Mercedes Service B0 [What’s Included & Checklist, Cost]

With my extensive experience working on Mercedes B0 cars, I can perform essential engine maintenance tasks like brake inspections and fluid changes at the right time to ensure your engine lasts a long time.

Mercedes Service B0 [What’s Included & Checklist, Cost]

Based on my personal experience, this article explains how the B0 service works and how much it costs in the case of Mercedes-Benz cars. It’s time to get started.

What Does Mercedes B0 Mean?

A Mercedes Service B0 is a preventative maintenance routine that includes oil changes, filter changes, brake pad inspections, brake fluid flushes, and tire rotations after 20,000 miles or two years.

Your Merc components will last longer if you check them regularly. 

Since most maintenance is complicated and requires special tools, especially for tire rotation and alignment, it’s best to have it done by someone with mechanical expertise.

What Does Mercedes B0 Mean

FFS (Flexible Service System) notifies the driver when it is time for service on most Mercedes models.

What is included in Mercedes Service B0?

In addition to extending the lifespan and maximizing vehicle performance, Mercedes A and B services are important for all models.

Further subcategories have been added to the B service, each of which has a different maintenance requirement.

For your Mercedes, here is a quick list of service items:

Changing the oil

A Mercedes B0 service is incomplete without an oil change. Your Mercedes will be drained of its old engine oil during this process.

In addition to lubricating moving parts, engine oil reduces friction and keeps the engine cool.

Dirt and debris can contaminate oil as it breaks down, reducing its effectiveness over time.

The technician will dispose of the old oil after draining it and replace the oil filter, which keeps the new oil clean. To ensure your engine runs smoothly, fresh, high-quality oil is added.

In order to maintain the longevity and performance of your Mercedes engine, it is imperative that you change the oil at the right intervals.

Replacing the oil filter

In order to keep engines in good working order, they need to prevent contaminants from entering the engine oil through the oil filter. Ensure optimal engine performance by replacing the oil filter after a B0 service.

In my experience as a mechanic, debris can clog filters, resulting in reduced oil flow and increased engine wear. It is important to replace these parts on a regular basis as part of the B0 service in order to prevent these problems.

Changing the air filter

In order for combustion to occur efficiently, clean air must enter the engine through the air filter. The engine can lose power and consume more fuel if the air filter is clogged.

During the B0 service, the air filter will be checked and replaced to maintain engine performance and efficiency.

Change of pollen filters

A cabin filter, also known as a pollen filter, is responsible for cleaning the air entering the passenger compartment of a vehicle through the HVAC system. In order to keep the cabin air quality high, it is imperative to keep the pollen filter clean.

To ensure that the air remains clean and free from pollutants and allergens during a B0 service, the pollen filter should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Flush the brake fluid

No matter how many miles the vehicle has been driven, Mercedes-Benz manufacturers recommend changing the brake fluid every two years. In general, however, there are several factors to consider: the Mercedes-Benz model, your driving style, and the conditions on the road.

If you find any moisture in your brake fluid, I recommend checking it more often. Depreciation and corrosion will result from excessive moisture in brake fluid. Each year, Mercedes B0 vehicles undergo brake fluid flushes.

Inspection of brake pads

Multi-point inspections also include checks on the braking system and brake pads.

The brake pads on Mercedes-Benz should be checked every six months. In addition to detecting pad conditions, it also reduces road accident risk by slowing down or stopping the vehicle.

The indicator light usually illuminates when old brake pads vibrate, make noise, and cause the pedal to vibrate.

Mercedes service B0 should be considered if you notice these symptoms. You will also be notified about maintenance through the flexible service system on your Mercedes-Benz dashboard.

Replacement and rotation of tires

It is necessary to rotate the tires on Mercedes-Benz in order to prolong their lifespan.

Tire depreciation is usually equalized during this process, reducing the cost of replacing a single tire.

Tire rotation is recommended every 5000 miles for Mercedes motors. A Mercedes-Benz’s model, driving style, and tire type all determine how frequently it should rotate its tires.

You may want to consult an authorized dealer or independent technician for clarification if your vehicle’s flexible service system displays BO service due.

Mercedes B0 Service Checklist

  • Flush the brake fluid
  • Inspection of brake pads
  • Replacement and rotation of tires
  • Replacement of oil filters
  • Changing air filters
  • Change of pollen filters

What is the cost of Mercedes Service B0?

There is an average cost of $500 to $600 for Mercedes service B0. Depending on the car model and whether it is serviced by a dealer or an independent technician, the Mercedes B0 service cost can differ.

To avoid further damage to the car, it is recommended not to perform B0 service at home. The only place to purchase Mercedes-Benz brake fluids and pads is from an authorized dealer.

Due to the fact that these authorized dealers do not offer B service full time, they usually rip off car owners.

What is the cost of Mercedes Service B0

Among their most popular products are Mercedes-Benz spare parts, oil, and other fluids. An independent technician in your area can perform tire rotations and replacements easily.

The technicians provide service at a much lower cost than dealers. Since all of the A services are usually included in the Mercedes B service, the price is generally higher than for the A service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Service B0 different from regular maintenance?

Mercedes vehicles are subject to a comprehensive maintenance schedule known as Service B0, which goes beyond routine maintenance. In addition to meticulously examining critical components, such as the engine, fluids, and brakes, these inspections ensure your vehicle is in good condition.

Can I perform Service B0 on my own, or is it better to visit a certified service center?

It is possible to perform some DIY maintenance on Service B0, but the intricate checks involved should be carried out by a certified technician. Maintaining the peak performance of your Mercedes requires the specialized care provided by a certified service center.

Is Service B0 necessary for low-mileage Mercedes vehicles?

As far as low-mileage vehicles are concerned, Service B0 is also beneficial. The problem isn’t limited to cars with high mileage. The maintenance of your Mercedes contributes to its longevity and optimal performance, even at low mileages.

What kind of innovations can we expect in future Mercedes maintenance schedules?

A variety of technologies, including advanced diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and integration of digital technology, will play a key role in Mercedes maintenance in the future. A focus on innovation may be on making vehicle maintenance more personalized and efficient.

How often should I schedule Service B0 for my Mercedes?

According to your Mercedes model and driving conditions, Service B0 should be performed on a regular basis. In general, it should be performed every 20,000 miles or every two years, whichever comes first. To ensure you follow the specific guidelines tailored to your particular vehicle, always refer to its owner’s manual.


Keeping your Mercedes in peak performance and longevity is easier when you understand Mercedes Service B0. In addition to oil changes, tire rotations, and meticulous inspections, this service includes everything you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

If your vehicle appears to be in poor condition, then consider this as an investment in its health.

Keeping your Mercedes in good condition requires regular maintenance.

Your beloved Mercedes doesn’t just need regular maintenance, it also needs a smooth, enjoyable ride every time you get behind the wheel!

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