Ford Edge Years To Avoid In 2024 (Explained)

Midsize crossovers were still relatively small in 2007 when the model was introduced, and there were not nearly as many models as there are now. Outside of 20091, Ford Edges have sold more than 100,000 in the United States every year. Most of those who bought those midsize CUVs were fortunate to find them reliable.

Ford Edge Years To Avoid in 2024 (Explained)

Many of the oldest models are still on the road today, having reached fourteen or fifteen years of age. In other words, if you are looking to buy a used Ford Edge, we’ll let you know which Ford Edge model years are the most reliable and which Ford Edge model years should be avoided.

Ford Edge Years To Avoid in 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015 Ford Edge Years

Based on their complaint ratings and reliability ratings on popular websites, these are some of the worse Ford edge models.

Ford Edge YearComplaints received on CarComplaintsEdmunds reliability rating (out of 5)The reliability rating of J.D. Power ( out of 100)
2021 4.0 

In order to be considered a high-quality vehicle, the Ford Edge had to undergo some growing pains and work out some bugs. There were alarmingly frequent problems with transmissions, engines, and brakes in 2007 and 2008. We won’t even begin to touch on the myriad of other issues we’ll discuss later.

Since the better-selling Escape and Explorer SUVs received similar, if not lower amounts of complaints during this time period, these vehicles might have been rushed into production before they were ready.

Ford Edge Years To Avoid in 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015 Ford Edge Years

A few model years later, Ford was able to turn things around. There were still some problems to deal with in 2011, including engine issues, brake issues, and transmission issues. Door sensors that believed the passenger door was open permanently were the most common problem reported.

However, despite the fact that it wasn’t the most serious or the most expensive issue to fix, it was still an inconvenience and cost a few hundred dollars, and it was a common complaint. In addition to the common problem with the brake pedal in 2012, this was also a common issue with the 2013 model year.

In addition to this problem, the 2013 model was most frequently reported as having stalled or broken down engines. Since the 2007 and 2008 Ford Edge models were among the best, it is best to avoid the model years 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015.

Which Model Years of Ford Edge Are Safe to Buy Used?

In the second and third years of production, complaints decreased by about 90% as a result of the improvements made between 2008-2009. It was the brakes that were the most commonly reported problem with the 2009 Edge.

Although this may seem alarming at first, brakes are essential to the safety of a vehicle. However, only three complaints were made: two said the pedals were difficult to press, and one said the pedals were horrible.

Which Model Years of Ford Edge Are Safe to Buy Used?

As much as the brakes failed to stop the car, it was more of a matter of taste than anything else. Although this should be taken into account when test-driving the 2009 Edge, you shouldn’t be discouraged by it.

Among the 2010 complaints were engine stalling or dying, and a faulty brake booster that made it difficult to press down on and apply the brake pedal. Although there were far fewer complaints this year than in the past, engine problems tended to appear quite late in the car’s life.

In 2011, the Edge got a facelift, but it continued to have problems until the last year of this generation. Despite its flaws, 2014 isn’t an Edge model year to shy away from. In 2014, there were fewer reports of a malfunctioning sensor that still thought the door was ajar than in previous years, but the number of reports decreased from triple digits to single digits.

Radios did not work consistently, heaters did not function correctly, and rear windshields broke without apparent reason were other common problems.

A few hiccups and embarrassingly high numbers of complaints plagued the second generation Ford Edge, leaving some wondering if it needed to be redesigned. In spite of this, Ford continued to make better models over the years. While there were a few oil leaks and engine stalls in 2016, the number was lower than the previous year.

There is also a crack in the sunroof window that doesn’t seem to have an obvious cause, but overall, the 2016 had fewer problems than the 2015. Although this may be due to the fact that the models are so new, very few complaints have been reported since 2017. It hasn’t been hindered even by the stylish facelift of 2019. 

What Ford Edge model years should you avoid?

As soon as the Edge got off the ground, it stumbled, particularly with the transmission. In addition to failures of the power transfer unit, the transmission also shuddered, jerked, slipped, and outright failed. Further, there have been reports of brake boosters failing and rotors going bad, as well as coil packs burning out and loud rear wheel roaring noises.

There were some problems with the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Ford Edge models, but the first two are the most important model years to avoid. There are many problems with the 2007 Ford Edge, so you should avoid it. Several owners reported engine and transmission failure in year two, along with more minor issues than in year one.

What Ford Edge model years should you avoid?

In 2011, there was a problem with the door sensor as part of the facelift. Within the next three years, there were more reports of the door ajar light remaining illuminated indefinitely. It might be forgiven if that was the only problem.

There were also several reports of cars losing engine power or dying while driving, experiencing brake failure, and having a poor transmission on the 2011 model.

While brake and engine problems were not as severe in 2012 as they were in 2011, they still existed, although to a lesser degree, in addition to the numerous complaints about the door ajar sensor.

It was unfortunate that most of those complaints returned for the 2013 model, but in greater numbers than they had for the 2011 model. These are the worst Edge model years to avoid due to engine problems, brake problems, transmission problems, and door sensor issues.

There were some hiccups with the second generation Ford Edge. The new engine has been reported to die several times while owners are driving.

As well, windows have shattering spontaneously, water is leaking into the cabin, and batteries have died, sometimes killing the entire electrical system. The 2015 Ford Edge is likely not a good choice if you want to buy the new second-generation Ford Edge.

Common Ford Edge Problems

The Ford Edge is a reliable family SUV that offers solid performance. However, we have discovered a few glaring problems that we cannot ignore.

Wheel noise

The wheel area of 2007-2014 Edge models has been reported to make clicking noises by owners. Technicians found nothing wrong with the car after this issue was reported around 75,000 miles. There was a suggestion to replace the plastic padding between the wheels as a fix.

Fuel tank that is defective

Among the most common problems with Edge 2009-2010 models was this problem. It has been reported that the fuel tank has rusted and leaking around the seam weld. Customers who qualify for a fuel tank replacement can receive a recall notice from Ford.

Faulty brake booster

Between 2007 and 2015, Ford Edge models suffered from brake booster defects. The brake booster’s diaphragm may tear if driving conditions change. When the brake pedal is pressed, this defect may cause the vehicle to hiss abnormally. Depending on the extent of the tear, it may adversely affect the braking system.

Faulty airbags

Several 2016-2017 Edge models were recalled due to malfunctioning airbags. A number of complaints indicated that the driver’s airbags had not been fully inflated or that they had been detached from the assembly. There are obvious safety issues involved with this, and it makes you more likely to suffer serious injuries.

Issues with transmission

There have been several Edge models that have been plagued by transmission problems. The transmission allegedly stopped working while driving in some reports. It has been reported that some drivers heard clunking sounds coming from the transmission, along with illuminated error lights.

Door ajar persistent light

It is common for the 2013 Ford Edge to experience a door ajar light that stays on even when all doors are closed. Due to a faulty switch in the door latch mechanism, this problem can drain the battery and cause the door to unlock accidentally. The 2011 and 2012 models suffer from the same issue.

A/C system malfunctions

After around 120,000 miles, the air conditioning system of the 2011 Ford Edge was prone to overheating. Replace the cooling fan and timing belt in order to resolve this issue, which causes hot air to be blown out of the air conditioner or the air conditioner to not work during hot weather. If parts and labor costs are high, repair costs may exceed $1,700.

Ford Edge Problem Counts by Year

Model Year:Problems reported:

What is the reason for Ford discontinuing the Edge?

A great combination of outstanding space, features, and performance makes the Ford Edge a popular choice among mid-size SUV buyers. This series is great for SUV enthusiasts who want to take off into the sunset in style. In a statement, Ford announced that the 2023 Edge model will be the last in the Edge series. What prompted them to make such a decision?

Their commitment to electric vehicles leads them to make this decision. Production of electric vehicles will be the company’s main focus. Ford edge series models will be available for the last time in 2023 if you want to buy the latest edition.


Which one is the most reliable Ford Edge Year?

According to Ford edge owners, 2009 has been the most reliable year for the first generation of Ford edge models. According to the owner of this vehicle, the interior is spacious, the powertrain is reliable, and it is relatively inexpensive to maintain.

As a result, this model also received fewer complaints than others and was rated higher in terms of reliability.

Should you avoid the 2013 Ford edge years?

You should avoid buying the 2013 Ford Edge. The system was experiencing many problems and requiring a large amount of maintenance. As such, it wouldn’t be worth the money if you drove regularly or carried cargo regularly.

Are Ford Edges typically reliable?

There have been a number of problems with the Ford Edge’s dependability, most notably in the first generation. With no problem years, your chances of owning a reliable and trust-worthy Edge increase significantly. 

How much does a used Ford Edge typically cost?

There is a wide range of prices for a pre-owned Ford Edge. Depending on the vehicle’s age, condition, equipment, and mileage, it will cost more or less. Taking CoPilot Price Pulse into account, a typical 2008 Edge sells for $7,432.

Yet, if you look for a newer model, the price will rise significantly. The average selling price of a 2020 Edge is $29,023 (about four times higher than the 2008 model year).

Is the Ford Edge a good car to purchase?

It is true that this Ford Edge model year can be a great vehicle; however, it needs to be paired with the most reliable Edge model years.

Among the automaker’s models, it tends to be a popular choice for many. As compared to a compact Escape, the Edge is larger and more spacious, but it does not have as much space as a three-row Explorer.

How long will a 2010 Ford Edge last?

Approximately 250,000 miles are covered by Ford edge 2010, a midsize SUV. In spite of this, its annual maintenance costs are slightly higher than those of its competitors. Approximately $536 is spent on maintenance per year, according to Repair Pal.


We’ve listed every Ford edge year throughout the guide and recommended which Ford edge year to avoid. After analyzing the Ford edge SUV’s real-life performance, you should be able to choose the right one. It is important to note, however, that no vehicle is immune to problems. You can enjoy the best performance from your Ford edge SUV if it is maintained properly. 

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