What Is Mercedes-Benz Service D: What’s Included?

In Mercedes Benz cars, Service A, B, C, and D indicate different levels of maintenance. There is also a difference in the interval between the services.

Having a Mercedes Benz car means that each service from A to D is extremely important; therefore, you cannot ignore them. The question is now, “What is Mercedes Service D? ”

What Is Mercedes-Benz Service D What’s Included

 Basically, this Mercedes service involves a four-hour service time, oil exchange, and fluid replacement.

Take a closer look at all these topics to gain a deeper understanding.

What Does Mercedes Service D Mean?

Similarly to Mercedes services A, B, and C, Mercedes service D includes oil and fluid changes as well as a general vehicle inspection.

Mercedes service codes are displayed on the instrument panel in the car when they are required. Your Mercedes Benz car requires an expert Mercedes dealer to schedule maintenance codes so you can be alerted when maintenance is due via the dashboard screen.

What Does Mercedes Service D Mean

An experienced Mercedes mechanic will determine which maintenance is needed on your car at that time when you schedule an appointment with him.

Maintenance activities carried out by Mercedes Service D include:

  • Oil replacement for engines.
  • Filter change.
  • Brake fluid replacement.
  • Checking and correcting other fluids (if necessary).

In addition, the Mercedes service D alert indicates that the maintenance will take approximately four hours to complete.

In the meantime, if this service code displays on your dashboard for a long time, the maintenance is most likely long overdue, and service D must be performed as soon as possible.

It may be necessary to have the Mercedes service D reset by a Mercedes Benz auto mechanic if your display is inconsistent.

There is no difference between service D in Mercedes E320 and service D in Mercedes E350; however, it is important to read the manufacturer’s manual for the specific intervals involved in each service.

What is the cost of a Mercedes D service?

Mercedes-Benzes are known to be quite expensive to maintain. When it comes to the D service, how much can I expect to pay?

Depending on where you live, you can expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $950. In addition to labor, engine fluids, and any other parts needed to complete the D service, you will need to pay for these items.

What makes Mercedes maintenance so expensive?

What exactly makes Mercedes-Benz maintenance so costly? There is no doubt that Mercedes Benz is a luxury brand. Quality-aware and price-conscious consumers make up the target market.

In addition to offering parts and services, Mercedes-Benz has an exclusive dealer network.

In terms of aftermarket parts, there are available options, but they often don’t meet Mercedes-Benz’s high standards for compatibility.

You can actually void your warranty if you use aftermarket parts. Genuine Mercedes Benz parts are recommended if your vehicle is still under warranty.

What makes Mercedes maintenance so expensive

A Mercedes-Benz model’s parts will also differ depending primarily on the sticker price within the Mercedes-Benz family.

It costs much more for parts on a Mercedes-Benz with a high sticker price than a Mercedes-Benz with a lower sticker price.

To conclude, Mercedes Benz vehicles are engineered with the highest level of performance, and their components are specially designed and manufactured to meet the highest level of performance.

 Is it possible to ignore a Mercedes Service D message?

Several days prior to the D service date, you will see a notification on your dash.

In this way, you will have ample time to arrange an appointment with the dealership or service provider of your choice.

Therefore, you’re providing yourself with an allowance to get things done over a few days. You need to complete the D service as soon as possible due to its nature.

Is it possible to ignore a Mercedes Service D message

In addition to changing the oil, the D service involves changing other fluids as well. Engine wear and tear can be accelerated if oil changes are not performed on time.

Keeping your vehicle safe and efficient requires the use of brake fluid as well as other fluids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a service D include on a Mercedes Benz?

In a Mercedes Benz Service D, the oil is changed, the oil filter is changed, and the brake fluid is replaced. In the same way as other vehicles, Mercedes-Benz cars require regular maintenance to function properly.

Taking care of Service D is one of the regular maintenance procedures you shouldn’t take lightly. Any slight fault development in Mercedes Benz cars can turn out to be costly; therefore, keep that in mind.

In the same way that Mercedes service A is important, Mercedes service D is also essential. The maintenance service on your luxury car must be observed religiously if you want it to last a long time.

What is included in the Mercedes-B service?

An inspection of other fluid levels and correction (if necessary) are also included in Mercedes Service B, as is tire pressure monitoring and correction. The service involves replacing synthetic motor oil, changing the oil filter, replacing brake fluid, replacing the cabin dust/combination filter, and replacing other fluids (if necessary).

The Mercedes B service maintenance comes after the Mercedes A service maintenance. There is no one activity that can completely cover the other in terms of service maintenance. It is important to identify and adhere to the specific intervals recommended for each service.

Any time you feel something is not right with any component of your Mercedes Benz car, make an appointment to have it checked by an expert auto mechanic. You will always avoid costly problems if you are able to detect faults easily.

What is Schedule D maintenance service?

Mercedes Benz cars are unique in that they require Schedule D maintenance. A service D reminder is displayed on the dashboard of your Mercedes Benz.

There is a service message displayed on the instrument panel of the Mercedes Benz. This announcement announces the maintenance services that will be required at intervals, as well as the timeframe for those services.

An oil change, fluid level checks, and other maintenance procedures are all part of the Schedule D maintenance service performed on a Mercedes Benz. You can always find the maintenance schedule in the Mercedes Benz owner’s manual.

What is service D for an SLK?

Mercedes SLKs require replacement of oil, replacement of filters, and replacement of brake fluid as part of Service D, for “Sportlich Leicht Kurz-SLK.”.

In contrast to service A, which requires inspections, oil replacements, and filter changes, service B also requires the replacement of brake fluid. While service B requires just about the same amount of maintenance, service D requires just about the same amount of maintenance.

For a clear understanding of all the service schedules required for your Mercedes Benz, you must read your manufacturer’s manual.

How much does the Mercedes D service cost?

It costs between $450 and $756 for Mercedes D service, which is slightly higher than that of Mercedes A, but almost the same as Mercedes B service. In addition to parts, labor may also be included; however, the prices may vary depending on the location and the service provider.

As far as expenses are concerned, always remember that Mercedes cars are luxury vehicles, so the service cost will be higher.

You will not get these features in any random car in the market, so whatever you spend on your Mercedes Benz car is worth it.


Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect answer to “What is Mercedes service D? ” in this article. A Mercedes Benz owner must adhere to the service schedule, regardless of how much information he or she has.

Whenever you need to perform Mercedes service maintenance, get in touch with a Mercedes Benz mechanic.

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