Mercedes B3 Service [What Is Included & Checklist, Cost]

To ensure a long-lasting and safe performance on different roads, Mercedes-Benz vehicles require routine maintenance.

B3 service messages on Mercedes-Benz vehicles are difficult to obtain accurate and relevant information about.

A reminder is usually sent to the owner when the Mercedes flexible service system needs to be serviced.

This very message puzzled me two years ago as well. So, I’ve written this article to share my own experience with Mercedes B3.

Based on my experience as a mechanic and a proud Merc owner, I provide a detailed explanation of what the B3 service entails, how it is performed, and how much it costs.

Mercedes B3 Service [What Is Included & Checklist, Cost]

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What Is Mercedes B3 Service?

Oil and filters are the main components of the Mercedes B3 service.

During Mercedes-Benz’s B3 service, an oil and filter change is performed every 60,000 miles or after one year.

Since the maintenance service includes brake and suspension inspections and fluid checks, it also contributes to road safety.

Mercedes B3

It will improve the performance and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle if you correct the issues related to these components.

Mercedes Service B3 Checklist

Rather than going to the garage, here is a useful checklist you can use if you plan to do the service yourself.

Service ItemType
Replace Air FilterB3 Exclusive
Replace Spark PlugsB3 Exclusive
Replace Synthetic Motor OilStandard B-Service
Replace Oil FilterStandard B-Service
Replace Cabin Air FilterStandard B-Service
Check Fluid LevelsStandard B-Service
Check Tire PressureStandard B-Service
Check Brake ComponentsStandard B-Service

Mercedes B3 Service: What’s Included?

Detailed information about B3 services can be found below:

Mercedes B3 Service What's Included

Spark Plug Service

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are comfortable and perform well on different terrains, making them ideal for road trips.

Idling the vehicle for long periods of time and driving at low speed can result in spark plug failure.

A rough idle, misfires, or surges are signs that the spark plugs need to be changed. Additionally, keep the air filters and fuel injectors clean to avoid long-term stalling of the spark plugs.

Air Filter Replacement

As a result of driving on dusty roads, Mercedes-Benz air filters accumulate dust. The engine’s oil will become dirty and will perform poorly if the air filters are clogged with dust.

In addition to inspecting all the air filters and replacing them if necessary, a B3 service on Mercedes is an excellent option. Dust will be trapped by new filters, allowing the engine to run at its best.

Inspection of brake components

The brakes are one of the most important components of a vehicle that contributes to safety on the road. It is possible for brake fluid leaks to prevent pressure from being transmitted from the pedal to the wheels.

Disc depreciation will also cause brake failure, making it harder to stop the vehicle. It is possible to avoid such situations by performing routine maintenance.

An inspection of Mercedes B3 brakes involves checking the pedal, brake fluid, brake lines, shoes, and pads. Damages and malfunctions can be identified before they cause severe problems through this process.

Replacement of synthetic motor oil

It is recommended that Mercedes-Benz models be serviced with synthetic oil once a year or every 10,000 miles for maximum engine performance.

With the new oil, the engine will be protected from overheating and surging by optimal heat distribution. Mercedes-Benz B3 services include engine oil replacement.

My recommendation is to obtain synthetic oil from an authorized Mercedes dealer who is reputable and reputable. Weather conditions can adversely affect the performance of regular oil, which can result in engine failure.

Check and correction of all other fluids

Several components on Mercedes-Benz models require fluid for operation. Leaks usually cause these fluids to drain out, which interferes with their operation.

As part of Mercedes’ B3 service, all fluids need to be checked and corrected, if necessary. Depending on the car model, year, and interval, fluid levels need to be checked and corrected.

To find out which fluids need to be inspected and replaced frequently, I recommend reading your car manual.

How Much Does Mercedes B3 Service Cost?

In general, Mercedes-Benz B3 services cost between $200 and $450. An oil change, brake inspection, and suspension inspection are included in the B3 service.

Other minor services include checking and correcting fluid levels if necessary. If your Mercedes has not been serviced for one year after its last service, then this B service is required.

Due to the fact that maintenance services require component replacement, they are more expensive than Mercedes A services. Model, year, and component replacement all influence Mercedes-Benz B3 service costs.

How Much Does Mercedes B3 Service Cost

The maintenance and service costs for modern Mercedes-Benz models are higher than those of older models. Since brakes and suspension are available in sets, replacing worn-out components is extremely expensive.

To achieve a fair price charge, I recommend seeking an independent mechanic instead of going to an authorized dealer (unless you have a warranty and service plan).

In addition, regular oil should not be used in your engine because it does not dissipate heat. Although synthetic oil is more expensive than regular oil, I recommend it for optimal engine performance.

It is important to research the available technicians within your vicinity before you pay too much. When choosing a mechanic for the B3 service, make sure they have experience working on all Mercedes-Benz models.

Why Is a B3 Service So Expensive?

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, you may wonder why the B3 service seems quite expensive. Why is the price so high?

When compared to A-services (A1, A2, A3, etc. ), B-services (B1, B2, B3, etc.) are more comprehensive. It’s because of this that last year, you paid quite a bit less for A3 service.

A Mercedes-Benz vehicle is designed with sophisticated technology, high-quality parts, and complex systems, which require specialists to diagnose and repair. B3 services ensure that your vehicle remains in top condition by leveraging their expertise.

Why Is a B3 Service So Expensive

As well as that, Mercedes-Benz’s exclusivity influences service costs. In terms of performance, comfort, and innovation, Mercedes-Benz is renowned as a luxury brand.

These brands deliver a premium experience with their cars (like Audi, BMW, and others), as well as high levels of service and maintenance. Consequently, maintenance is also expensive.

In a nutshell, the cost of maintaining a Mercedes-Benz B3 service is part of the luxury brand’s total cost of ownership. If you need to find a mechanic in your area who knows Mercedes, it is best to find one who is a trusted mechanic. In addition to saving money, you’ll often receive more individualized service.

How Often Should a B3 Service Be Performed?

These services typically need to be done after 60,000 miles (or 6th year of ownership). The car’s Flexible Service System will determine the EXACT time. Once the A3 service has been completed, it will take approximately a year (or 10,000 miles).

When it comes time for you to perform the B3 service, your car will display a message such as “B3 Service Due“, “B3 Service Exceeded by X Days“, “Service Code: B3“, or “Service B.” You shouldn’t worry if you don’t remember the exact date.

Benefits Of Mercedes Service B3 Maintenance

Benefits Of Mercedes Service B3 Maintenance

Enhances acceleration and driving

Service B3 enhances your vehicle’s performance by replacing spark plugs and changing air filters. Spark plugs and air filters that are new and clean will help your car’s engine operate more efficiently, resulting in improved acceleration and overall driving enjoyment.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

By replacing synthetic oil and checking fluid levels, a properly maintained engine can perform better. Fuel consumption and cost savings are achieved by using clean oil, which reduces friction and makes the engine run more smoothly.

Maintaining Resale Value

A detailed check and replacement with Service B3 can help detect potential issues before they become significant. Your vehicle’s resale value can be preserved over time by adopting this proactive maintenance approach.

Enhanced Safety Features

Service B3 includes a brake component inspection, which significantly enhances your vehicle’s safety. Your vehicle’s stopping ability will not be compromised if you identify potential brake system issues early on.

Prevents costly repairs

Keeping your equipment maintained regularly through Service B3 will help you avoid expensive repairs in the future. Minor issues can be prevented from escalating into severe damage by addressing them during service.

How to Reset Service B3 on a Mercedes in 4 Methods?

Method 1: Start the ignition process

The mileage will appear on the dashboard after you turn on the ignition. The key should be turned to the first position. It is important to note that the navigation buttons are located on the steering wheel.

Method 2: Navigate to the ‘Trip’ menu

You will see the “Trip” menu after pressing the left navigation button. Hold down the call and “OK” buttons for about five seconds while holding down the call button.

When you click this button, you will be taken to the shop menu. Scroll down until you see “Trip”.

Method 3: Locate ‘Assyst Plus’ and select it

You can find the “Assyst Plus” option by repeatedly pressing the down navigation button. To confirm, click “OK”.

Next, select “Full Service” and “Service Data.”. To select “Full Service”, click the down arrow again and click “OK”.

Scroll down with the down button until you reach “Conf.”. Scroll down until you reach “Full Serv.”. Make your selection. After this, you will be asked, “Service carried out?”.

If you would like to confirm your choice, click the down arrow and select “Yes”.

Method 4: Finalize the process

The message “Cannot be done.” will appear. Use the down button to navigate until you see “Confirm”. Please click “OK” once you have understood.

You must be aware that by confirming, you will reset the service light, which cannot be reversed. Finally, there will be a message asking, “Full Service Carried Out?”.

Confirm your approval by clicking “OK”, and the process is complete! It is important to confirm each step for the system to continue.

Depending on your Mercedes model year, this reset may not work, but most Mercedes models will.

Choosing the Right Service Center

Authorized Mercedes Service Centers

Identifying certified Mercedes-Benz service centers should be your first step. The certification confirms that the service center has undergone specialized training from the manufacturer, ensuring it has the technical know-how and tools needed to work on Mercedes vehicles. Since these centers are equipped with up-to-date information and tools, they are likely to provide high-quality service B3.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Evaluation of the service center’s reputation is an essential part of your research. Through reviews and ratings, digital platforms allow customers to share their experiences.

Find service centers that boast a high level of customer satisfaction, particularly comments that highlight their professionalism, work quality, and commitment to the customer.

When the customer completes the purchase, presenting beautiful car-themed Pin Badges increases the customer’s goodwill value. Also, pins with the service center’s logo as a gift will be a good way to promote the event. Having a wide variety of badges as gifts during an event is also a way to gain customer favor..

Centers with a strong Mercedes track record

In the field of automobile service, experience is crucial. In order to serve vehicles of various make and models, long-established service centers tend to accumulate comprehensive knowledge and expertise, which enables them to handle intricate service requirements, such as Service B3, with the best efficiency.

Get An AASE-Certified Mechanic To Work On Your Vehicle

They have passed rigorous tests and acquired professional experience in a variety of areas related to vehicle maintenance and repair.

Use of Genuine Parts

Replacement parts during Service B3 should only be performed by qualified Mercedes-Benz service centers. It is important to use genuine parts to maintain the performance and resale value of your vehicle. Authentic parts ensure the perfect fit and functionality.

Communication and transparency

Customer communication is the key to a good service center. If you have any questions about the Service B3 procedures, they should be able to provide clear explanations.

How Long Does a B3 Service Take?

Typically, Mercedes B3 servicing takes between 2-3 labor hours, but it can vary a lot depending on its location, season, and maintenance requirements.

Independent specialists cannot compete with dealer shops with trained mechanics and streamlined processes. The labor rates of independents, however, are usually lower. Overbooked shops may experience longer wait times during busy spring and fall seasons.

How Long Does a B3 Service Take

Lastly, a shop’s staffing level also impacts turnaround time. The B3 checklist will not cover all maintenance requirements, so adding more requirements will add more time to the maintenance process. It may only take 2-3 hours to complete the B3 service alone, but once shop delays, seasonal demands, and any additional maintenance are taken into account, the total time may exceed 3 hours.

Can I Do a B3 Service Myself?

These services can be performed by you yourself. It is important to consider a few factors before taking on this project.

To begin with, ensure that you have the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills. Oil changes, air filter replacements are novice-friendly (e.g., oil changes) while spark plug replacements, brake fluid changes require more expertise and tools (e.g., brake fluid changes).

Performing a service on your car effectively requires knowledge of its functions and components. Several resources can provide you with information about these aspects, including specific model-specific service manuals, forum postings by users, YouTube videos, and even the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

Can I Do a B3 Service Myself

The second thing you should know is that doing a B3 service yourself carries some risks. If you’re not careful or experienced in performing the required tasks, you may make mistakes or even damage your car.

Additionally, performing a B3 service yourself could void your warranty. For a complete understanding of the implications of performing the service on your own, be sure to read the terms and conditions in your car’s warranty. A non-authorized professional may void some warranties.

Do-it-yourselfers can provide B3 service but must consider their skills, the tools they have available, the risks they may face, and any terms of use that may apply. While you will save some money, you should know that Mercedes-Benz parts are not exactly cheap, so while you will save some money, you won’t be able to afford it.

Tips for Maintaining Your Mercedes Between B3 Services

Regular Vehicle Inspections

Checking your Mercedes regularly can help you catch potential issues early. Any changes in performance, fluid leaks, or unusual sounds should be noted.

Proper Tire Maintenance

The performance and safety of tires are crucial. In order to maintain optimal handling, be sure to check your tire pressure regularly, rotate your tires as recommended, and replace them when they wear out.

Keeping Up with Routine Checks

It’s important to check your Mercedes’ fluid levels, replace air filters, and inspect belts between B3 services to maintain its overall health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is B3 service only for new Mercedes vehicles?

No, Mercedes vehicles are recommended for B3 service regardless of age to ensure ongoing performance and longevity.

How often should I schedule a B3 service?

There are usually mileage-based recommendations from Mercedes, but performance changes or unusual sounds may indicate immediate attention is needed.

Can I perform B3 service on my own to save money?

Owners may be able to perform some maintenance tasks, but B3 service involves intricate procedures best handled by certified technicians.

Is B3 service expensive compared to other maintenance options?

A comprehensive service like B3 ensures the overall health of your Mercedes, justifying its cost.

What should I look for in a service center for B3 service?

The best Mercedes service center contains certified technicians, positive customer reviews, and access to advanced technology and genuine parts.


Keeping your Mercedes B3 in top condition is more than just a routine maintenance package; it’s an investment in longevity, performance, and safety. Maintaining your B3 regularly not only preserves its value, but also ensures a smooth, enjoyable driving experience. Take proactive measures to protect your Mercedes’ health; do not regard it as an expense.

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