Mercedes A7 Service  [What Is Included & Checklist, Cost]

You should regularly service your Mercedes-Benz if you want it to run smoothly, last a long time, be reliable, and hold its resale value.

The Mercedes Benz owners I have seen neglect their cars as an auto technician. Until they break down, they drive them to mechanics and hope that they can fix them.

Mercedes A7 Service  [What Is Included & Checklist, Cost]

Using this strategy could lead to poor service and increased long-term costs for your car.

Throughout this article, you will learn about one of Mercedes Benz’s “A7 services” and what’s included. Let’s get started.

What is Mercedes A7 Service?

You must perform the A7 service every 12-24 months or whenever the “Service A7” maintenance message appears on your dashboard as part of your Mercedes maintenance schedule.

There are a few additional tasks added to the A7 service over and above the A service. Mercedes Benz vehicles are maintained in seven other ways.

What is Included in the Service?

We’ll now take a look at how the technicians perform this particular service. There are the following items included in the Mercedes A7:

What is Included in the Mercedes A7 Service

Changing of engine oil

Changing the engine oil and filter is the first step in the Mercedes A7 service.

In addition to removing the old oil, the technician will add new synthetic oil to the system, and then clean the filter housing.

Your engine’s longevity depends on regular oil changes, which prevent corrosion, wear, and tear, and keep it cool.

Besides lubricating your engine’s moving parts, oil also promotes smooth and efficient operation.

Changing the engine oil filter

Your engine’s oil filter will be changed next by the technician.

Your vehicle’s filter helps prevent debris and contaminants from getting into the engine oil, which could damage it.

Replacement of transmission oil

This is an A7 Service, which means your transmission fluid will be changed.

Keeping your vehicle’s transmission lubricated and cool requires transmission fluid, which is a specialty oil.

Leaving this fluid unreplaced can lead to transmission damage if it becomes dirty.

Replacement of transmission filters

Transmission filters keep contaminants from entering your transmission fluid. This filter will be replaced and tested by the technician.

Inspection of tires

Your car’s tires will be checked next by the technician.

Your vehicle’s overall condition depends on the pressure and tread of its tires.

Your technician will fill up your tires if he or she notices one or more of them are low on air pressure.

You should replace your tires as soon as possible if you notice a crack in the sidewall or bulge in the tread.

Inspection of brakes

In addition to inspecting your car’s brakes, the mechanic will ensure they are in good working order.

Moreover, they will check your Mercedes’ brake system for any leaks that could cause damage to other parts.

Changing the brake fluid

A Mercedes A7 service includes changing the brake fluid as well, which is critical to the brakes’ operation.

With a new supply of brake fluid that meets the manufacturer’s specifications, the technician will flush out and replace the Mercedes brake fluid.

Flushing the cooling system

Maintaining a proper engine temperature requires engine coolant.

Coolant will be flushed out and replaced by the technician.

Reset Maintenance Service Count

As a final step, the maintenance indicator is reset on the Mercedes A7.

It is useful for keeping track of when your vehicle needs to be serviced again.

Your Mercedes will be checked over by the technician to ensure everything is working properly. The maintenance indicator will be reset and a once over will be performed.

When Should an A7 Service Be Done?

In the 13th year of a Mercedes’ lifespan, or around 130,000 miles, the A7 service is typically performed. In about one year after the last major B6 service, this minor service is required.

When Should an A7 Service Be Done

When it’s time to bring your vehicle into the shop, you’ll receive handy reminders like “A7 Service Due,” “A7 Service in 30 Days,” “A7 Service Overdue by 15 Days,” and “Service Code: A7.”. These reminders inform you when your Mercedes is due for service. Feel free to schedule a few days earlier or later than the recommended time.

You don’t have to guess when your next A7 appointment is by relying on Mercedes service notifications.

How Much Is The Cost of Mercedes A7 service?

Last but not least, let’s see how much it costs to service an A7.

Depending on your location, the price of A7 service can range from $420 to $600 (£350 to £500).

A warranty may help you recoup some of this money if you have all the necessary parts and labor along with it.

Benefits of A7 Service

Benefits of Mercedes A7 Service

Improved fuel efficiency

The fuel economy of a vehicle is improved when the components are tuned efficiently. A7 optimizes your vehicle to make sure that you get the most mileage out of every gallon.

Increased safety

There can be no compromise on safety. A7 service emphasizes preventative measures, ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

Avoiding major breakdowns

The best way to prevent major breakdowns is to maintain your vehicle regularly. The long-term benefits of proactive vehicle maintenance are worth the effort.

Why Is an A7 Service So Expensive?

When compared to other vehicles, Mercedes maintenance costs are higher for a variety of reasons:

  • For optimal performance, Mercedes uses high-quality parts that are engineered to extreme specifications. There is a premium price associated with these premium-quality parts, fluids, and filters.
  • In order to maintain these complex vehicles correctly, Mercedes technicians undergo extensive, ongoing training. They charge higher labor rates for their specialized knowledge of your model and make.
  • Furthermore, dealers invest heavily in the scanning equipment and tools Mercedes uses to properly assess the quality of its meticulously engineered cars. It is expensive for dealerships to purchase such specialized equipment.
  • In addition, Mercedes has the right to charge premium maintenance rates, in line with other luxury brands. In keeping with Mercedes’ reputation, Mercedes owners expect a high level of service.

Mercedes A7 Service Checklist

Here is the checklist that you can use if you plan on doing the service yourself.

Service Items

  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Coolant flush
  • Transmission filter change
  • A7 service counter reset
  • Transmission Oil Change
  • Tire inspection (including pressure)
  • Brake fluid change

Mercedes A7 Service vs. Generic Auto Shops

Mercedes A7 Service vs. Generic Auto Shops

Specialized knowledge

Unlike generic auto shops, this goes above and beyond. In-depth Mercedes vehicle knowledge ensures accurate diagnosis and repair by specialized Mercedes technicians.

Genuine Mercedes parts

Genuine Mercedes parts are what your A7 deserves. In order to ensure the integrity of your luxury vehicle, A7 service uses only authentic components.

Warranty considerations

You can preserve the warranty on your vehicle by choosing A7 service. You may lose your warranty if you use a generic auto shop, which could cause financial hardship later on.

How Long Does an A7 Service Take?

In most dealerships, an A7 service takes about one hour of hands-on time. There are several factors that can affect the total time your car spends in the shop:

  • Location: Large facilities with well-trained staff tend to work more efficiently than smaller facilities with undertrained staff. Additionally, dedicated technicians who only perform routine maintenance are helpful.
  • Time of Year: Auto service is extremely busy in the spring and right before winter. There will be a longer wait if there are more cars in the shop.
  • Extra Repairs: In addition to the standard A7 items, any additional work is going to take extra time. When your car has well over 100k miles, other maintenance issues are more likely to be discovered.

As a result, although a skilled technician may complete the actual A7 task in one hour, shop delays, seasonal demands, and additional repairs can easily extend the duration of the visit. It might take three, four, or even more hours for some cases to be resolved in the shop. If time is of the essence, contact the shop first.

Can I Do an A7 Service Myself?

Most Mercedes owners are better off taking their vehicles to a professional shop for maintenance due to the complex nature of maintenance.

In order to meet factory specifications, advanced technical expertise and specialized Mercedes tools are needed. DIY servicing on these sophisticated vehicles can lead to mechanical problems, safety hazards, and even voiding warranties.

Can I Do an A7 Service Myself

The only advantage to servicing Mercedes yourself is that you may save some money if you are a knowledgeable home mechanic who accepts the risks and fully understands the service procedure. After purchasing parts, supplies, and tools, the savings may not be as great as expected.

Developing a toolkit, finding better-priced quality parts, and using up fluids and filters eventually make DIY servicing more cost-effective. Initially, however, Mercedes owners who want proper, headache-free maintenance prefer professional service because of the experience needed and upfront costs.

How to Reset an A7 Service Notification On a Mercedes

You don’t have to drive to a dealership or shop to have your A7 service notification reset, whether you’ve completed the service yourself or the shop forgot.

Mercedes service notifications are explained in this video very well. Depending on the year and model, the actual procedure may differ.

The Future of Automotive Maintenance

Advancements in technology

Automotive maintenance is evolving along with the industry. With a peek into the future, we see that A7 will be able to provide even more precise and efficient service in the future.

Predictive maintenance

When your vehicle needs service, it will notify you. A new trend in preventive maintenance involves using data and sensors to predict problems before they occur.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should my Mercedes A7 be serviced regularly?

Generally, A7 service should be performed once a year or every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

Can I use generic parts for A7 service?

In order to maintain your vehicle’s performance and integrity, you should use genuine Mercedes parts whenever possible.

Is A7 service expensive?

Although it may seem expensive at first glance, many service centers offer affordable packages, with long-term benefits outweighing them.

Is it okay to skip routine maintenance?

The risk of major issues increases when you do not perform routine maintenance, potentially resulting in expensive repairs and reducing the lifespan of your vehicle.

Is there a discount for A7 service?

Service centers often offer loyalty programs and seasonal discounts. To find out what offers are available at your local service center, contact them.


Mercedes A7 cars are more than cars; they are a symbol of luxury and performance. It is essential to perform regular A7 service to maintain its exceptional driving experience. You can enjoy the open road with confidence when you trust the experts, invest in preventive maintenance, and take care of your vehicle.

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