Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan: (Solved)

Do you know of a car with key symbol on its dashboard, which you have no idea what it originated from in the first place? You don’t have to be alarmed though, as these warning signs will continue to appear on the dashboard for as long as you have a vehicle, so there is nothing to worry about. To figure out how to fix the issue, if any, you must know what these warning signs mean.

Among other factors, the car with key symbol on dashboard Nissan can occur if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft system, your key fob battery is low, or there is a problem with your vehicle’s alarm system.

Car with Key symbols can be prevented from appearing on your dashboard by charging the key fob’s battery, replacing the key fob, deactivating the anti-theft system, and turning your vehicle off, i.e., pulling off and restarting the engine.

Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan (Solved)

In this article, I explain in detail what the car with key symbol on the Nissan dashboard means, as well as some reasons behind why it appears.

Also, I will give you all the options that are available to you for stopping the car with key symbol from appearing on the dashboard, so you can try them all. In order to keep your Nissan dashboard operating at its best, you need to be aware of the warning lights on it.

What is ”Red Car With Key Symbol”? 

In cars with Immobilizers (anti-theft systems), the “Red car with key symbol” indicates it is disabled. In cars equipped with immobilizers, the original key is required to start the car. 

Unless the Immobilizer can detect the correct smart key, even cloned car keys will not start the car. 

Why Does Nissan Have a Key Symbol on the Dashboard? 

Understanding what the key symbol means is essential to understanding the issue better and understanding why it appears on your Nissan dashboard.

Your vehicle’s security system is activated if the car with key symbol appears. Nissan, for example, comes with an in-built security system to prevent theft in most high-quality and high-tech cars.

Why Does Nissan Have a Key Symbol on the Dashboard 

A car with key symbol will flash on the dashboard if someone tries stealing or opening the doors without your key.

This does not mean you will only see the key symbol on your car if someone attempts to steal it. My explanation below will explain why this symbol/warning light appears on your Nissan dashboard.

Causes of the Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan

I mentioned earlier that your Nissan’s dashboard may have a flashing key symbol for several reasons. For your convenience, I have listed them here.

Causes of the Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan

Key lock problem

The Nissan dashboard warning light with the key symbol could also be caused by a problem with your car’s key lock. The car’s system will not recognize the key if the lock is damaged, even if you have the right key. A key symbol appears on the dashboard of your vehicle as a result of this process.

Key fob battery low 

There is also a possibility that your vehicle’s dashboard will display a car with a key symbol due to a low battery in the key fob. Keeping key fobs charged is crucial to keeping them working, since they typically have a short battery life.

Your Nissan dashboard may flash with the key symbol if you haven’t charged your key fob in a long time.

Battery damage or drain

You must not only maintain the key fob’s charge, but also monitor its battery in order to keep it working. In that case, you might want to replace the battery in your key fob if you are still using the original battery.

Anti-theft system malfunctions

It’s a sign of a problem with your Nissan’s anti-theft system when the car symbol flashes on your dashboard as you attempt to start the engine. A key not being recognized by the anti-theft system can also cause this.

Vehicle theft occurrence

In spite of the fact that I do not want this to be the cause of the key warning light on the car, I have to include it. A key symbol would flash on your dashboard if someone were trying to steal or open your car without the key.

In this case, one thing you should be grateful for is that the immobilizer immediately activated when the Nissan key warning night flashed, making starting the engine a difficult task, and ultimately making theft more difficult.

Car battery low

Likewise, your car’s battery is the same as the key fob’s battery which sparked the flashing key symbol on your dashboard because the Nissan couldn’t detect the key due to the low battery in the key fob.

You may have seen the car with the key symbol on the dashboard if you left the additional car accessories, such as the radio, headlights, and parking lights, on. This may have caused the battery to drain, preventing your vehicle from detecting the key fob.

Immobilizer system problem

A problematic immobilizer system is the primary cause of your car’s dashboard flashing key symbol. Upon inserting the key in the ignition, if the immobilizer system of your Nissan is malfunctioning, the vehicle will not recognize the key.

A key symbol will appear on the dashboard of the car as a result of this triggering the security system.

Troubleshooting the Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan

Once you have a clear understanding of the problem, you can move on to fix it.

Troubleshooting the Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan

Spare key can be used

You can use the second key if your first one fails if you have two keys. Most vehicles come with two keys. The problem may be resolved if you start the car with the spare key and lock and unlock it again.

Replace the car’s battery

Dead batteries are one of the most common reasons why Nissan dashboards display a key symbol. Consider replacing your car’s battery if you haven’t done so for a long time.

Battery replacement for the key fob 

A new battery can also fix the problem if you replace the one in the key fob. Additionally, ensure that the key fob’s battery is replaced every few months to prevent such situations in the future. As batteries wear out over time, ensure that you replace the battery regularly. For those of you who have never replaced a key fob’s battery, check out the YouTube video.

Car Locks and Unlocks

Parking your car on the side and locking and unlocking it a few times should be the first thing you do once you see the key warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard. When the key is recognized, the immobilizer will be able to block the display of the vehicle with a key symbol.

Check the Door Lock 

If none of the above fixes work, consider checking your Nissan dashboard’s door lock if you can’t get rid of the key symbol.

Consult a professional

Do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if you have tried all possible fixes and none of them have been successful. Make sure you follow all the tips the service station gives you so you won’t have to deal with any future hassles.

How do you proceed if none of the solutions work for you?

Some people may not be able to complete all of these solutions due to lack of technical knowledge, but performing these solutions will fix the problem.

That’s why you need to get it fixed by a professional. 

Do I still have to drive with the Nissan Key Symbol on my dash always on?

No, that’s not true. Turning on the engine with a flashing dashboard sign indicates you used the correct key, and can drive normally.

A car with a Nissan key symbol, on the other hand, will repeatedly blink if the key cannot be recognized. Once that happens, you won’t be able to start the engine, preventing you from driving.

Can I turn off my anti-theft system?

You can disable the anti-theft system of your car by pressing the unlock button on your remote key. You will need to unlock the driver’s door and turn the ignition switch to “on” with the key.

In the event that the above method cannot be used, lock the parking brake, step out of the car and roll up all of the windows before locking the driver’s door.

Can I turn off my anti-theft system

A different key may be needed if you can’t start your vehicle with the dashboard security light on.

You might be able to solve the issue by using a different key if you see a red car with a Nissan key.

In the case of a second key not working and the security indicator light still blinking, you should call a dependable mechanic to help diagnose the problem and reprogram the anti-theft system.

Does anti-theft prevent the car from starting?

I would say yes. Due to the system’s goal of protecting your car from thefts, it is understandable that your car won’t start when it is activated.

Does anti-theft prevent the car from starting

How does the anti-theft system work? 

Fuel will be shut off during this process so that clone keys and hot wiring can’t be used to start the vehicle.

Additionally, it activates the car alarm so local residents are notified when a theft has taken place.

Real-life Scenarios and Customer Experiences

Common User Queries

To provide clarity and ease concerns regarding the Nissan key symbol, we answer frequently asked questions.

Personal Stories of Key Symbol Encounters

Nissan owners share their real-life experiences with key symbol challenges.

Advantages of Nissan’s Key Symbol System

Enhanced Security Features

Nissan’s key symbol system is designed with advanced security features to provide vehicle owners with peace of mind.

User-Friendly Interface

A crucial role is played by the user interface. Designed with user-friendliness and ease of understanding in mind, Nissan’s key symbol is easy to recognize.

The Future of Car Dashboard Symbols

Advancements in Automotive Technology

In addition, the technology behind dashboard symbols is advancing to provide more intuitive and informative displays in the future.

Predictions for Dashboard Symbols

Technical advancements and user preferences may influence dashboard symbols in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a low key fob battery affect my car’s performance?

Low key fob batteries can affect your car’s overall performance and cause issues with the key symbol.

How often should I replace my key fob battery?

Depending on how often the fob is used, it’s recommended to replace the battery every 1-2 years.

Will the key symbol always indicate a problem?

No, not necessarily. An active anti-theft system, for example, can also be an informative indicator.

Can I deactivate the anti-theft system on my own?

Yes, most of the time. In the article, we explain how to deactivate the anti-theft system step-by-step.

What should I do if the key symbol persists despite troubleshooting?

To ensure a thorough inspection and resolution, seek professional assistance if issues persist.


There’s all you need to know about the key symbol/warning light on the car! My guide provides a brief explanation of the vehicle with a key symbol flashing on the Nissan dashboard, as well as some reasons behind it.

The symbol can also be removed from your vehicle’s dashboard with some simple fixes. The warning lights are necessary for our safety and protection, so you can’t completely avoid them, but hopefully this guide will help you cope with them better in the future.

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