 C350 C350e C400 C450 C43 C450 C63 AMG 4Matic
  • E Class W213 S213 A238 C238
  • S class W222 A217 C217
  • GLC X253 Hatchback C253 Coupe GLC250 GLC300 GLC63 AMG

Inadequate maintenance and installation

The error may be caused by improper maintenance or installation. It is possible that loose cables or corrosion are causing performance issues with a relatively new car’s battery A0009823108. Untightened and incorrectly installed electrical wires shake, causing failures. You can resolve this problem by tightening the terminals. The buildup of corrosion can cause electrical failure, but it may also indicate a faulty electrical system.

Our recommendation is that if there is corrosion or you keep getting this warning message, you check the positive and negative terminals of the battery to ensure there is no corrosion on any of the posts of the battery. Ensure a good connection between the battery and the car’s electronics with a battery terminal brush.

How Often Should I Change the Battery in My Mercedes-Benz?

It would be ideal if a car battery lasted as long as the car. Despite this, water damage, overheating, and bad wiring can compromise the battery’s performance.

How Often Should I Change the Battery in My Mercedes-Benz

The warranty may not cover you if your battery has too many problems. Battery replacement is recommended every four to five years for Mercedes-Benz owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this issue common among all Mercedes models?

There are common factors that contribute to the phenomenon across models.

Can I fix the problem on my own, or do I need professional assistance?

To ensure a comprehensive fix, it is recommended to consult with professionals.

Has Mercedes officially recalled vehicles due to this issue?

Mercedes has been actively addressing individual cases, but as of now there hasn’t been an official recall.

Are there software updates available to prevent this problem?

In response to the issue, Mercedes has released software updates emphasizing the importance of maintaining the software on a regular basis.

How can I stay informed about future developments regarding this issue?

Maintain regular contact with Mercedes official communications, forums, and automotive news sources.


If the warning message “Stop Vehicle Shift to P Leave Engine Running” appears on your Mercedes-Benz, you have a problem with its charging system. An alternator malfunction indicates that the battery is not being charged when the engine is running. In this case, the vehicle’s electrical systems will be entirely dependent on the battery, resulting in a rapid discharge of the battery.

The vehicle should be stopped, shifted to P (park), and the engine left running to prevent further battery discharge. In this way, the alternator can charge the battery. To prevent potential damage to the battery and other electrical components, you should have the alternator checked as soon as possible by a professional mechanic.

You should also be aware that if you do not respond immediately when this message appears, your car may no longer start, and you may need to have it towed to a shop for repairs. This warning should not be ignored and should be checked as soon as possible.

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